I’m a Katie

December 12, 2010 at 6:16 pm Leave a comment

Last month, a post on a Chicago blog went viral-a first grader was bullied for her love of Star Wars-more specifically, bringing a Star Wars water bottle to school. She was told that girls can’t like Star Wars.  It was only for boys.

As I read on and on and on in the article, I saw myself in Katie.

Star Wars lover, glasses (with an eye patch for a while there..) and adopted. Different in every way possible from all of my classmates.

I was tormented.

For my hair, for my Star Wars, for looking nothing like my family.

It was not my most favorite time in my life. For many, many reasons.

But, unlike Katie, I didn’t have a network of cool women who were also geeks, Star Wars lovers to tell me that it’s just fine to be a geek.  To embrace my frizzy bucket of hair, my dark coloring and my insane knowledge of Star Wars and Star Trek.

I’m still a Katie.

I covered my office door in Star Wars Snowflakes. My students were a combination of amazed, amused and enthralled that I had Boba Fett and Clone troopers all over my door (as well as Chewbacca, and TIE fighters…) .

I have a gangrene plush microbe on my desk.

I’ve got a zombie wearing a traffic cone on its head on top of my computer.

I wear my glasses proudly.

I”m a geek girl. I love it.


for all of the Katies out there that want to fit in so desperately, I hear you. We all hear you.

Embrace the geek. Wear your Jedi proudly.

I think Isaac said it best last year as we were shopping for favors for his birthday party.

He had selected Star Wars kites for his friends. I told him that the girls may not want Star Wars. He said the following:

“Mommy, girls love Star Wars. Ahsoka’s a girl. She’s a Jedi. She carries a light saber. She’s friends with Anakin and Obi Wan. Girls love Star Wars. You love Star Wars.”


We should all be the kind of Padewan Learner that he is.

Wait. He’s a Youngling.

There we go. Me embracing my geek.



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