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Let’s get the season on the road!

Hockey season opening is QUICKLY approaching.


So, today, the local team that I’m Cautiously Optimistic about held a “Fanfest” for the public to meet the team that’s here right now, have a little fun and generally schmooze.

(and fair warning, the photos that are about to come were taken with my phone-not my normal kickin’ camera.)

So, the first thing they did was show off the improvements to the front of the arena marquis

The new ribbon board as well as the new scoreboard inside are insanely impressive…but alas, no shots of those. I’m saving those for opening night. Oh, and why yes, we’re going. But that’s another puck drop! (no, I can’t say ballgame…because there’s no balls…but I digress)

Isaac hung with the new mascot, Devil Dawg

and as you can see, I got him a totally insane hat-it’s a HOCKEY STICK. Well, it was either that or the foam pitchfork…

He also got a logo tattoo…

and met the entire team…and especially the goalies.

He still talks about the goalie that’s as tall as Mami.

Now, we’re ready to get the season on the road. One coach promised us the Calder Cup back. Now, that’s big promises right there…

but it would be nice…



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Get over yourself already!

I love heading over to youtube and watching the previews for the new season of Sesame Street every year. It’s a blast, because you never know what hilarious gem you’ll find. Last year, it was the Fiest clip with the chickens that tickled me pink for days on end. No, I won’t torture you with it again. Just know it’s funny. Seriously. Oh, and it’s here…if you dig back a bit you’ll find it.

This year, there was Katy Perry and Elmo! Hilarious. Then, I heard the flap.

Katy Perry’s dress was angering parents.

You’re kidding me, right? That dress?

Figure skating costumes show more skin than Katy Perry’s showing here!

Here’s the hilarious clip:

Kids aren’t going to notice the clothes. They’re going to be laughing at Elmo running around Katy playing tag. Seriously.

People who are outraged over this need to get a grip. There are so many other things to be outraged by in this world right now, and this…well, put on your fun hat and giggle along.

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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye

Work has evened out to the point that I’m actually teaching! Go figure! AND to make matters even more awesome, I’m not hearing all about the old teacher anymore! It only took them 3 weeks….

And school (for now) has evened out to the point that I can actually NOT worry about what’s going on in Isaac’s classroom, and if he’s getting kicked out or not for something insanely stupid. I also don’t have to worry about the teacher being politically correct and deflecting everything about my child to the resource teacher.

So, that leaves me with the other fun and games-the parts of my job that no one warned me about and seemed pretty innocuous at the time of me accepting this new whole shindig.

Staff development.

Yeah. that.

I don’t mind public speaking. Heck, I was on the speech and debate team in high school. I did pretty well, if I do say so myself.

BUT, the whole issue here is when you’re talking technology to a group of teachers, it can go one of two ways-

First-the teachers can be all in. It’s fun, exciting and you get a lot done.


Second-you’ve got a hostile room with no one really knowing what they want out of the session and basically, you’re standing up there getting barbs thrown at you because they don’t want to deal with the technology and moving forward in this new educational venture.

I’m currently dealing with a mix of the two.

I was told that the professional development I was going to be doing was more of a one on one thing…not a whole room thing! EEKERS!!

this is a whole new world for me. I’m slowly getting used to it.

But at least I got to show off what I knew from my visit to Hotel Tarmac.

I think I still have both eyes, so this was fun and games.  Seriously.

I still miss having a classroom. Seriously.

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Doris the Alpaca and other hilarities

I’m now resigned that we’re into the swing of things. Seriously. I’m getting into the groove (I actually taught today…wow!) and so is Isaac.

This means that the sharing stuff got sent home.

(deeeeeeep inhale and exhale…)

If you’ve been here a while, you all remember the heights of stress sharing caused me last year-trying to fit into these insane categories and prep the kid as he ran out the door.

The first sharing thing was to bring a bear or other stuffed animal to class. Isaac is quite attached to his fuzzy buddies and immediately ruled out three. Patrick (big stuffed puppy), Zamboni (monkey in hockey gear) and Anakin (cheetah-note the geek in training name…).

So, I tell him to just go and grab one. He zips into his room and grabs his stuffed alpaca. Yes, he has a stuffed alpaca. I figured he should know where his yarn that I make him things out of comes from-I love me some alpaca yarn!

So, I ask him what his alpaca’s name is. He tells me the following:


Yes, Doris.

Where in the heck did he get that name? I quickly asked a few people via IM, and no one could come up with any good answers as to where Doris came from. It’s like Fred the Pig. Dunno. It’s just Isaac. I’ve stopped asking.

So, Doris the alpaca went to school with the Shrimper this morning, and is living in room 106 for the duration of the week, with all of the other fuzzy buddies from the first grade.

Then, as I scanned the sheet further, I noticed the sharing for the last week of the month. Investigating my name.

Seems harmless, right?

In this house, NOT SO MUCH.

Isaac has to ask us some specific questions about how he got his name, ect.

Well, umm…yeah. About that…

Let’s roll this time machine back about 6 years to us naming this darling Shrimp.

Isaac was one of the few names we could agree on. We liked the meaning (Hebrew for Laughter) and it was a name no one in the family had. He wasn’t named after anyone, for anything or given a name with a family history to live up to. He could make his own history.

So, as we were visiting my darling parents for the holidays, we were chatting about names and we brought up that we were very close to naming the baby Isaac.

My dad went on and on and on and on about the Biblical significance and this and that, when we stopped him dead in his tracks and said :

“No, not the Biblical Isaac-it’s Isaac Hayes-you know, Chef, from South Park.”

