First Grade and special needs, takes 1-3…

March 10, 2010 at 11:09 pm 1 comment

So, here we go again. IEP time. Nothing fun as per usual. Let’s do an abridged version of the first two takes, shall we?

Take 1 involved getting the IEP…and noting all sorts of garbage. Also noting that there was a COLORING GOAL on the IEP. Nope. not happening, especially here. This take also involved all sorts of very controlled scream emails to darling Consultant teacher (who, may I add, should be given a medal for putting up with me this year.) and OT Aide who Isaac sees. When I got nowhere fast, I threw an email to the BIG OT. She responded to my questions with the following line:

“we don’t teach penmanship.”

Umm..what? That’s not what I asked! Seriously!

I asked about why my child was having a COLORING GOAL and why the goal that I actually liked (letter lines and formation) was dumbed down.

This resulted in me emailing darling consultant teacher and demanding that BIG OT being at the pre-IEP meeting.

See Laura tear hair out. See Laura loose sanity!

So, Monday morning rolls around. I’m tumbling out of bed with a long, long day ahead of me and the BIG OT calls me, saying she can’t be at the Tuesday meeting (I understand. I only demanded her presence on Friday.) and basically asks me what I was thinking for the goals and things. I reiterate that I am NOT happy, and review what has happened since January. (Heavy regression, nothing done. you get the idea.) and how I’m putting him in private OT, because he’s behind for HIM. Not the rest of the kindergarten world…for HIM.

Long story short…I WON! I got goals that work for what they need to do and what I want. NICE.

Take 2 happened when I got the inital draft of the IEP and sent the mail off to the consultant teacher about questions on the IEP. I got a call back from the Speech therapist who tends to run the show if you don’t keep her in check. She’s been around a while, and Isaac loves her, but she does tend to run the show.

She called me at home when the Consultant teacher forwarded her my email about concerns and questions with the IEP. She was on the phone with me rewriting parts of the IEP, and at one point, she breaks into the OT things-and I tell her that we need to find a way to get Isaac writing…and she says…

“well, that’s not in the cards. Just deal with it.”

Umm, excuse me? I’m not asking for him to write a dissertation by hand. For cripe’s sake, I type everything because I go faster this way. All I want is for him to write his NAME by June!

Oh, save me!

Take 3 came at the Pre IEP meeting yesterday. This had my jaw on the floor.

The PT, who I’m not overly fond of-I think it’s a PT thing, brought up our future trip to Shriner’s Hospital in Springfield (I’ll blog about that later. Lots of reasons, lots of explanations there…). I let them know that he would be going so that they could list any concerns they have and I can bring them to the musculoskeletal team. I also wanted to get work that we can do in the car on the hour and a half ride.

So, during the meeting, the PT says:

“so, why after all of this time, did you even THINK to make an appointment with Shriner’s?”

Umm…it was all I could do to be polite and not rip her head off. It’s not her business, just be happy that you’re being asked for input on this. SERIOUSLY!!

Blah. at least this is less eventful than last year…


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Haircut Hell Special needs and first grade, take 4-the report card and meeting

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  • 1. Jen  |  March 12, 2010 at 10:04 am

    In regards to writing… does he have issues with gripping the pencil or controlling the pencil? If it’s gripping, have they tried various grips with him? There are many grips that will help him stabilize the pencil properly. If it’s a control issue the only help would be repeptition. But instead of just writing, which gets boring, mix it up with connect the dots, tic tac toe, little games that require straight lines and curved lines, just to get his hands moving.

    Those would be my first thoughts.

    Good luck with the actual IEP meeting.


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