No, I’m NOT a nervous Mom.

August 16, 2010 at 5:25 am 1 comment

When you have a medically messy kid, you learn very quickly what you have to call the doc for and what can wait and ride itself out. Docs you deal with on a regular basis also get to know if you’re one of those “rush to the office on every stinkin occasion” or not.

Me, I fall into the “not” category.

This is why what happened at Shriner’s last week kind of bugged me. I mean, really. Why would I have called and switched an appointment if we weren’t having issues?

So, here’s how it all went down…

During the first week of park camp, Isaac took his AFOs off and I noticed deep red marks, bruising and some cuts. Not a good sign. I had the PT check his legs in the pool and she noticed pressure marks on his feet that were starting to get some skin breakdown.

Yep, that’s even worse.

I knew from the last time Rob saved our rears at the prosthetics office that we were going to need a new pair. He thought we could eek through summer with these, but well, that didn’t happen.

Since Isaac’s a patient at Shriner’s in Massachusetts, we figured we’d call there and have them see him and make his new AFOs if needed. Just get everything done in one place. Makes life easier. Yes, for us it’s a bit of a hike (an hour and a half drive one way!), but they do this all of the time and since he IS a patient there, let’s just go with one stop shopping.

So, I called and got an appointment two weeks from the day I called. NOT bad. I proceeded not to allow Isaac to wear his AFOs until we could get seen,because a bit more falling and toe walking isn’t as bad as ulcerated skin. Seriously.

We got there and were taken back pretty quickly and saw the PA.

This kind of bugs me. We drove an hour and a half (and this is the 2nd time) and we’ve only seen PAs. We haven’t seen a doc yet. It’s quite interesting, but I digress.

The PA obviously didn’t read the file (a pet peeve of mine!) and asked a lot of the same questions that we’d answered with the last PA just over 2 months ago. Nothing’s changed in those areas. Nothing at all.

I explained the AFO concerns and the PA took them and basically told me I was out of my mind.  He told me that some redness was normal upon removal of these things.

WELL DUH. I knew that. This was so not redness. My child had skin starting to break down and bruises. No, that’s not NORMAL.

I explained (again) that I was concerned as we’d just had these things adjusted under 2 months ago and we’re back to deep bruising and skin breakdown and that the last time we’d had them adjusted, the prosthetician told us that we’d need new ones before the snow flew.

He kept insisting that we were fine, but he sent us off to the prosthetics and orthotics department anyway. Begrudgingly.

We got over to the SHOP (orthotics and prosthetics) and the prosthetician took one look at Isaac’s AFOs and the way they fit on his feet and said the following:

“Hey Buddy-you’re getting a new pair! You’ve totally outgrown these!”

and then he looked at us and said:

“man-these are so close to being toast size wise! Were you getting pressure sores and marks?”

Oh, my good heavens above! Someone with a set of eyes!!!

He said he’d report his findings to the clinic and docs.

See? NOT a nervous mom.

Why do docs have to infer that I am when I clearly know what I’m doing?



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  • 1. Jen  |  August 16, 2010 at 8:20 am

    I understand having to see PA’s sometimes, but when theya re completely unknowledgeable about the case, it’s really annoying. Glad he’s getting new AFOs though.


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