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More OT drama

Every year, there’s SOMETHING that becomes the bane of my existence. This year, it’s OT at Isaac’s school. I just don’t understand it. There’s no reason for this drama-seriously! But, I guess they don’t seem to see it that way.

Before this drama unfolded again, I was told by a member of the team that they were getting the impression that I didn’t trust them.

No! Really! I trust parts of the team, but not others, based on performance. I was quiet for a part of the year…but now, not so much.

Isaac sees an OT assistant. Not a full out OT while he’s at school. We also take him to a private OT, because after the last set of fallout-you know, doing work in February he was doing PERFECTLY before he left Pre-k, I couldn’t take it. He needed to make progress and if they weren’t going to help him make that progress at school, I was going to take it into my own hands.

The private OT (Miss A) has not only worked on letters, but has worked on sensory regulation with Isaac-he swings while putting together puzzles, he writes letters, pulls things out of goo, uses tweezers to play Spongebob Squarepants Ants in the Pants-and works on getting his writing semi-legible, so he’s ready for first grade.

Miss M (OT aide that sees Isaac at school) asked if she could call and talk to Miss A. Ok, fine. I’m all for getting everyone on the same page. I didn’t see the use in this phone call, because based on every other conversation I’ve had with the OT department at school, they’re not going to listen, but I humored them.

Miss M called Miss A, and they had a conversation-where Miss M told Miss A that I really didn’t understand what was going on, and that Isaac didn’t need to be writing letters (even though that’s what I wanted…) because he doesn’t have the building blocks. She harped on this “building block” concept and then admitted that she didn’t try things for as long as she wanted to.

duh. I knew that. Strategies are tried for a day or two and when they don’t work right away, they are thrown out the window.

I have offically had it. This can’t go on next year. So, I called most excellent consultant teacher (after I fired off a concerned email to OT aide again!) and demanded a meeting with head OT, Special Ed admin, herself and the principal. We need to discuss what is going on and come to some concensus, because this is NOT ok. I even told Ms. B (consultant teacher) that I was so ready to pull OT and take it 100% private if we couldn’t get this settled. I don’t want to, but I will.

I just don’t understand how Isaac can do so well in private OT, but is making absolutely no progress in OT at school. They’re both pull out sessions, they both have the same resources at their disposal, and they both are the same length.

So, next week, meeting time. It should be one interesting meeting.

And while I’ve got the special ed admin in the room…I’m going to have a chat with her about the amount of services my child has missed this year due to THERAPIST absence.
Not kidding-here are the numbers:
Missed PT-17 sessions (with no make ups until I pointed this excessive number out..)
Missed OT-15 sessions (But from what I gather, he’s been doing some double OT, so I’m not complaining…)

So, could this be contributing to the lack of progress my child is making? Hrm?

Well…we’ll know soon enough.


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Wordless Wednesday- Hello, Sabrina!

Waiting at the Shelter Annex to be released!

making herself right at home, much to Booger's dismay...

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Next time, please remind me to listen to my gut.

That is the moral of the story.
What’s the story, you ask? Well, here goes.

Furball is gone. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know how, I don’t know why…but I do know she’s gone. Booger is going insane. Hardcore insane. She won’t leave us alone, she cries, wanders around aimlessly, and is generally driving us berserk. We understand. We do. We’ve cried our tears, we’ve come to terms with everything, but in her small cat world, this is wrong.

To keep her from going slowly insane and to keep us sane, we came to the hard fought decision that we needed to add another cat to the house. No, we’re not replacing Furball. That’s not possible. Seriously. It’s not. We’re adding someone new to keep Booger company and because we need it as much as she does, for a multitude of reasons.

When the decision to add a cat to the house was arrived at, I did a few things. First, I did some web searching. I checked out all of the local rescues and the local shelters. I found pricing for adoptions, ect. It’s interesting how prices vary from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue. Then, I went on Craigslist. I emailed a few people with kittens and waited for responses. I also checked (neato site there if you’re looking for a pet-great place to start!) and then I made phone calls.

In my travels online, I found the fact that a well known, local rescue has adoption hours for cats not too far from my house in the evenings. Hrm…
I went online and found the cutest little fuzzball that made me melt. I forwarded it on to a few friends, and they melted as well. We decided after OT and PT we’d stop for dinner and go and peek at the cats, and hope that the little fuzzball was there.

