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Every year, there’s SOMETHING that becomes the bane of my existence. This year, it’s OT at Isaac’s school. I just don’t understand it. There’s no reason for this drama-seriously! But, I guess they don’t seem to see it that way.

Before this drama unfolded again, I was told by a member of the team that they were getting the impression that I didn’t trust them.

No! Really! I trust parts of the team, but not others, based on performance. I was quiet for a part of the year…but now, not so much.

Isaac sees an OT assistant. Not a full out OT while he’s at school. We also take him to a private OT, because after the last set of fallout-you know, doing work in February he was doing PERFECTLY before he left Pre-k, I couldn’t take it. He needed to make progress and if they weren’t going to help him make that progress at school, I was going to take it into my own hands.

The private OT (Miss A) has not only worked on letters, but has worked on sensory regulation with Isaac-he swings while putting together puzzles, he writes letters, pulls things out of goo, uses tweezers to play Spongebob Squarepants Ants in the Pants-and works on getting his writing semi-legible, so he’s ready for first grade.

Miss M (OT aide that sees Isaac at school) asked if she could call and talk to Miss A. Ok, fine. I’m all for getting everyone on the same page. I didn’t see the use in this phone call, because based on every other conversation I’ve had with the OT department at school, they’re not going to listen, but I humored them.

Miss M called Miss A, and they had a conversation-where Miss M told Miss A that I really didn’t understand what was going on, and that Isaac didn’t need to be writing letters (even though that’s what I wanted…) because he doesn’t have the building blocks. She harped on this “building block” concept and then admitted that she didn’t try things for as long as she wanted to.

duh. I knew that. Strategies are tried for a day or two and when they don’t work right away, they are thrown out the window.

I have offically had it. This can’t go on next year. So, I called most excellent consultant teacher (after I fired off a concerned email to OT aide again!) and demanded a meeting with head OT, Special Ed admin, herself and the principal. We need to discuss what is going on and come to some concensus, because this is NOT ok. I even told Ms. B (consultant teacher) that I was so ready to pull OT and take it 100% private if we couldn’t get this settled. I don’t want to, but I will.

I just don’t understand how Isaac can do so well in private OT, but is making absolutely no progress in OT at school. They’re both pull out sessions, they both have the same resources at their disposal, and they both are the same length.

So, next week, meeting time. It should be one interesting meeting.

And while I’ve got the special ed admin in the room…I’m going to have a chat with her about the amount of services my child has missed this year due to THERAPIST absence.
Not kidding-here are the numbers:
Missed PT-17 sessions (with no make ups until I pointed this excessive number out..)
Missed OT-15 sessions (But from what I gather, he’s been doing some double OT, so I’m not complaining…)

So, could this be contributing to the lack of progress my child is making? Hrm?

Well…we’ll know soon enough.


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