The bestest answers ever-2009-2010, first edition

November 8, 2009 at 4:14 pm Leave a comment

So, the prevention coordinator came into my room for a bit (and she’s still going..) to talk about stuff she talks about, like cyberbullying and online safety. I gave a test to see if they were retaining anything…and here’s the best of the worst answers…spelling mistakes intact.

1. What is the main reason people try to get private information out of students? Correct answer: To get to their parents for financial information for their own gain

  • bad answer 1: (a 6th grader)- They want to be friends to the end with you.
  • bad answer 2: (another 6th grader) So they can find where you live and kidnap you.
  • bad answer 3: (a 5th grader) They want to meet you and stalk you.

2. Name three things you should never do when messaging or sending email. Correct answer: Common sense things-no all caps, send it to the right place, no flaming, ect.

  • Bad answer 1 (6th grader) go and see if they got it.
  • bad answer 2 (6th grader) have a positive attitude

3. why is it easier to cyberbully someone instead of doing it face to face? What makes it harder for the person being cyberbullied to defend themselves online? Correct answer: Cyberbullying isn’t a face to face method. It’s easier to say mean things on line because you don’t have to deal with the face to face reaction. It makes it harder because you not only take the person’s safety away, the person being bullied doesn’t know who did it, or who started it. It’s hard to take action away from school.

  • bad answer: (6th grade) They mite kill you or call the po po

4. List 3 things that would make a password hard for someone to hack.

correct answer: a combination of numbers, letters and symbols.

  • bad answer 1: (6th grader) omegle, facebook, aim and myspace.
  • bad answer 2: (6th grader) put ur name, numbers and something else.
  • bad answer 3: (5th grader) your pet’s name.

5. list 5 rules for good messaging and emailing.

Correct answer: common sense things…

  • bad answer : talk, read listen and press send.

6. What is spam, and why is it harmful?

Correct answer: non useful mail that is sent to your computer by companies trying to obtain private information. it’s harmful because it can contain viruses or items that can compromise your security.

  • bad answer 1- I have no idea what spam is.
  • bad answer 2- a food that comes in a can.
  • bad answer 3-Spam is a website that can get people hurt. It is harmful because people can get really hurt.

7. Name three things you should never do when messaging or sending email. Correct answer: common sense things…

  • bad answer 1- see if they got it.
  • bad answer 2 tell them they looked hot in their clothes.

8. why should you never click on a pop up?

correct answer: It could contain a virus or a way to compromise your personal and private information

  • bad answer 1-A dirty old man could be behind it.
  • bad answer 2-a kidnapper sent it to you.


and thus concludes this edition of the Bestest answers ever! My thanks go to the awesome prevention coordinator, who I adore,  for making this entertainment possible!


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