We gunned up and found that sadly,she wasn’t there. Darn. There were a few other cats there that just didn’t spark us. They were cute and sweet, but we knew they weren’t for us. At all. One was hiding under a blanket, she was so terrified, and the others weren’t good with kids. Nope. Sorry..not coming home with us.

When I finally got to talk to a volunteer, Isaac was so overtired and bouncing (PT is in the pool, so he was a crispy critter…), and I just wanted to talk to them about the kitten I had seen online. I was encouraged to fill out an application and have them look it over. Ok, fine. On the application it says “this in no way obligates you to adopt…” Fine. I can get behind that.

I fill out the application and hand it to them and the one volunteer goes and kibbutzes with the other one (and tries to settle an “I’m here to take my cat home” dispute with another potential forever family…) and then comes back a few minutes later, letting me know that they both agreed that we were a great family and that they would adopt to us.


then they let us know that none of the cats that they had that day were right for us.

Heck! We couldn’t agree more!

We asked about the fuzzball we had seen on line and they said they’d forward our application to the people who knew about the particular cat in question. We were pleased and left. While we were there, we decided that we would cross the street and visit the Saratoga County Animal Shelter Annex in the mall. There, we were greeted warmly and encouraged to look around, meet all of the animals (there were about 15 there…some had to go together and those were immediately out of the question for us..)and ask any questions we had.

We wandered around the cages and crates and things-kept Isaac out of ones that said “NO KIDS” or “I don’t like to be picked up!”

Doug came upon a cat that was a bit older, but still young…and fell head over heels for her. I told him that we had to talk and then we’d get back to her.

I was all set to commit to the cat at the annex when I got an email from the people at the local rescue that we had visited on Tuesday. The person who was fostering the little fuzzball we’d been interested in said that she was still available! AND they were going to be at the clinic that night.

Yet again, we rushed out of therapy (just OT this time!) and then up to the adoption clinic. We got there about a half hour in to their adoption clinic. I got an odd vibe from the entire thing, but I shook it off as me rushing and Isaac being excited.

I asked for the foster mom, and the volunteer who answered me gave me an eyeroll and went back to chatting with another person.


So, then I met the foster mom who I’d been emailing with all morning. She took one look at Isaac and her entire body posture changed. The fuzzball we had been looking at was adopted out not even 10 minutes before we got there, so one of her sisters was left. We agreed to look at her sister and while we were agreeing, the foster mom was trying to sell us on the mom. Hrm. Ok, fine, we’ll look at her too. We’re open.

Well, as we were playing with the kitten, comments were made regarding Isaac and not leaving the kitten alone with him ever. We reassured this foster mom (who kept calling this kitten her baby…) that it would be fine, and we’re really good with supervising our child. Isaac even asked the kitten if she wanted to be part of our family.

Doug and I were both kind of “eh” with the kitten, so we agreed to meet the older cat. Unfortunately, we were still kind of “eh” about her, but we needed to talk outside of the ears of the foster mom just to confirm the way we were both feeling about everything. It’s kind of hard to really have an honest discussion to make sure you’re on the same page with highly invested ears around.

So, I asked the foster mom to give us 10 minutes to talk and please, please don’t adopt out either of them until we came back. It wouldn’t take us more than 10 minutes. She whole heartedly agreed and said “Not a problem! Go take a walk, decide!’

Then, the woman who had agreed to adopt the fuzzball that we were originally looking at decided that she wanted the sister too! The foster mom turned to us and as we were getting ready to walk away, she demanded an answer then and there.

WHAT? Really?! You just said we could have 10 minutes to talk and promised not to adopt out this cat!

I was so upset that I walked away telling her how I was disenchanted with the entire thing. She yelled after me “we’ll have more in a few months!!”

I got out of the aisle and burst into tears. Doug turned on his heel and let them know that this was NOT ok, but the woman who wanted both cats could have them. We were not going to adopt from their organization because of the way we were treated. It was NOT ok to tell us to go talk and then whip the animal out from under us.

Now, the thing here is that yes, we weren’t going to take either animal, BUT, the promise of a few minutes to talk and then whipping that out from under us 30 seconds later was dead wrong. Hold the other person up a few minutes. It’s not a crime. She’s filling out paperwork and she’ll be there.

