Cautiously optimistic

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As the end of the hockey season here in E. Nowhere wound down, we didn’t know if we’d have a team next year. Our affiliate was moving out of state, and it was all sorts of “hrm.” The area had a deal go bad with one team-they used us as a bargaining tool to get a better deal in THEIR arena (which wasn’t cool..) and then rumors swirled about teams that were looking to move their affiliates.

I didn’t know what to think. How was I going to tell Isaac that the sport I had spent years explaining to him was the “proper sport” and now he’s PLAYING because of the dang team here….wasn’t going to be here anymore.

Great. yeah. thanks. Let’s just chalk another one up there in parenting hell.

Then, late in the week came the announcement that the area had been expecting…we’re officially getting a new team. You’d think we’d all be dancing in the aisles. Hockey back here, no wondering what to do as we suffer the horrid thing known as winter here on the East coast.



Here’s the rub-It’s the team that the area severed ties with years ago, due to poor promos, poor attendance and poor loading of the team. We supported this team for an eon, but soon, this team didn’t support us. No promos, no decent players, no community outreach. These are the cornerstones of a good minor league franchise. Yeah..thee was none of that.

The parent organization claims that since they own the team now, things will be different. I don’t know. We’ve been spoiled over the past few years, and especially this past season with nice players, GOOD talent and a great office staff. This team has BIG shoes to fill.

But on the flip side, they got long needed improvements to the arena done, so it can’t be all bad, can it?

So, I’m optimistic with reservations. The team knows what they did to the area before, and has the means and the knowledge NOT to repeat it.

I’ll be there, as I am every hockey season, Opening night…in my favorite seats, taking photos, with Isaac in tow.

Maybe someone will do something disgustingly memorable-like trip over the red carpet and then try to play it off. Yes, that did actually happen. The guy NEVER lived it down for the rest of the time he was here.

So, I’m cautiously optimistic. We’ve got 5 seasons with this team. Hopefully, they’ll prove themselves to be worthy of coming back into the fold of E. Nowhere.

Just one word of advice to this team-

Do it right.


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