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Being a hockey mom has its ups and downs. The downs are when equipment breaks and you either a) don’t know about it or b) know about and forget totally until the last minute-both options resulting in a mad scramble to get the offending equipment fixed before practice in a relatively short amount of time.

Today’s almost major panic attack came when Doug said to me…

“Umm…did we ever get Isaac’s helmet fixed?”

What? Fixed helmet? The helmet was broken?

He claims he told me the night of the last Learn to Skate class. I’m going to go with the fact that he probably did and I had option B happen. I forgot.

Did I mention hockey starts at 11:10 am on Sunday? Before any of the shops open that deal in hockey equipment? Yeah. Had to get done NOW.

So, I shuffle off to my old favorite place-yep, Kemp’s! I knew they’d know exactly what to do with this broken face cage. I also figured I’d ask them about a new mouth guard for a kid who hates them and to sharpen the Shrimp’s skates. Can’t go into a new session of hockey with dull blades, now can we?

I walk in with the messed up helmet and the skates. They not only fixed the helmet-it needed some screws and new spacers to make the face cage sit on the helmet itself properly. Turns out the person who put it together in the first place used plastic spacers…and not metal ones. So, the nice guy at Kemp’s not only replaced the missing screw, but he changed both spacers to metal ones to make the face cage more stable!

Skates were sharpened and all of that. I went to cash out, expecting to pay SOMETHING for the fix.

Nope. Just the skate sharpening. He refused to take any money for the fix on the helmet!

Excuse me? I’m prepared to pay….

nope-not a cent for the helmet.

and I got a new Bauer calendar to boot!

Gotta throw some love Kemp’s way. They are, by far, the classiest, best run, most awesomest hockey place in this area. The staff is so disgustingly knowledgable and loves hockey so much that it’s an absolute pleasure to go in there.

(I’m banging my stick on the ice in hockey applause…)


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