Why’d I burst into tears? Well, frustration. I was frustrated that the one we came to look at was gone already and then I was frustrated that we didn’t even get a fair shake with the other one and the foster mom kept calling this kitten “my baby.” We both felt that we were prejudged as bad pet owners because we have Isaac-who was just too excited and his meds had worn off. We also felt like our backs were against the wall and we had to decide then and there and had we decided to adopt the kitten, the foster mom would have been beyond miffed and probably not let us have it anyway. It was an absolute no win situation for us.

We went back to the car, and I was determined to head home. I had had it. I was in a foul mood and I was still cranky from the bad day I had had the day before. I was in no mood to look at any more cats. I wanted one day to recoup myself and then we’d go looking for round two.

My darling other half was having NONE of it. He talked me (I don’t know how) into going back across the street to the Annex in the mall. We walked in, and it was like a homecoming. I didn’t get the weird funky vibes I got at the clinic. We were again greeted warmly and Isaac was greeted by an older woman who was just enthralled by his antics. We looked for the cat that we had seen on Tuesday…and she was STILL THERE.

Ok, is this an omen or WHAT?

We spoke to the shelter workers that were there and explained the entire story-the loss of Furball, the constant freaking out of Booger, the incident across the street, the extremely energetic 6 year old-everything. We also pointed out that we were looking at this specific cat, and we had been there Tuesday and talked to another volunteer. They were thrilled that we had returned and were still interested in the same cat.

We chatted with one volunteer (I’ll tell that story later.) who really took the time to assess what we needed, wanted and could handle. It was an amazing difference. I got no odd vibes, no sense that we would be bad pet owners because we had a child who was high energy, no sense that we would be anything BUT loving to a new animal.

It was a night and day experience.

Yes, this specific cat is coming home with us on Tuesday. I’ll tell the story of the Annex and our new addition then.

You know, I had odd gut feelings regarding the well known local shelter and their practices. I seemed to remember Mom and Dad having issues with this shelter-their application is highly detailed, and depending on who looks at it for approval, sometimes people have problems when the answer they put on the application doesn’t match what the volunteer thinks it should be.

So, note the original moral of the story-Listen to my gut. My gut told me initially to go to the Annex or the other shelter near to my house. But do I listen? NOPE. I have to go on my wild tangents of looking for everything under the sun. So, please, next time I start on my wild tangents of things…remind me of this experience.

I also do need to state this-
Just because we had a run in with one wackjob foster mom doesn’t mean they’re all like this. Seek out your own experience if you’re looking for a pet. Do what’s right for you and what feels right. BUT, ( and here’s my .02) think of taking a pet from a shelter or rescue first! They need homes the most!

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Wordless Wednesday: The recipie for a hockey player

Start with hockey undies and shins and knees..and your favorite Ryan Miller shirt

add shoulder and chest protection along with the socks

add pants and elbows-along with the obligatory crocs

Wiggle on your jersey, make sure it's got the right number...

At the rink, add gloves, stick, skates and helmet. Add ice.

Voila! Instant hockey player!

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My Hero, the prosthetics technician

Isaac’s got AFOs. It’s that simple. They keep him off of his toes and from falling all over the place. Plus, they’re cool looking. He’s got airplanes, trucks, cars and checkered flags all over them. The print is called “fly and drive.”

These suckers require constant adjustment and new straps every so often because of the daily on and off. Velcro only lasts so long!

So, as I noticed the straps were getting a smidge ratty, Isaac’s private PT, Miss Kim (who we LOVE) noticed that his left foot had a huge pressure mark from the AFOs.  Man..How to feel like a bad parent! I didn’t even notice this.  The poor kid has the AFO cutting into his foot, he’s hyposensitive and I’m letting him walk around like this? Oh, for the love of Pete!

So, I made a frantic phone call to the orthotics lab, and initially they weren’t going to be able to get us in until next week, but with another protsthetics tech! AHHH!!! We like our regular tech…he’s just awesome.  So, as they were fishing, they found a quick cancellation, and we were able to get in. It was either that or send Isaac to school in his crocs…which the PT at school calls “the scourge of the Earth.” I think she’s overreacting, but I digress…

I picked Isaac up from school a few minutes early and gunned over to the lab, where we were greeted by our favorite people, the receptionists who spoil Isaac like crazy. We were immediately lead back to the treatment room, where Rob, our hero met us.

