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It’s no secret we’re a hockey family. From watching to playing, we’re in love with the sport.  It’s underrated as all get out in the states and the opening of the season coincides with football season, so it doesn’t get a lot of play on mainstream TV.

That all being said, this season, I’m a bit shaken.


There’s already been a blind hit that drove Jason Pominville from the Buffalo Sabres into the boards face first. Yes, you read that right. FACE FIRST. Caused a concussion and a huge gash above his eye. Ryan Miller came out condemning the hit and the offending player was suspended for several games.

This  comes on the heels of the rash of blind hits that happened at the end of last season. A lot of the hits went so mildly punished that it almost seemed as if the league was condoning them.

This scares me because your brain can only take so much. Bones heal. Tendons, muscles and ligaments heal and can be fixed. But your brain? Not so much.

My hockey loving friends and I have seen our share of players, excellent ones at that, stop playing forever because of post concussion syndrome. There’s one player who suffered 7 concussions and had to stop playing. Reports out of his camp say he still, years later, has dizziness and syncopy and ringing in the ears and all of that.

Although I know that Isaac has a few more years before checking, his ambition to be a goalie has me so worried. Players mess with goalies, they take liberties with goalies that get hidden in the fray.

But I’ll just have to hope, pray and do my voodoo that I do that by the time he’s up to checking, there will be some hard, fast rules in place that don’t allow these awful hits.


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