Game geeks-Why are you out on a school night?

October 17, 2009 at 9:47 pm Leave a comment

Wednesday night was the VIP party for the new store. We basically kept the store open until 11 pm and ran all sorts of games, giveaways and tours of the new place. My job was to run the Wii video game challenges. I found Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games which, incidentally, is tons of fun…and includes hockey…and put that up for some time trial play.

There were these two kids who were in the store from about 7:45 pm. They saw us getting ready for the party and saw me setting up the swag stuff. I pegged them as either 8th graders or freshman, just by their sheer PITA nature. It didn’t help that I’d been in the computer lab all day with my students…so, I was on edge. These two goobers come up to me and ask if they can take some of the free stuff. At this point, myself and another district manager told them no, that it was for the party and that it was going to be raffled off and used for tournament play. Then, the line came that pegged them as 8th graders…

“So, if we stay until 9, can we get some stuff?”

Seriously. Where’s your mom? Don’t you have homework that you need to complete?

So, these two goobers stayed until 9, got some freebies and then proceeded to stay a bit longer…and drive me more crazy during the videogame tournament that I was running. The one won a prize, and kept hounding me re: the prize and if he could win another one for competing in a 2nd tournament. got a freakin’ free gift card, a free faceplate for your xbox and lanyards-what else do you want?

These two drove me insane…totally insane! The one even started complaining to the other one that it was a school night and if they could, they’d have stayed until the end of the party so they could get more free stuff.


One person said it was the “nerdiest event she’d ever been to.” Umm. I agree totally. But come on. Nerds R Us. That’s why we work at a game store…


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