And my ears are still ringing.

July 12, 2010 at 1:52 pm Leave a comment

I’m not usually the one who goes to the bars and watches sporting events. i usually prefer to sit on my couch and watch them with Isaac. Unless the event is a hockey or one of a few select baseball games, Doug could care less about sports. So, when Dad announced that he wanted to go to a local Biergarten to watch the World Cup final, I decided that it would be a great time to tag along. Hey- this is like the Olympics! Only once every 4 years, and if a local place is having an “event”, I’m all for it!

So, we got there about an hour and a half before game time and the place was packed. It wasn’t so bad when we got there, but it got JAMMED. Mom, who came along for the ride was less than amused.

But it was a blast. A serious blast.

In bullet points, here are the things that I learned watching the World Cup final (and being one of the GO ESPANA contingent…fully against my darling Padre who was rooting for Nederland…)

  • A good Bier is nothing to spill. The Oktoberfest at this place is AMAZING.
  • close quarters a fast family makes. Everyone looks out for everyone else.
  • I now can sing this in my sleep:
  • You meet people from everywhere. I met people from Honduras, South Africa and even Spain. My parent’s neighbor was there too..and she’s originally from the Netherlands.
  • A vuvuzela is truly the most annoying “instrument” in the world. AND on top of that they’re hard to use. Yes, I blew one.
  • Local reporters should do interviews for their articles BEFORE the end of regulation time in a game. By this point, lots of people are sloshed. Especially at a place that serves 1.0 liters of bier.
  • Local reporters should also know the basic rules/regulations of the game they’re covering. Stop trying to ask patrons to clarify the rules as extra time starts!

And you know what-my ears are still ringing from the shrieks of joy and pain as Spain scored that goal.

Man, I had a good time.


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