How many Occupational Therapists does it take…

November 10, 2010 at 10:25 am Leave a comment

to try and rehab Isaac?

yeah, that’s the question,and I don’t have a really good answer. After the multiple fiascos last year, we went to a private OT so that we could try and bring Isaac up as close to speed as we could get.

So, at last check in with this whole mess, we were in a pretty good space with Miss A.

of course, that couldn’t last. Seriously. We had a good thing going, but it just CAN’T last. It’s the way our luck runs.

Miss A. left over the summer and we got Miss K.

Let’s start counting-this is OT #2. This is important. Trust me.

She lasted until about a month ago, when all heck broke loose and they tried to rearrange my schedule to meet theirs. Without asking me.

That went over well.

Yeah. And pigs are going to fly…

Enter Miss M. This is OT #3.

So, I figured we were settled. Then, Miss M. started showing up late. At first it was nothing huge, but then, when she started showing up 10-15 minutes late every session where we’d only get 15 minutes of good, solid OT with her, we had a problem. She also told us she was going to leave, because working in the clinic didn’t really work with her schedule and things, so she didn’t want to get too involved with Isaac and his treatment.

Okie dokie…..

Enter yesterday. I checked the phone messages and found that we had one from the place where Isaac does private OT, asking to change the time of the session to a time when we’ve stated on SEVERAL occasions that we are not available at.

Here’s where I hit the roof.

So, I got on the phone and called this morning and after a long conversation with the secretary, I got a hold of the head of the program. At this point, I think it was what was needed. I left a message for him to call me. The message he left on my cell phone showed that he really had no understanding of the situation. So, I returned the call and ran down the list of issues-

1. We’re sick of being jerked around time wise-it’s not about putting Isaac into the schedule. It’s about the fact that we’ve been through this one too many times…like all of August and September. I don’t think we had a week that we had our regular time at all.

2. We are tired of getting 30 minutes of OT a week instead of a full hour, not due to us being late,but the therapist being late.

3. This change of therapists makes 4 therapists in under 7 months.

Yes, 4 therapists in 7 months. How are we supposed to make progress with that kind of track record? Every therapist has their own ideas of what Isaac should be doing, and no two have agreed on exactly WHAT to do with him-is it writing? Is it sensory? What is it? So, please explain to me how we’re going to make progress switching therapists 4 times!

The director of the program was flabbergasted. Hardcore flabbergasted. He knew I had been to the coordinator over this, because our favorite intrepid secretary gave him a reader’s digest of the backstory.

I explained to the head of the program that the coordinator had told me that an intern that we really liked, and did well with Isaac would be coming on board as a full therapist. We just wanted to know WHEN this would happen, as we were told this would be happening a month ago!!

So, now, we’re in the hold mode. We’re waiting for #4, Mr. S, to come on board and put Isaac on his caseload,instead of dealing with late OT.

let’s see how long before we end up having to flip a gasket to get him back into OT.


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