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February 23, 2010 at 10:49 pm 2 comments

After asking in an email to our long-suffering consultant teacher, I got a draft copy of the IEP today. I don’t know if this was a good thing on their part or a bad thing. Good, because it gives me time to go through it, bad, because it gives me a full week to go through it!

Doug saw me run with the white envelope to the “IEP hideaway,” otherwise known as the computer desk, and rip the thing open. I did a quick flip through and noted some quick mistakes and a few other things…but quickly got down to the goals. These were the worst part of last year’s IEP, and I was absolutely expecting nothing less in the areas of academics, OT, and PT. Speech, I’m not too concerned about. There are things that need to be worked on, but it’s not a big deal to me. I guess I’m just more confident in the ability of the SLP to write goals. Weird, huh?

I guess my fear with this year’s goals is that after last year’s “will identify the alphabet” goal and the horribly dropped ball in the OT department as well as the inflexibility of the PT department is that we’ll get another IEP like the horror story that was last year’s. I can’t take that.

The entirety here is that I have a quasi decent IEP. There are a few tweaks, yes, but overall, it’s not so bad.

Are there the usual BS goals? Totally. Where are they?

The OT department.

Prime example (and this is a REAL goal. No, I’m not kidding or lying. I can’t make this crap up.): “Isaac will color within a specific area for a minimum of 10 minutes.”

Yes, you all read that right. A coloring goal. I was most unimpressed.

The sad thing about this is when the last batch of OT mess hit the fan, I specifically said something to the tune of the fact that I didn’t want one coloring goal, because it was garbage and that training coloring is POINTLESS. I’m giving the OT a bit to explain herself, but I’m not expecting a satisfactory explanation.

We’ll have to see where we go from here. I’m cautiously optimistic.

The speech person gave me a call tonight, while I was in the midst of writing this…and enlightened me on a small fact-that the team thinks I don’t trust them to do their jobs.

Umm..isn’t that a given? After the bad IEP last year, and the fact that we’ve got regression with OT skills, you really expect me to just implicitly trust you and sit back and let this go? Nope.

I explained to the Speech person that I trusted most of the team, but mainly had a problem with OT and PT. They really need to earn my trust back. Otherwise, it’ll be business as usual…

but again, I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ll see. We’ll see.


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  • 1. Jen  |  February 25, 2010 at 10:10 am

    You had asked me once what goals Austin was given.

    For Kindergarten
    Motor (OT and PT)
    1. Will move around peers or obstacles in his path while engaged in structured and unstructured movement activities (he had a habit of crashing into people and things)
    2. Will mobilize one side of his hand while stabilizing the other side with appropriate control (ie. scissors)
    3. Will correctly hold a pecil or pen and maintain adequate pressure during writing tasks for 5 or more minutes
    4. Will use scissors correctly (ie. place fingers in scissors, hold paper in thumbs up position, move paper when cutting, stay within 1/4″ inch of desired border)
    5. Will imitate drawing lines and shapes on paper using a crayon or pencil
    6. Will correctly copy 6 or more simple to more complex geometric shapes
    7. Will independently perform sit-ups to 45 degrees with knees bent for 5 repetitions
    8. Will stand on one leg R/L for 8 seconds
    9. Will walk on balance board in a heel to toe pattern without stepping off for 6 repetitions
    10. Will ascend and descend stairs, step over step with ot without using a handrail
    11. Will hop consecutively on either foot for 5 repetitions
    12. Will throw a small ball overhand using trunk rotation and hit specified targets 3 times consecutively

    For 1st grade
    1. Will write in his journal on a topic requested by his teacher consisting ofat least 3 complete sentences
    Motor (OT and PT)
    1. Will coordiante his limbs to execute therapist directed repetitive motor patterns incorporating symmetrical and/or reciprocal arm and leg movements
    2. Will copy 5 three dimensional block designs from a visual model
    3. Will correctly manipulate and object with bilateral hands (stabilize with one hand and manipulate with the other hand at midline)
    4. Will perform correct wrist stability and intrinsic finger movements while writing
    5. Will legibly copy the lower and upper case letters of the alphabet in manuscript writing from a visual model
    6. Will independently perform situps to 45 degrees with knees bent and arms crossed on the chest for 5 repetitions
    7. Will maintain balance on opposite hand and knee for 15 seconds
    8. Will wlak backwards on a 4″ wide balance oard independently with a toe to heel gait for 8 feet
    9. Will catch a ball with hands only (not using chest) 5 times consecutively
    10. Will maintain his trunk in good alignment while dribbling a playground ball with the dominant hand for 5 repetitions

  • 2. Jen  |  February 25, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Hope this helps!


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