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Happy New Year!

From all of us here in E. Nowhere, to all of you out there in Blogland….

I’ll be back from my bloggy break next week…


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Chalk this up to the Good Karma file

With a noreaster breathing down our necks here in E. Nowhere, Doug and Isaac were a bit concerned about getting out of the airport here to get to see the outlaws in Arizona.

Me, personally, well, if you’ve been hanging around long enough, you know how I feel. I would have loved to say “screw off” to them and keep the guys here. I don’t spend enough time with either of them, and it’s because of the hellacious work schedule I keep. Just because I have two days off, doesn’t mean they’re really mine. Seriously. But I digress.

Anyhoo, the guys were supposed to fly out of here and head to Baltimore and then go to Phoenix.

Now, first off, does anyone see the faulty logic here? Going east first to go west? Yeah. Seriously. Taking a longer flight and all of that and a roundabout route. Nice.
Now, the thing about where we live is that it’s a geographically protected area. We learn that early on in grade school. We’re protected by two very large mountain ranges that any sort of storm has to pass before it hits us. So, there are storms where the surrounding areas get dumped on and we get absolutely nothing. Hence, my attitude of “I’ll believe the pileup when I see it.”


BUT, Baltimore…well, that’s a whole other story. If this storm hits us, they’re going to get SLAMMED. Ya know, being coastal and all…


So, does anyone see the faulty logic here again? Midwest has already gotten this storm. It’s CLEAR there!!
So, why were the guys not routed through Chicago?

Yeah. No clue.

So, last night, instead of a “Merry Christmas” call, Colostomy calls here and wants to talk to Doug about the plane flight. Nothing about our day, nothing about how Isaac enjoyed his gifts…none of that. Just his usual selfish banter of “How are you going to get to us.”

Frankly, again, I don’t care.

BUT, put this in the good karma file.

Doug was talking about going through Chicago, and if they could get from here to Chicago, they could get to Phoenix no problem.

(see the wheels turning in my head?)

So, I logged onto the Southwest site and found that there not only was a flight on Monday (the day they’re leaving) to Chicago and connecting to Phoenix, but there were (ready?) STILL AVAILABLE SEATS on the flight!!

So, I grabbed the phone and dialed Southwest. I tossed my cell phone to Doug and made him call Colostomy to make sure he would pay for a flight change, because I’m totally not footing the bill for any sort of visit to them.

There I sat, on hold, for 43 minutes and 28 seconds (my phone has a timer..) and spoke to the nicest Southwest agent. She took the reservation numbers and listened patiently as I explained what I would love her to do, if possible.

I got put on hold.

I hate hold. But I understand.

She then returned with the news that I had gotten them on the flights to Midway and then on to Phoenix. No upgrade charge, no penalty, no fees. Just a straight flight change.

It even gets the two of them into Phoenix a bit earlier!

Oh, and the Southwest person told me that I was the nicest, most polite customer she had dealt with that day…how can you not be nice on Christmas!? But I digress.


Do you even think I got a “thank you” out of those fools?


This is so going in my “good karma” file.

or as my old principal used to say-I’m doing this for the souls in purgatory.

because there’s no other reason to do this.

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Christmas Presents and the 6 year old ADHD response

My darling sister can’t make it into town for Christmas. Her husband’s mom is flying in from London, so she’s stuck at home. She mailed her gifts to us so that they would arrive on time to open for Christmas.

Here’s the thing. Isaac got to the mail before we did. The package containing his gift, addressed to him, was sitting on our porch when he ran up the stairs after coming off of the bus.

He grabbed the bag and we immediately took the insides out of it…and put it under the tree. We have talked about not touching presents…but what can you do?

So, over two days, I was constantly being “Candace” from Phineas and Ferb. I was busting him over and over and over again.  He would jump a few feet and wander away.

I figured we weren’t safe, so I had asked my darling other half to take the  present from my darling sister and hide it upstairs for a few days as soon as we got up in the morning.

Note the key word here. In the morning. It was 10:30 pm and we were both tired and I had been dealing with yet another server crash at work.  I couldn’t think and that’s why I asked the other half.

I climbed the stairs to bed, delusionally confident that the present would survive the night.

5:30 am.

Isaac is in the loft by my bedroom crashing around.

I say “what are you doing?!”

