Customer service = Epic Fail.

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Since the bed fiasco of last night,  I had to deal with the “Customer Care Coordinator” of this specific furniture company.  Which furniture company you ask? I’m not telling right now. The only thing that’s saving me from naming this company publicly is the fact that the store manager of the store I contacted last night is on my side in this disaster. This is extremely important. Remember that.

So, this morning,  I make a call to the customer service desk as soon as their machine would let me. I get attitude from the initial person who I spoke to. She said “I called both numbers you gave me. You didn’t get my message?”

Umm..I forgot my cell phone. Whoopsie. Happens.

I attempted to explain the situation and told her that we were looking for a replacement for this bed that so epically failed last night. The bed was unusable, and was currently in pieces in our hallway. Isaac is currently sleeping on the floor with his mattress. (the kid is still as odd as fish. He thinks it’s great. Wacky kid) She then said her technician would be out to the house between 2 and 4 pm. Oh, not so good. Working until 3:30. No one there to meet technician to see unsalvagable bed.

This is where the failure begins to become epic. Hardcore epic.

The Customer care manager begins to argue with me over the timing of the technician coming to see the unsalvagable bed. She gets nastier and nastier with me, each time I tell her that this is just not working for me. She even went so far as to ask if I could call someone to see if they could meet the tech at the house and let him in for her. No. sorry. Not happening.

So, since I was working for some friends of mine, I had very limited phone access. Cripes. It’s a cafe. I called her when I could. She was quite irritated by that. She really expects me to call when I’m up to my elbows in salads or sandwiches? Yeah, no. I called her back, and she said the tech wanted to be there at 2:30. I very politely told her that 3:30 was the absolute earliest we could do it, and that was even pushing it, as I had to get home from where I was working. Without traffic, that takes a good 20-30 minutes. With traffic, all bets were off.

This was when she got nasty with me. She argued that since the bed was out of warranty, there would be additional costs.

Umm, excuse me? A product that falls apart? No, I’m not paying for anything extra here.

She then informed me, very snippily, that she was going to charge me for the tech’s time, labor and any associated costs with the visit. If the bed was in irreparable shape, we would be purchasing some sort of new bed. Any sort of replacement was “Out of the question.”  Even a metal frame and something to put the mattress on was out of the question, because she said “you will be required to purchase a box spring and metal frame”, although the store manager at the one store said….wait. we’ll get there in a minute.

The biggest line here was “Look, Laura, I’m TRYING to HELP you.”

Yeah, no, you’re not. My 5 year old nearly falls through a bed that’s failing, horridly, and now he’s sleeping on the floor, and you’re trying to help me by refusing to accomodate my work schedule and then have the nerve to tell me that I’m going to have to pay for this tech visit…and you’re helping me HOW??

So, I end the conversation, because if I didn’t, I would have lost my job (Ok, no I wouldn’t have, but the things I was about to say were NSFW.) and finished my day in a slightly foul mood.

I get home and start playing back the messages.

Holy Crap. There’s one from the manager of the store I contacted last night…Mike, saying that he really didn’t want Isaac sleeping on the floor tonight, so he had the frame and board that we discussed all ready to go, and when the tech came, he could bring it out.

WELL, since we cancelled the tech, I gave him a ring at his store. Near tears, I recounted the day’s events with the Customer care coordinator, who unfortunately, shares her first name with me. I even told him how she demanded I pay for the metal frame and anything associated with it. He refused to hear any of it and was appalled by her behavior, telling me that he would go to HER boss if need be.

did I mention I like this guy? Did I also mention he’s the only one saving this company from an executive email carpet bomb?

So, Mike lets me know that the frame and the board (because we don’t have a box spring for Isaac, due to the fact this was a platform bed) are at the store closest to me, and we can pick it up before 7 tonight. Ok. cool beans. He also let me know that I would NOT have to pay for the technician to come out and look at the epic fail of a bed that is now sitting in pieces in my hallway. He also said multiple times that he is going to make it right with us for this whole disaster, and that he would reiterate to the woman who shares my name at the customer service center what the lifetime service guarantee is and that it means NOT to charge for a technician visit.

We’ll see where we go from here. I’m not too keen on talking to her again…but whatever. We’ll see. We’ll see.


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If this happened earlier, I would have called earlier! Sorry, I don’t take Avon catalogs from strangers

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