Dutch Treat

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Isaac has been back in the hockey groove for about 3-ish weeks now. We moved him out of Intro to Hockey into Mini-mites. With that, came an increase in time on the ice (2 days instead of 1) and one of those days is at Union, the local college that we’re affiliated with.

As it is, the mini mites are all thrilled to be on college ice. It’s big, it’s all sorts of seats (not just the bleachers), it’s warmer than our home rink and for the parents, there’s CELL PHONE RECEPTION in this one! There’s one other big draw-the kids get to walk the tunnel from the visitor’s locker room to the ice.
walking to the ice through the tunnel

So, a typical Sunday at Mini Mites involves skill and drills. Lots of moving from station to station and even getting some instruction on the ice from coaches.

But today…well, the end of practice was anything but typical. We saw a few of the college players milling around in their Under Armor and that’s not a really common sight, but we’re at a college rink, with two VERY good teams (both men AND women!) and it’s to be expected. What wasn’t expected was what followed….

First the coach of the Men’s team came skating onto the ice-warm ups, whistle, stick and gloves…and began playing freeze tag with the kids. Then, a few of the players came out and began joining in the games and when the usual cross ice games began, the players joined in.

As the next few minutes wore on, more and more players came onto the ice, including the goalies. The fact that they were using mini-nets produced my favorite photo of all time. It’s a bit dark, but I call it “Big goalie in a little net.” (Sing it to the tune of the Chris Farley “Fat Man in a little coat” song.)
Big goalie in a little net...

Then, Coach called them to gather up and paired off the college team with the kids. They not only got to shoot, but pass to a big guy.
Passing to a big college player!

Isaac decided he’d show off his “body stopping” skills…much to the giggle of the player he was working with.

Then, after a few minutes of one on ones, the coach called them to gather up again
everyone getting directions from Coach L.

and they did a all of the big guys passing (gently) to the little guys (and girls) and then the kids firing at the real goalies in the real nets! I know some pucks went in, but who knows which ones. All of the kids were celebrating with sticks in the air and laughing.

Then, after an extra 20 minutes, Coach Leaman gathered up all of the players, small and large and had the big guys give the kids a proper send off…

High fives from the ENTIRE Union Dutchmen team!

High fives from the entire team! For each kid! AND because they have their names on their helmets, they were congratulated by name. What a rush!

Thank you to the Dutchmen and Coach Leaman for a Dutch Treat that neither the kids or the parents are soon to forget!


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