Where I roll my eyes and attempt to move on

July 31, 2009 at 7:24 am Leave a comment

This week, we’ve been attending our local Vacation Bible School (VBS) where Isaac has been having the time of his life. He’s thrilled to be in the big kid group and rotating to different activities, and he’s been thrilled to be chosen for song helper and game contestant! The only downswing is that, as in every group, you get the kids who are ill behaved and then you get the adults who think they know more than anyone else.

The main thing that’s making me roll my eyes is one particular kid. He has always had the worst behavior of any child at the VBS and is consistently out of control. He runs away from his group, just wanders into the kitchen and tries to take adult food, throws the largest temper tantrums that I’ve seen on a kid in a long time and then refuses to participate. The other night, he spent a good portion of arts and crafts time under a chair, refusing to come out, because after he picked a fight, the other kiddle fought back, and he was all “Oh, poor me.” Then, last night, he started something with the kiddle next to him in arts and crafts and then tried to blame HER for starting it, when two of us saw it.

Here’s the issue-a lot of people tap dance and walk on eggshells around this kid and he is allowed to run around unchecked until it gets so bad that it makes people miserable. His mom seems to think it’s everyone else’s fault but her child’s…and refuses to do anything about it.

It really bothers me that people call this child special needs. No, he’s just ill behaved. There is a big difference. There are kids who are special needs at this VBS-and he’s just  not one of them. People need to stop confusing bad behavior with special needs.

I’m rolling my eyes and attempting to move on.


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