“Mrs. F! I swear! That WAS the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl I!!!

February 10, 2010 at 1:56 pm Leave a comment

I had this feeling that very little would get done Friday. First, we had 8th grade teacher day, a period swap and to top it off, I was completely unprepared for the first two. 8th grade teacher day was supposed to be on Thursday. I had my plans to get new things started with the 2nd grade, and to toss some typing tests out there. Well, the 2nd grade thing? That didn’t happen. Instead, I made them a webquest that the 8th grade students teaching my class could roll with. I also figured I could use it for some of my other classes as a bonus item. Grades closed on Friday, so a good “buffer” activity between ending a huge project and starting something new is always fun.

I dove onto the computer and knocked out 10 questions regarding the Super Bowl. I covered everything from the size of a regulation football to the Super Bowl Shuffle:

Hey-they all should know about Walter Payton. And the bad rap that was the Super Bowl Shuffle.

This could only mean one thing-let the insane questions and answers flow!

The first insane item came in the form of a question…

6th grader: “Mrs. F, Is Walter Payton related to Peyton Manning?”
(that got my standard “What?!?!” response…)

The best by far was the question I placed about the halftime entertainment. I found this website with a chart-every Super Bowl, with the half time entertainment and all of the pertenent facts.

So, the question was….

“Who was the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl I?”
(correct answer: U Michigan and U Arizona Marching bands)

7th grade group 1: “Michael Jackson”
7th grade group 2: “Bon Jovi”

You’re kidding me, right? Now, if group 1 had put “the Jackson 5” I would have probably not laughed as hard, because the time frame was correct. But Bon Jovi? Really? COME ON GUYS!!!

This is why I can’t grade while drinking anything. I get answers like these…


Entry filed under: insanity.

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