Dive! Dive! Dive!

January 12, 2011 at 11:36 am Leave a comment

No, we’re not submarine voyaging here…we’re playing HOCKEY!

Coming off the holiday means going back to Mini Mite hockey-2 days a week.

Saturdays are still spent with Coach Randall and his skating lessons and his chants that the kids repeat-“I’M A GREAT HOCKEY PLAYER!!”

Sundays, wellll, those are the days where all the hilarious stories come out of. The Sunday experience is drills, games and general organized mayhem.

Kids are shuttled from station to station in 5 minute increments and then play a scrimmage game at the end on the days where they do drills.

One of the most popular stations is the dive drill. There are several variations on this drill, but all involve the kids throwing themselves onto the ice at a relatively high rate of speed.  The coaches usually run this drill in at least ONE of the stations, sometimes two.

Last week, the dive drill had two variations-the Glove and the SUBMARINE!!

First variation-The Glove.

Kids drop their sticks, skate around, chase style, skating away from the coaches who are throwing their gloves at them. If a kid gets hit with a glove, they have to dive and slide.  I got some shots off, but I was in a really bad position, so they all stink. I’m not even going to try and post them. Just know that it involves adults throwing gloves at kids and the kids laughing as they dive onto the ice.

Then, there was SUBMARINE!

This drill involves the kids skating down the ice at a high rate of speed with their sticks, and when the coach yells “SUBMARINE!” the kids need to throw themselves on the ice and slide on their bellies. This induces laughter and giggles and “AGAIN!” from the kids. This drill is never a struggle for any of the coaches to do.

So, thankfully, one of the other parents had her AWESOME camera with her on Sunday.  She started snapping picture, upon picture upon picture.

Note the smile under the face cage as he’s about to throw himself down onto the ice. Note the small boy in the front already on his tummy.

I think all of the kids, especially Isaac, live for the dive station. Between that and the jump station it makes their week.


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