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Yeah. That’s all I can say about what I accidentally did to poor Isaac and what happened over the weekend.

Let’s first chat about what I did to my poor child. Albeit accidentally.

Isaac announced at the begining of the spring that he wanted to continue with Hockey. Ok. fine. So, I signed him up for Mini Mites. Then, he announced he wanted to play spring soccer because his friends were playing. Fine again.  THEN, we  got him into private OT and PT because he’s losing all services this summer, and the OT woes have been hardcore doccumented ad nauseum, so I won’t go into those again.

WELL, Bad Mommy here didn’t realize that hockey AND soccer both end at teh same time, and don’t run back to back. Yeah…so, here’s poor Isaac’s week (until the end of next week)


Monday- Soccer

Tuesday- PT/OT (PT’s int he pool!!)


Thursday- OT (and it will be PT after June 8th as well)

Friday and Saturday-Down days. Sometimes we go build at Lowe’s on Saturday.

Lather, rinse, repeat for another week.


Then, Furball got out. We have no clue how she got out, but she got out. We haven’t seen her since Friday evening. I’m getting worried. We’ve combed the area, alerted all teh shelters with her microchip number and all of that and so far, nothing. Who knows where this cat is. Booger is going nuts. Hardcore nuts.

But, what else can you do? Not much more than we’re doing.

and say



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