The stupidest question I’ve heard in a LONG time

August 13, 2009 at 6:59 am Leave a comment

And that’s saying a lot!

So, yesterday, I was working over at the Game Geek store and I picked up the phone. Gave the standard greeting and was asked the following question…

Idiot on phone: “Umm. I’ve got a question about online ordering.”

me: “Sure, shoot.”

Idiot on Phone: “Do you need a credit card or can I bring you a money order in to the store and you can do it all for me there.”

Excuse me? Really?  I was quite flabbergasted. So, I continued the conversation…

me: “You need a credit card. We don’t take online orders at the store here. If you don’t have a credit card, my reccomendation would be to get a prepaid card. They work just like credit cards.”

Idiot on phone: “you mean I just can’t bring you in the cash?”

me: “No. We can’t take that here. Our system doesn’t work that way.”

Idiot on phone: “Ok.”

and he hangs up.

Now here’s the thing-in no world of retail can you order on line and then bring a money order into the store. Even over at the mecca of awesome retail customer service, LL Bean, you still have to at least buy a gift card with the amount on it to cover your purchase if you’re doing it online. This person seemed of the age that they should know what the heck they’re doing…but then again, if you’re calling me at the game geek store with the question, you may be that stupid. Seriously.

wonder what stupidity I’ll see when I work the Madden launch tonight. I am NOT happy about this…but we’ll go into that after all is said and done.


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