Hi Bear!

July 24, 2010 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Lately, Doug has taken to calling me Olivia Walton because I take in as he puts it, “every stray that comes in my path.”

This was no exception.

About a month ago, I took in a small black kitten. Doug yelled. I pleaded the case of the kitten that was going to be dumped outside of a pet store by people who “Just didn’t want him” anymore.

I confronted Doug with the facts that since this kitten was black, he had less of a chance of being taken in than any other color of kitten…and he would give Booger a break from Sabrina.
Doug relented. The small kitten stayed, amongst the mutterings of  “FINE Ma Walton!” Then, Doug asked his name. Then he started petting the kitten and the loud purrrrrr started.

So, meet Bear.

Hi, Bear!

So, Bear has decided to make our house his home. He does things like pounce, play with my hair (ouch!) and run through the house at mach 20.

He also does things like this:
Yes, he is scaling the frog tank in the vain hopes that he can get the frogs.

and he does things that I don’t think are as adorable, such as attempting to beat up my pump tubing. I think he even got his teeth through one time…as I ended up with a “no delivery” alarm after a session of beating up my tubing.

But he’s got a forever home with us…and all of the love he needs. And we’re thrilled to have his manic energy in the house. He is absolutely rediculous. And we love it.


Entry filed under: insanity.

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