Biting the bullet

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For a long time, we’ve been pressured by the school that Isaac currently attends to have him tested for ADHD. They had done their own rating scales and spent countless hours trying to convince me that getting him looked at for this would be a good thing. I pretty much told them no-for a few reasons…

First off, Isaac had no language until age 2. His language delay could have been the reason for the impulsivity and lack of attention span. hey-when you can’t tell someone what you want, you just go do it-damn the consequences.

Second, since he had the language delay, there was a lack of maturity in his actions-plus, we had sensory stuff that needed to be addressed. I wanted some time for him to grow, gain skills and see if some easy educational supports would correct the issue. Sometimes, that’s the case. I’ve seen it happen-just a few more minutes to process, a more distraction free place can work wonders for a kid.

So, I pushed them to do those things, which once they finally heard me out, they agreed to. (Wondering if the school district will ever get to this point…but I digress)

Finally, after a few key incidents this year, I decided it was high time that I had this looked into. We got the referral from the primary care doc (not without some other issues…but we won’t go there) and made the call to the office to get an appointment. That was a fiasco in itself, what with sending a 50 page fax to bypass the screening that they make all ADHD candidates go through so they can determine that it’s something they can handle, the idiot registration person (“My name is Paige. P-A-I-G-E , and I don’t care if you talk to my supervisor, because I’m not going to get in any sort of trouble.”), and then having people at the school district tell me that the date for the appointment was too far away, and to  move it up. Umm…I got the appointment (with one of the only games in town) for 5 weeks from the time I called. In my opinion, that wasn’t bad, as the wait for this doc can be a LOT longer than that.

We got in, got the formal diagnosis we all wanted and came out with some meds, which my sister is twitching about. That’s just her pharmacist self…but I appreciate and love the fact that she does twitch about this stuff.

It’s hard to see your child on what basically amounts to an amphetamine to slow him down and make him focus. I feel like I’ve almost succumbed to the “hot” diagnosis of the 90’s-ADHD and tossed my child on that train.

I have to constantly remind myself that I bit the bullet and did this for the results we’re seeing-less of the fussing and fighting, less impulsivity, a longer focus time, which means more learning time.

It’s an interesting catch 22. you don’t want your child on meds, but sometimes they need it. It’s just a whirlwind of emotions and really sitting down and putting your “bad parent” feelings in check and allowing what’s best for the kiddle come through.

Am I comfortable with this whole thing? Not totally. It brings new surprises every single day. But, if biting the bullet in this respect makes a difference for Isaac and allows him to learn and grow more than he would have without it, I’ll do it.


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