The spitting of the soda through noses ensued.

So, now, family legend is the South Park story.

We don’t mind people thinking it was Isaac Hayes for a bunch of reasons-amazing musician, activist, ect. But come on-how am I going to explain this to a first grader?

Dying to know how I’m going to handle this interview…

Let’s watch the hilarity ensue.

It will totally go in the history books of our family as one of the oddest moments ever.

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The Back to School giveaway

Ok, I’ve been sitting on this one, because of all of the other stuff I was doing this summer. So, I decided, in honor of me going back to school and being the computer goober I am, this was the perfect time to give these away.

This giveaway is for not one, but TWO of my new favorite pieces of software from my all time favorite company, Corel.

I used Corel heavily during my grad school days and developed a deep affection for the ease of use and the really spectacular results. Especially when one of the programs helped me to make the coolest watermelon bar for a web page. I impressed the prof…but she was more interested in laughing at me for the fortune cookie one I made…but I digress. I also used Corel products in my classroom last year and completely loved seeing my older crew dive into them with gusto and savor the fun results that came up.

The first one up for grabs is Corel’s  Paint it!

I ❤  Paint it!

This is what this cool as heck software does…

It takes your photos, and allows you to turn them into art.

I’ve taken photos that I took over the summer, and turned them into things that look like oil paintings, pastels and just generally had fun with them. It’s a nice tool to do something different with your photos. You’ll see mine here soon. There’s a few that I’m not really ready to show yet.

The second piece is Digital Studio. This takes all of my favorite things that I loved to do with Paint Shop and puts them into one chunk and adds video! I’ve worked on photo books and then turned my photos into videos…and burned them to DVDs. There’s lots to do, and it’s lots of fun. 4 distinct pieces of software make up the digital studio bundle-Corel PaintShop Pro express 2010 (woohoo! More watermelons and fortune cookies! Ok..I’ll stop now.), VideoStudio Express 2010, Corel WinDVD 2010 and DVD Factory 2010.

DVD Factory was Doug’s favorite. He loves the fact that he can use it to easily export things (like his records going around and around and around and around and around..) to Facebook and Youtube. This way, he doesn’t have to hook up the old computer to do it. He can just use the Corel software and be done likety split!

The products are easy to use, and work on pretty much anything. I spent hours with both products making art and messing around with video and things.

I knew I’d love them from the word go. I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s the caviat. Paint it! works on Mac. Digital Studio does not.

So, want these? You know you do! Corel was awesome enough to allow me to give one copy of Paint it! and Digital Studio to my readers. I’m so excited to share these!


Here’s how you get them.

One winner will get Paint it! and the other will get Digital Studio.

Mandatory Entry

Leave me a comment here telling me which software you want and what you think would be the best feature of the software for you!

Optional Entries

1. Follow @kileigh7 on twitter and tweet about this giveaway!

2. Go and visit Corel and tell me what other piece of software of theirs you think you can’t live without.

3. Leave a link on your blog back to this giveaway.

All entries must be in my 9pm Eastern on September 30th. I’ll draw one winner using my favorite random number generator.

Disclosure: I was given both Paint it! and Digital Studio to review and a copy to give away from Corel in exchange for my honest opinions of their product.  No other compensation was received.

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Good morning, First Grade

It’s here-Yesterday we started school once again here in E. Nowhere. Backpacks on, ready for the start of a whole new year.

And, as is tradition here, I took our now annual first day shot

waiting for the bus

Note the new AFOs.
Off to new adventures, Isaac luckily has the same bus driver as last year and still sits with the same friends on the bus.

Even though I have a big first grader now, he’s still my silly little boy.
Wanna take my picture Mommy? Nanny nanny boo boo!

and trust me-by the pictures we were sent by Mrs. J via email yesterday-he fits in JUST FINE.

Here we go.

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This weekend is always my annual denial weekend. I always go into denial about a LOT of things-

here’s what I’m in denial about today…

1. That I have a first grader. It didn’t sink in until we went and visited the classroom on Thursday to drop off Isaac’s backpack full of stuff. I saw his desk and the “Sailing into First Grade” bulletin board, where Mrs. J had taken all of their pictures holding the name tags they made and put them in these cute boats with their names on them. There was my goofy boy…in his favorite color boat-Red.

2. That I have to go back to work. This is the first summer I’ve really taken off in years. I’ve either done classes or worked or both. This summer I got to sleep in (mostly) and do things with Isaac and truly enjoy what a lot of people call one of the perks of being a teacher-summers off.

3. That I don’t have an official classroom this year. I actually enjoy decorating and making my classroom a liveable place. I’ve got an office. It’s not the same. On the upswing-I do have a very, very comfy chair. I doubt I’ll be spending a lot of time in my office, though. I am decorating my door however…

4. That there will be some kind of PT/OT drama. There’s not much drama with Speech. Ever. Don’t know why-but there’s always PT/OT drama. I’m trying to delude myself that there will be NO drama this year in either of those realms. Yeah, right. I”ll just keep that delusion for now so I can have some shred of sanity as I start a school year.

5. That hockey season for the shrimper is a month off. I really need to get gear purchased and ready to go. He’s ready to start-I’m not. I registered him for USA hockey (we have to have that because it provides additional insurance on each of the players) and realized my last point of denial…

6. My little guy is growing up. Evidenced by the first grade thing and the fact that next year we’re going to have to pay for registration for USA Hockey, because he’ll be almost out of mites and into Squirts (yes, these are real levels).

Ok. I’m going back to denial land. I think I’ll be there for the next few days.

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