why I don’t have an xbox

August 31, 2009 at 1:57 pm Leave a comment

Thursday night, before I went to pick up the boys from their Arizona trip, I went over to  Blogless Renee’s house to geek out and play Rock Band. No, I don’t have it for my Wii, but she’s got it for the xbox 360.  And she’s got drums. Seriously. Drums. The last time I was over there, I made my own character-seriously red hair and all, and slammed out to Green Day and all sorts of other things.

(Interjection-21st Century Breakdown is the BEST Green Day album since Dookie. And yes, I have a special fondness for Dookie…but seriously. The new album rocks-and you can play it on Rock Band-21 Guns is a killer drum track…interjection over.)

We fire up the xbox and get the game in and Renee’s all loaded up, and I’m loading in…and the game freezes.


Renee and I reboot the system and see                    it.

the worst thing that you can see on an xbox-

The Red Ring of Death.

We both gasped in horror. serious horror.

I made a panicked phone call to the game store to confirm that there was nothing we could do-because this is her BOYFRIEND’S console. NOT hers, and we were both going to DIE.

So, Renee’s boyfriend walks in and looks at us…as we’re probably looking beyond guilty. Renee looks up and says: “I just tried to reboot it…”

Boyfriend notices the red ring of death and goes off the deep end.

I grab the computer and start peeking for fixes. I also jump on twitter…

Well, crap! @neanea18 and I just tried to play Rock Band on the x box and got the stupid ass red ring of death. *!@*#$%#@! Dumb Microsoft!7:58 PM Aug 27th from web

Yeah, seriously. We were both NOT happy about this. Definately not happy.

So we gave up on the xbox, with boyfriend saying “Man, crappy night all around. Both of my teams are losing, and I’ve lost my lover-Not you, Renee, my xbox!”

And with that we moved over to the wii…and this is what happened…

Umm. I think we now need a battery run. Stupid ass batteries. Stupid ass xbox. Stupid ass microsoft.8:00 PM Aug 27th from web

And then this:

ok. the wiimote lives. No, it’s not.8:01 PM Aug 27th from web

and the final insult…

Fine. we give up. We’re going for ice cream and batteries. Video games NOT in the cards tonight!!8:02 PM Aug 27th from web

All of this drama equals why I don’t have an xbox, and I use a Mac. Seriously. No one needs this kind of a headache. Seriously. We ended up at Stewart’s and then at CVS to get batteries for the wii. It was all we could do. Then, we played wii Tennis. So there.

Stupid Microsoft. Stupid xbox.


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