Time to go build!

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In my quest to find fun, freebie things to do with Isaac, I stumbled upon two things that looked insanely interesting. What did we find? We found Home Depot’s Kids Workshop and Lowe’s Build and Grow!

This held appeal in two ways for us. First, Isaac would get to play with tools, under supervision in somewhere that wasn’t our house. Second, for some reason, both of these places have some sort of magical pull for Isaac. Beats the dickens out of me why, but they do. Could it be that each one of these places has their own NASCAR team?  I just don’t know.  Plus, this got us out of the house in what has been one wash out of a summer.

The Home Depot clinic was on July 4. I called, confirmed that it was actually the proper date and signed the shrimp up.

We got there and Isaac got his apron, goggles and kit…and we set to work. Since it was a beautiful day (at the time) the clinic was set up outside.

Isaac got to sanding and then had Doug join in…

and in the end, came out with a picnic caddy!

Isaac asked for some red paint (how shocked are we all at this color choice? I for one am so not shocked at all) to paint it with, and I oblidged and got one of the sample sizes of red. We haven’t painted it yet, but that will come, when the weather dries out some!

Isaac was really happy about this workshop-he was excited about the apron, where he had me write his name on it, just like the employees, and while we were buying the paint, he kept trying to assist people in the departments. “How many I help you.”

Kid, you’ve got a future in retail.

He also loved that he got to play with the hammer…and we allowed it. Hey-you’ve got to get those nails in somehow!

Just after the Home Depot thing, I went home and was puttering around online, and found that Lowe’s had kids’ clinics as well! So, I quickly messaged TheAngelForever so she could see if it would work for her NHL, and signed Isaac up for both of this month’s clinics.

The difference between Home Depot and Lowe’s is that Home Depot only offers their clinics on the first Saturday of the month. Lowe’s offers them on the second and fourth Saturday. So, a crafty parent could actually bring their child to 3 build-it events a month, if they so choose.

So, yesterday, we skipped off to Lowe’s. It was Treasure chest day! Isaac really wanted to make the helicopter, but that’s next time we head over there…and we told him that his would be a practice session for the helicopter. Upon entering, we saw the clinics for next month-Isaac already wants to sign up for those-a rowboat and a school bus!

Isaac was handed his apron and some safety goggles…

And it looks just like the big ones, even with the pocket for the name tag! He was more than excited…

and since I was the adult helper this time, the photos got pushed to the wayside.

We hammered and nailed and built a neato pirate chest-complete with skull decals and a inset with gold coins and jewels.  We sat down in the training room and joined the choir of hammers whacking away. Isaac got my thumb a few times, but that’s par for the course.

At the end, Isaac got a certificate and a patch for his apron! The patches at Lowe’s are like the pins at Home Depot-a status symbol of how many workshops you’ve been to.

At Lowe’s, the safety goggles are yours to keep, as well as the apron-you bring it back each time to add to your collection of patches.

We’re totally going back to each one of the stores for the workshops. Too much fun, too awesome not to do, especially for free!


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