Black Friday 2009-You heard what from where?

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Black Friday. Argh. The retail workers’ nightmare. It sucks, we cry, we go home and those of us who work the morning have not only some battle scars, but some seriously good stories to tell. The Game Geekery is no exception to the rule when it comes to interesting types of people and stuck on stupids creating good blog fodder. If I could have worn my “I’m blogging this” shirt, I would have. Put the entire world on notice!

Friday morning, I opened the store. I haven’t gotten up at an ungodly hour such as this since I stopped working for the ‘bux. I was up early enough and figured I’d go to Old Navy early. Get what I needed and go to work. Yeah..that didn’t work so well, but I DID run into MP! Remember her? My buddy from the ‘bux who moved to Hawaii, then out to CA and now she’s back, and working at Old Navy near home. After a few minute chat, she warned me that the line to check out was running an HOUR AND A HALF. Please note-this was at 4am. I had to be to the game geekery at 5 am. Yeah. Not happening. She also told me that when she got there at an even more ungodly hour than I was there, the line stretched all the way down to the bookstore back window…and there’s a pet store and a cell phone store in between the two! She couldn’t believe it, and people there told her that this is the busiest they’ve seen it in YEARS.

This should have been an omen. Seriously should have been an omen.

So, I headed to work. I knew I’d be early, but I decided that was ok, as my store is next to a WAL MART. I figured instead of waiting outside, I could go into the WalMart.

There were roadblocks, police and people getting pull tags for large items. Yesh! I grabbed a few things, thinking I might be able to cash out and get to work 2 doors down on time…but as time drew closer and people were sending others into the store and loading their carts further, this became almost impossible. So, I put down the stuff and decided if I got a break later in the day, I could run over and grab the two items.

What were those two items?

A Bakugan Baku-Tin, with two bakugans, cards and a two level tray and a two pack of transformers. All things for the small boy. Both were extremely good values and both were only on until 11am.

So, I gave up waiting in line, put the stuff down and went to work. We immediately set to putting out the sale items and getting the store ready for the morning. Here’s where the annoyings of the world and the stuck on stupids of the world collide.

Since Wal Mart opened at 5,and we opened at 6, we were developing a line. BIG TIME line. It was insane. We had people peering in at us like we were in a fishbowl. Glub, glub! We even had one person putting up signs as to how long we had until we opened! WHAT THE HECK!!

The minute we opened, the Stuck on Stupids started to appear…in both phone and person form.
Stuck on stupid the first called the store at around 6:35 am, and was demanding TRADE VALUES. Yes, trade values. We had lines through the store and were going nuts…and this fool wanted trade values. Nope, can’t have them…come in with your stuff. We’ll go from there.

But, yesterday, we had my all time favorite stuck on stupid-the total entitled stuck on stupids.

The first one in this category showed up at 10:57, and was looking for an item that was on special from 6-11 am. When we told this gem that we were sold out of them, that they went really quickly (like 20 minutes!) and we were not expected to get any more in, he quickly became irate. Hardcore irate. He accused us of false advertising and even though the flyer said “while supplies last” we had an obligation to have the item until the posted time.

What? Hello delusional!

The second entitled one went something like this:

We made everyone who was checking out without a trade go to the front registers. It was a crowd control/safety issue. As I was relieving the person at the trade counter for a quick break, I had a woman who I had previously directed to the front counter approach me and say:

“I’m in a rush. Can’t you just check me out here? You’re obviously not busy…”

Umm…No. I can’t check you out here, that’s policy today and I AM busy-I’m finishing off a trade and switching off with someone.

So, when I told her no, I got the entire eye rolling, disgusted sighing thing.

Then after that, I got the next phone call that inspired the title of this entry-

Here it is…
“Umm, hi. I heard that you’re selling Wii systems for $60.00.”

NO. NO NO. I’m dying to know what delusional person put that in her ear.

People-first-it’s a game system. Second, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is! In this case, $60.00 wii systems probably had a ton of trades, ect to defer the majority of the cost! YESH!

I’m so glad I don’t have to go in the rest of the weekend.

But I survived another Black Friday in the trenches. I can mark it down on my life achievements!


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