Yeah, I’m going to the circus. So what?

May 7, 2010 at 10:19 am Leave a comment

For eons, the debate around circuses has been hot and heavy. It’s not about the human acts, it’s about the animals. Around here, it’s even gotten so bad that PETA is putting on “educational protests” at local elementary schools at dismissal, using an elephant costume with a bandaged, bloody head. It’s even gotten to the point where local politicians have drafted resolutions/bills/whathave you so that in essence, the circus can’t come to town. Yes, they say it targets rodeos too, but for cripe’s sake, this is about the circus.

I’m all for not abusing animals or being cruel to them. It kills me to see any animal being abused at all. Both of my cats are rescue animals, and our darling Jasmine (who also answers to Furball..) was the target of abuse. She was tossed in a plastic bag to starve and freeze in a drainage ditch in SoCal in early March. It gets flippin’ cold there at night!

But what I can’t get behind is the fact that PETA and other animal rights activists go undercover, tape things and then edit the videos to make for a sensationalist, provocative video that lights up the internet. They take the absolute one bad apple type things and make them into “all people are awful” type videos.

Am I (as one blogger put it) “Perpetuating corporate greed at the expense of the animals”? I don’t think so. I feel like I’m enriching my child’s life. We know that circus elephants are NOT the elephants from the wild. We also know and discuss the realities of elephants, tigers and other things.

What slays me in all of this is that people who willingly and loudly boycott circuses often willingly and quickly take their children to zoos. They call the zoos “wonderful examples of the species.”

well, wait. Isn’t a captive animal a captive animal? Can’t you consider captivity abuse? Or, wait…are we using zoos to repopulate the species that are endangered and take care of those less fortunate animals who have been the victims of REAL abuse-such as the elephants San Diego rescued from a herd that was about to be culled!

Oh,a nd WAIT! What about aquariums?!  Are the touch tanks violating the rights of the starfish, rays and sharks and skates that live in them? Even when the rays and skates come and splash you for attention because they LIKE BEING TOUCHED?

The selective nature of the animal rights activists bothers me. Either you advocate for all or nothing. Don’t pick and choose your animals. And oh, don’t make a law that limits my personal freedom and the ability to use my mental capacities and outside resources to make an informed choice.

So, tomorrow, I’ll be at the circus. I’ll be watching my child laugh, smile and I’ll be in full on mommy mode taking photos.

Got a problem with that? So what.

I’ll do what I choose and you do what you choose, and we won’t judge each other? Ok?


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Well,doesn’t this suck… Whoopsie.

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