If this happened earlier, I would have called earlier!

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For a while now, we’ve been having trouble with Isaac’s bed. We’ve been noticing that things that should not be coming loose under normal wear and tear are really becoming a hazard. We were planning on calling the furniture store while the boys were in Arizona because if something needed some time to be replaced, we’d have that without Isaac being out of a bed.

You know what they say about the best laid plans….

Yesterday, we noticed that the bolts on the one side of the bed were coming loose, to the point where we could see exposed metal from the bolts. We also noticed that the other 3 sides of the bed were starting to come apart-from stripped bolt holder holes or the bolt holders themselves. About 5 minutes later, we heard a scream come from Isaac. We went in to find the side of the bed had collapsed, and it was hanging there. Doug went in, used some wood glue, and put the thing back together again, praying that the stripped bolt holders would hold out until the next day, when we could make a controlled call to the furniture store and start the process.

We go through the evening routine and get Isaac into bed with strict orders not to do anything but lay in his bed, because we’re working on fixing it. 15 minutes later, he comes out of his room, and we see that the same spot we had fixed earlier had just fallen apart again. At this point, it’s 7:45 in the evening, and I pick up the phone and call one branch of the store. Even though it is well within their hours, no one is picking up their phone at all. I’m not happy. Doug is in Isaac’s room having tizzy fits because the fixes aren’t holding, and Isaac is out in the living room with me, playing cars.

So,  call the other branch of the store and get  James on the phone. I attempt to explain the situation and the gravity of said situation-a 5 year old with a dangerous bed and the fact that this bed is just over a year old. THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING…plus, a 5 year old can’t strip bolts, or holes, especially on all 4 sides of a bed! James just doesn’t want to hear any of it. He keeps going on and on asking inane questions, after I explain to him that this was purchased by the Outlaws in Arizona, and I don’t know what they used, or even what name he put it under. I also explained to him that I figured our address would be in there, because the bed was delivered to us, so our name and phone number would probably be in there. Then, he asked me for a receipt number. Umm, didn’t I just explain to you that this was a gift?

He then tells me that I’ll have to wait two weeks for service on this bed.

How about NO.

I told him that he could just override that and we’d get something faster, as this was a safety issue and the only bed that my 5 year old had.

He then said this:

“Miss, it’s 8:00. If you had called earlier, maybe I could have done something, but since you waited too long to call…”

That’s when I lost it. Seriously lost it.

I said to him in a manner as controlled as I could be at the time-

“I need to speak to your manager. Now.”

He came out with this…

“I’m one of the managers.”

oh, holy hell.

So, I ask him for the store general manager, his supervisor, because he is not understanding the gravity of the situation here…

He refuses to get said manager and I tell him I’ll be on the phone with customer service in the morning. I hang up before I take the guy’s head off.

Then, I hear it. The scream of frustration and storming out of Isaac’s room…the bed had completely fallen apart-one of the platform slats had snapped as well. All 4 sides were collapsing, and there was no way in hades that this thing was even going to make it through the night.

So, I grab the phone again, call the store and say the following…

“I just called regarding my son’s bed that is broken, and now the situation has escalated to the point where the bed has just fallen apart and is unfixable. I need to speak to someone now regarding this matter.”

I get the general manager of the store on the phone with me and I, as calmly as I could, explain the situation, and the idiot who I spoke to earlier. I told him about the line about the timing of my call, and if this had happened earlier in the day, we’d have called earlier, but this happened NOW!

To his credit, this guy understood. He really got it. He understood how upset we were and the fact that we have this 5 year old who can’t sleep on the bed like this. He reiterated to me that the customer service department closes at 4 pm for the day and that they wouldn’t be in until the next morning. Lovely. Banker’s hours. Bah.

BUT, what he would do is fire off an email to the head of customer service as soon as we got off the phone with all of the details, as well as CC the other store general manager on this, so I could speak to either one of them and not have to explain the story another million times. He also said that if we couldn’t get anyone out tomorrow, to get Isaac off of the floor with his mattress, he’d send a frame and a board until we could get the whole thing resolved. He also had me describe, in detail my conversation with the first gentleman, and promised me that since that was in his control, he could totally take care of it. He even agreed with me that there was no way I could have called earlier, as the failure happened when I called. I couldn’t have predicted that the bed was going to fail. He even agreed with me that the bed, even under the worst of conditions, should have not failed in one year. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

So,this morning, I’ll be on the phone with the customer service person and then back on the phone with the store to get something for Isaac to sleep on besides the mattress on the floor.

But to prove my child is as odd as they come…

When we told him he would be sleeping on the mattress on the floor, just like he did when we were camping, he said to us…

“Can we put up a tent? This is FUN!”

See? Odd as anything. He had a blast sleeping on the floor.


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