Haircut Hell

March 2, 2010 at 7:36 am 1 comment

Isaac needed a haircut. That was obvious. I was thinking of taking him to the good ‘ol Supercuts near the Game Geekery, but he wasn’t having it. He wanted to go to Snip-its. Prizes, video games and toys to play with while he got his hair cut…enticing.

I relented. I drove the extra mileage to Snipits to get him his haircut. We’ve been there before. It makes life a bit easier when Isaac is in “wiggle mode” to have people who only deal with kids. He’s gotten good cuts there, and it’s really no more than the Supercuts…so I was all for it.

We got there, and the vibe was interesting. There were two stylists on, and one was having trouble with a French braid-her wrist was bad…and the one who got us.

Isaac was coloring in a NASCAR coloring book and didn’t want to stop, so he had a small whine fit. The stylist went from nice, cheerful and patient to grumpy, surly and really wanting out. You could see it in her body language. She began to get snippy with Isaac and was rushing his haircut. She grumped at Isaac every time he moved his head and I ended up restraining his head so she didn’t cut him with her clippers or scissors.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the haircut, but figured it was me and the fact that I was not happy with the stylist. We paid and got the heck out of there. Our stylist wasn’t even there to tip, because she made some excuse to run to the back of the store and hide while we were checking out. This should have been a signal….

Over the next 24 hours, we washed Isaac’s hair, and really got a good look at it. As we were on our way to the RPI Big Red Freakout (that’s a post for later…) I noticed the horrid haircut he had gotten. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t the fact that we hadn’t washed his hair…or he had gotten something in it…but it was a bad cut!

Ms. Grumpy Butt hadn’t done even half of a decent job…
Note the look of wearing a kippah on his head
note the large chunk of missing hair and lines cut into my darling child's head

I called the place as soon as they opened on Sunday morning (which is NOON!) and explained the situation and asked if Ms. Grumpy Butt was there, because I didn’t want her touching Isaac’s head again after the disaster that was his current haircut. The assured me that today was her day off and to bring Isaac in for a fix. I was beyond skeptical of their ability to fix the disaster that was his hair. It would take almost a miracle to fix the professional hackjob that was done on his head.

We walked in and were greeted by the stylist and told them that we had an appointment to get Isaac’s hair fixed. The first stylist we talked to was in a rush (and I figured this did NOT bode well) and said “fix?” I said “look at his hair! It’s atrocious.” She took one look and the disbelief on her face was amazing. She checked us in and walked away shaking her head. The receptionist then got a look at Isaac’s hair. She was appalled as well at the condition of his hair.

We were then called and got a cheerful, sweet stylist who took one look at his hair and asked the following questions:
1) Who did this?
2) what time were you here on Friday?
3) Why did you leave with his hair like this?

So, I answered all 3 questions…and the answer to the 3rd one? We were so uncomfortable with the vibe and the stylist’s attitude, that we just wanted to get out and go home. We had other things to do and I figured it would settle out when we washed it. No such luck.

The new stylist spent a good 30 minutes FIXING the hackjob that took 10 minutes to create. The entire time she was fixing it, she kept remarking how she couldn’t believe that this came out of THIS shop. She also did what Ms. Grumpy Butt didn’t-engage Isaac. Ask him questions, play games with him and joke around with him the entire time that he was getting his hair fixed.

We walked out with a good haircut (thank goodness), a name that we can call ahead and see if she’s there and our faith restored in Snipits.

But oh, brother was it hard. Haircuts shouldn’t be this hard….


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  • 1. Jen  |  March 2, 2010 at 10:30 am

    Reading this makes me glad that I just buzz cut the kids’ hair myself!


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