He says “playing hockey.”

Now, that’s not an uncommon response in my house. He does play Mini-Mite hockey.  He does have a floor hockey set that my sister gave him last year.  He wants to be a goalie. But his hockey aspirations have been talked about here ad nauseam, so I won’t go back into those.

It was the next thing that killed me.

He came flying into my dark bedroom yelling the following:


Now, picture this-the sun has yet to rise. Shrimper is in his glow in the dark footie spaceship pajamas. He has a Reebok Ryan Miller Jersey on over said pajamas. He is playing floor hockey.

I asked-

“you’re kidding, aren’t you? You opened that present?’

His response:

“Yep! But I didn’t open YOUR present from Aunt M.”

Yeah. I gave up at that point, because I had nothing. No response to that one.

Isaac trotted off happily to play more floor hockey with the wall before having to get ready for school.

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Come on, Time Magazine!

This year has had no shortage of big personalities that would have been awesome for their annual Person of the Year. The list included people like the  Chilean Miners , Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart as well as Julian Assange.

I’m sorry. I can’t get behind time’s choice this year.

Mark Zuckerberg?


The founder of Facebook?


In another year, a less politically charged and calmer world event year, this choice may have been a good one. This year, however, it wasn’t.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. Seriously. He’s got the business acumen of a person twice his years and can program the snot out of things, but the network (that I admittedly use) is not worthy of making him Person of the Year.

His network is riddled with privacy concerns. Data mining and stalkers.  He does little to stop it or hire people that will make his network safer. The network changes constantly and the concern for privacy among its users deteriorates with every single upgrade.

There’s no safeguards for Facebook’s youngest members, and the ages of people using the service get younger and younger by the day. There are 3rd graders with Facebook pages, and even though this is a violation of the Terms of Service, no one seems to bother enforcing it.

There’s no real reason given as to why Time chose Zuckerberg. It doesn’t make sense to me. All Zuckerberg has done is  create an online environment where anyone can say anything and companies can mine for personal information. All of this adds up to making the world a less secure and private place than it ever was.


I can’t get behind this. COME ON TIME! Give me a break! Pick someone that actually has done something. Assange has made us look at network security and what transparency is versus what should he held in confidence. The miners made us realize how strong a human can be. Stewart and Colbert have turned the political world on its ear and the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a perfect example of that. They have mobilized the young voter base that was alienated once again after the last set of elections.

So, COME ON TIME! Get with the program and find someone more worthy than Zuckerberg!

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I’m a Katie

Last month, a post on a Chicago blog went viral-a first grader was bullied for her love of Star Wars-more specifically, bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school. She was told that girls can’t like Star Wars.  It was only for boys.

As I read on and on and on in the article, I saw myself in Katie.

Star Wars lover, glasses (with an eye patch for a while there..) and adopted. Different in every way possible from all of my classmates.

I was tormented.

For my hair, for my Star Wars, for looking nothing like my family.

It was not my most favorite time in my life. For many, many reasons.

But, unlike Katie, I didn’t have a network of cool women who were also geeks, Star Wars lovers to tell me that it’s just fine to be a geek.  To embrace my frizzy bucket of hair, my dark coloring and my insane knowledge of Star Wars and Star Trek.

I’m still a Katie.

I covered my office door in Star Wars Snowflakes. My students were a combination of amazed, amused and enthralled that I had Boba Fett and Clone troopers all over my door (as well as Chewbacca, and TIE fighters…) .

I have a gangrene plush microbe on my desk.

I’ve got a zombie wearing a traffic cone on its head on top of my computer.

I wear my glasses proudly.

I”m a geek girl. I love it.


for all of the Katies out there that want to fit in so desperately, I hear you. We all hear you.

Embrace the geek. Wear your Jedi proudly.

I think Isaac said it best last year as we were shopping for favors for his birthday party.

He had selected Star Wars kites for his friends. I told him that the girls may not want Star Wars. He said the following:

“Mommy, girls love Star Wars. Ahsoka’s a girl. She’s a Jedi. She carries a light saber. She’s friends with Anakin and Obi Wan. Girls love Star Wars. You love Star Wars.”


We should all be the kind of Padewan Learner that he is.

Wait. He’s a Youngling.

There we go. Me embracing my geek.


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