Coast to coast burritos

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There are few things that really get me going food-wise to blog about. Frankly, there are enough food bloggers out there that I really don’t feel like I need to do that to my tiny readership. But sometimes, just sometimes, I have to. This is one of those times…

When I was in undergrad, student teaching at Ghetto Middle School (it’s closing…I’m not shocked. When people hear I student taught there, they have a whole new level of respect for me. It’s that bad.), we often ordered from this place that you could get to and back in a lunch hour-Bombers Burrito Bar. The choices were a mix of traditional and oddball, and there were vegetarian options for those of us who were veggies. That wasn’t me. I fell head over heels for a pulled pork burrito…yum!

Then, I moved out west. the burritos were different, but just as good. I became a fan, through school again, of El Pollo Loco. Their burritos were just good…but not my beloved Bombers. On top of that, the west coast also introduced me to the breakfast burrito-which I have yet to find an equivalent of around here. Perfect food for on the go mornings where there was just too much to do to really eat something.

When my parents visited me on the west coast, I introduced them to El Pollo Loco and to the beloved breakfast burritos of mine. They didn’t quite get the breakfast burrito thing, but I guess you have to live it to really get it. I also introduced them to a few other traditional burrito options that I had in SoCal. Yum…but not quite my pulled pork burrito from Bombers…and that was one thing I missed from the east coast.

So, when we moved back, I tried every excuse I could to find a way to get back to Bombers for a pulled pork burrito. But, it was not in the cards for me, until they opened a location totally near my house! Doug was so sick of hearing about my burrito cravings that the other day, he kicked me out of the house, saying “would you just GO and get a stinkin’ burrito from Bombers? I’m so tired of hearing about that place! ”

So, I did what any self respecting person would do in this situtaion-I went to Bombers, and got my pulled pork burrito.

That lead me to the inevitable fighting off of the small boy that happens when a new piece of food shows up in the house. I got the “you need to share” lecture from him…and how sharing was good, and how Mami needed to share her food, because it’s a nice thing to do.

Seriously? did I just get a “sharing is caring” lecture from a 5 year old?

I told him this-share your blankie and I’ll share my burrito. He wandered away for a few minutes to ponder this…as the blankie is the most prized posession in his arsenal. He came back, sans blankie and tried to scam burrito.

I wonder-is this a side effect of being in a day care center with Mexican Abuelas for the first year of his life?

Small boy food scammer aside, it’s an interesting experience eating burritos on both coasts. I think my Mexican friends would be just appaled that I’m eating bbq pulled pork burrito, and my east coasties would be just as flabbergasted that on the west side, I’d be eating something like a carnitas burrito.

heck, in my universe, I know there’s room for all of them-but here in E. Nowhere, I can’t find a decent non-east coast burrito, so I’ll stick with the ones that would make my SoCal buddies die of “that’s not a burrito!” anguish. Isaac, well…as long as he can scam some..and not give up the blankie, he’s fine.


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