It’s so quiet in the house-or how I got my Mom to eat eel.

August 26, 2009 at 3:44 pm Leave a comment

This week has been unremarkable in many ways here in Chez E. Nowhere. The guys have been in Arizona visiting the outlaws. As always, I’m not invited. I’m not sad about that at all. Nope. Not at all. So, my life has gone on as always, working and dong what I normally do.

Since cooking for one is kind of insane, my parents have had me over for dinner the majority of the time that the guys have been gone.

Last night, we went out for Asian food at this awesome Pan Asian place by one of the local malls. They serve pretty much all sorts of stuff, including a favorite of mine, sushi. Mom and Dad (ok, just Dad) didn’t really flinch when I ordered up sushi for us to share. Mom-well, she looked at me like I had 20 heads. That’s par for the course around here, so I took it in stride as always.

I ordered two rolls for everyone to share as they saw fit-a tropical roll (crab, cucumber and whitefish and shrimp on the outside topped with black roe, and a mango sauce…oh, yum!) and an eel roll.

With ordering those, and the miso soup that had just shown up, I was in Asiorican heaven.

The sushi shows up,and I offer the eel around. Dad takes some, declares it yummy. Mom sits there and stares at it…and me. Then she proceeds to roll her eyes at me as I’m just having this blissed out moment eating eel.

I offer Mom part of the tropical roll, and she refuses, because of the fish roe on top..even though it’s just a little pinch! It’s awesome, but she declines…then, I offered her the eel.

I got the “Mom look.”

I expected that.

I kept remiding her that the eel was COOKED and it was yummy and she should SO try it. Dad kept telling her the eel was yummy…and she should try it.

So, after me telling her to just dip it in her soy sauce and go for it, Mom picked up a piece of eel roll.

and proceded to commit sushi blasphemy. She started to DISMANTLE THE ROLL and cut it with a knife in an attempt to be dainty.

Yeah, sushi’s not about being dainty. It’s about the FLAVOR! You can’t dismantle a roll because if you do, you lose what makes the entire thing special. Each piece is bite sized and all of the flavors are carefully constructed! Yesh!

But Mom liked eel. Even though she may tell you otherwise…she liked the eel. She had 2 chunks.

So, wonder if the next time the boys are out of town I can get her to try sea urchin. One never knows.


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