Come on, Time Magazine!

December 18, 2010 at 8:22 am Leave a comment

This year has had no shortage of big personalities that would have been awesome for their annual Person of the Year. The list included people like the  Chilean Miners , Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart as well as Julian Assange.

I’m sorry. I can’t get behind time’s choice this year.

Mark Zuckerberg?


The founder of Facebook?


In another year, a less politically charged and calmer world event year, this choice may have been a good one. This year, however, it wasn’t.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. Seriously. He’s got the business acumen of a person twice his years and can program the snot out of things, but the network (that I admittedly use) is not worthy of making him Person of the Year.

His network is riddled with privacy concerns. Data mining and stalkers.  He does little to stop it or hire people that will make his network safer. The network changes constantly and the concern for privacy among its users deteriorates with every single upgrade.

There’s no safeguards for Facebook’s youngest members, and the ages of people using the service get younger and younger by the day. There are 3rd graders with Facebook pages, and even though this is a violation of the Terms of Service, no one seems to bother enforcing it.

There’s no real reason given as to why Time chose Zuckerberg. It doesn’t make sense to me. All Zuckerberg has done is  create an online environment where anyone can say anything and companies can mine for personal information. All of this adds up to making the world a less secure and private place than it ever was.


I can’t get behind this. COME ON TIME! Give me a break! Pick someone that actually has done something. Assange has made us look at network security and what transparency is versus what should he held in confidence. The miners made us realize how strong a human can be. Stewart and Colbert have turned the political world on its ear and the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a perfect example of that. They have mobilized the young voter base that was alienated once again after the last set of elections.

So, COME ON TIME! Get with the program and find someone more worthy than Zuckerberg!


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