Rob immediately saw the pressure spot and noted the straps were all sorts of a hot mess. Come on, soccer and daily use take its toll on straps! They’re all sorts of shreddy.

Rob took the afos to the lab downstairs and started heating and pushing and heating and pushing on the areas of teh AFOs that were causing pressure. He then redrilled the holes for the straps and put brand spankin’ new straps on the AFOs!

The whole thing, from start to finish took 30 minutes. Thank heavens above for Rob…who is our hero of the prosthetic kind. He really saved the day and Isaac’s poor left foot!

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Yeah. That’s all I can say about what I accidentally did to poor Isaac and what happened over the weekend.

Let’s first chat about what I did to my poor child. Albeit accidentally.

Isaac announced at the begining of the spring that he wanted to continue with Hockey. Ok. fine. So, I signed him up for Mini Mites. Then, he announced he wanted to play spring soccer because his friends were playing. Fine again.  THEN, we  got him into private OT and PT because he’s losing all services this summer, and the OT woes have been hardcore doccumented ad nauseum, so I won’t go into those again.

WELL, Bad Mommy here didn’t realize that hockey AND soccer both end at teh same time, and don’t run back to back. Yeah…so, here’s poor Isaac’s week (until the end of next week)


Monday- Soccer

Tuesday- PT/OT (PT’s int he pool!!)


Thursday- OT (and it will be PT after June 8th as well)

Friday and Saturday-Down days. Sometimes we go build at Lowe’s on Saturday.

Lather, rinse, repeat for another week.


Then, Furball got out. We have no clue how she got out, but she got out. We haven’t seen her since Friday evening. I’m getting worried. We’ve combed the area, alerted all teh shelters with her microchip number and all of that and so far, nothing. Who knows where this cat is. Booger is going nuts. Hardcore nuts.

But, what else can you do? Not much more than we’re doing.

and say


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Yeah, I’m going to the circus. So what?

For eons, the debate around circuses has been hot and heavy. It’s not about the human acts, it’s about the animals. Around here, it’s even gotten so bad that PETA is putting on “educational protests” at local elementary schools at dismissal, using an elephant costume with a bandaged, bloody head. It’s even gotten to the point where local politicians have drafted resolutions/bills/whathave you so that in essence, the circus can’t come to town. Yes, they say it targets rodeos too, but for cripe’s sake, this is about the circus.

I’m all for not abusing animals or being cruel to them. It kills me to see any animal being abused at all. Both of my cats are rescue animals, and our darling Jasmine (who also answers to Furball..) was the target of abuse. She was tossed in a plastic bag to starve and freeze in a drainage ditch in SoCal in early March. It gets flippin’ cold there at night!

But what I can’t get behind is the fact that PETA and other animal rights activists go undercover, tape things and then edit the videos to make for a sensationalist, provocative video that lights up the internet. They take the absolute one bad apple type things and make them into “all people are awful” type videos.

Am I (as one blogger put it) “Perpetuating corporate greed at the expense of the animals”? I don’t think so. I feel like I’m enriching my child’s life. We know that circus elephants are NOT the elephants from the wild. We also know and discuss the realities of elephants, tigers and other things.

What slays me in all of this is that people who willingly and loudly boycott circuses often willingly and quickly take their children to zoos. They call the zoos “wonderful examples of the species.”

well, wait. Isn’t a captive animal a captive animal? Can’t you consider captivity abuse? Or, wait…are we using zoos to repopulate the species that are endangered and take care of those less fortunate animals who have been the victims of REAL abuse-such as the elephants San Diego rescued from a herd that was about to be culled!

Oh,a nd WAIT! What about aquariums?!  Are the touch tanks violating the rights of the starfish, rays and sharks and skates that live in them? Even when the rays and skates come and splash you for attention because they LIKE BEING TOUCHED?

The selective nature of the animal rights activists bothers me. Either you advocate for all or nothing. Don’t pick and choose your animals. And oh, don’t make a law that limits my personal freedom and the ability to use my mental capacities and outside resources to make an informed choice.

So, tomorrow, I’ll be at the circus. I’ll be watching my child laugh, smile and I’ll be in full on mommy mode taking photos.

Got a problem with that? So what.

I’ll do what I choose and you do what you choose, and we won’t judge each other? Ok?

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