The end of Kindergarten and the closing of the lab

June 27, 2010 at 9:06 am 3 comments

This past week and a half has been quite the time. We’ve gone through a ton of changes here at Chez E. Nowhere.
Let’s do some detailing, shall we?

First, Doug got a new job (!) at a local drug and alcohol rehab center. He’s ecstatic. This means, as he puts it, No more G-tubes and crushing everything that’s possible to crush.

Okie dokie. Sounds like fun to me…

Isaac survived Kindergarten. So did I.
And had an awesome moving up ceremony.
The entire Morning AND Afternoon classes at Moving up day
singing at the moving up day. This is progress from last year!

and we had cake to celebrate,courtesy of my friend at Caitlin’s Creations (this is her facebook page-if you’re in the area, give her a shout! She does AMAZING work!)
Warehouse Mouse graduation cake! YUMM!

Now, I can’t believe we’re moving on to FIRST GRADE! Holy cow!

the good news in all of this is that we’ve got one of the two teachers we wanted. The bad news is that he’s not with two of the people I requested he stay with. But then again, that’s the way it rolls when you break one class of kids between three teachers.

The other good news in all of this hot mess is that there are (not kidding) 17 kids in Isaac’s first grade class. Yes, you read that right. 17.

I am thrilled.

AND all of his therapists stay the same.


Then, I had to suffer through class night for the outgoing 8th graders at my school. And when I say suffer, I mean suffer.

This is the most drawn out horrific night on the face of the planet. There’s dinner, yes, but oh, my lord. The presentations…

First, ONE BY ONE,the kids are called up to get their yearbooks.
THEN, ONE BY ONE,the kids are called up to get their memory books and caps and gowns.
THEN, ONE BY ONE, they’re called up to get their gifts. (and this is after speeches by the 8th grade homeroom teacher, the principal and the parish priest.)
AND THEN, there’s the class poem where they go through each of the kids ONE BY ONE

and finally, there’s the class video.

and that didn’t start until after a 10 minute diatribe by the 8th grade homeroom teacher.

I went home at that point. I had just been through Kindy Graduation. I wasn’t in any mood to be there.

Sitting through class night is an ordeal. It could be streamlined in so many ways. Seriously. BUT, it’s not mine to run…so I keep my mouth shut.

Then, I spent the last few days of school (not on my scheduled days) cleaning out the lab for the last time.

I was notified about a month ago (late in terms of everything) that my job was being eliminated. The principal got funding, and changed the position that I had was turned into not only the computer position, but RTE (I can do that with my eyes shut-it’s basically Special Ed stuff for Reggies), Professional development for the staff as well as marketing of the school.

Is it me, or does that seem to be 2 full time jobs rolled into one? Yeah. It is in my opinion.

I didn’t take the opportunity to reapply.


For years, I walked into war zones thinking that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. It was always as bad or worse. When I took this job two years ago, I promised myself that I would only take it and stay if it wasn’t a war zone. I had to protect myself and my family from another school year of being stressed, sick and treated like trash because of things out of my control. I had a bad feeling about this job, and I had to listen to my gut. It’s all about self preservation.

So, as I closed the lab for the last time, signed things that I had to sign and finished off the stupid technology report cards (that the 7th grade teacher THREW OUT-yeah. Not redoing those) I had mixed emotions. I was happy and ticked for all of the work I put in. I was happy and sad to be leaving and not coming back. I was totally sad for the kids. I’m going to miss my wackjob kids and their bad answers.

But what’s done is done.

and when one door closes, there’s either a window or another door open. Don’t know where that is yet…and I’m not stressing as hard as I could be, because I want to enjoy a hard earned break, and I’ve got things to do with Isaac all summer-swim lessons, park camp, ice skating lessons…LOTS to do!!

So, this is the end in a lot of ways, but we’re all ok with this. And we’re ready for the summer to start!


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Energizer -what? Is the bunny on summer vacation or something?! The Easy Lunchbox System-one word. Yum.

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jen  |  June 28, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Playground camp? which one? Ben and Connor are going to River Rd, July 12th. I won’t be there, but they will. Perhaps they’ll get to play with Isaac.

  • 2. TheAngelForever  |  June 28, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Love the cake 🙂 The boys saw it and were screaming to see it.

  • 3. Ex-SBuxASM (yes, you know me! LOL)  |  July 1, 2010 at 1:13 am

    Congrats to both of the boys! I’m sure you are ecstatic for them both!


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