Wacky neurologists and booster doses

August 3, 2009 at 9:50 pm 1 comment

Friday, we took Isaac back to the wacky neurologist for a med check and to make sure we didn’t have any tweaking to do. After any sort of ADD/ADHD med trial, you have to go back and talk to the doc. Plus, you have to get a new scrip for any sort of ADHD med every month-there’s no refills on them!

Argh! For the love of all things holy-I understand the need to regulate these drugs, but a new scrip every…stinkin..month? Hello annoying!

We had a few concerns-one being the times when Isaac needs to focus after the medication wears off. It’s hard knowing when that is, as when he’s home, it’s right around dinner/downtime/bedtime, so he can be all sorts of wacked out and be just fine with us. We noticed at VBS that he was having a harder time focusing on things about halfway through, so we asked Dr. WackyNeuro (Oh, this woman IS wacky-I was warned about her from the social worker  and head teacher in Isaac’s school as well as the new PT at the new school! She lived up to all of her reputation for being oddball…but she’s damn good!) and she had this solution…

Isaac is on Vyvanse. You can’t do any sort of Vyvanse booster because of a release time. So, she figured that an immediate release adderal would be the perfect solution-in his system fast, out of his system fast. This would give him the control he needed to focus and keep his stuff together through the later part of the evening.

Hrm. Ok. Sounds good to me…

So we test ran it-Oh, my…what a complete difference this made! It made one of the parents even ask me what they did and how she could get it for HER child that has the same problem with later nights and the Vyvanse.

Now, for all of the people who think I’m  medicating my child around the clock-here is my answer-I only use the booster when we need it. When Isaac is struggling to keep it together later in the evening and when he’s expected to function properly (and so wants to, but can’t) past the normal cut off time of the meds, that’s when we boost. Otherwise, those adderal stay in the bottle.

We’ll see how things roll with this when the boys go to Arizona. Hopefully the adderal will STILL stay in the bottle…


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  • 1. amey  |  August 13, 2009 at 5:54 pm

    when is he going to AZ, are you coming and will he need anything on this end while he’s here??


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