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Routine, routine, routine

Thank the good heavens above spring break is over! I need to get back into the groove of things. With the way my schedule works and working for a Catholic school, I had today off. This amounted into (with having Good Friday off as well) a 10 day vacation.

Not that I didn’t need it…but now, I’m starting to get itchy and bored and (believe it or not) wanting to get back into my small space and get things done. There’s so much to be done from now until the end of the school year, not just for me, but for Isaac as well, but that’s normal. Thank goodness some of it can be accomplished from my couch. With a laptop.

This year’s IEP came and went.

It sucked as it always does.

It’s the same routine every year. I get the draft, I hate things, I kick them back, I get questioned as to WHY I’m not just blindly accepting the goals (some of which are just of the you’ve got to be kidding me variety-remember the coloring goal of last year? Yeah…a similar one resurfaced.) and then me asking the core team why the itinerant staff is using the ADHD as an excuse.

This time, I was so fed up, I circumvented the usual routine of asking our poor, sainted resource teacher and went straight for the top. Ok, so, I skipped a step. I think it’s warranted at this point. Second year, same questions, same non answers. Let’s see what the head hancho at the district has to say about this.

But I digress.

Then, there’s the routines that I so would rather not see return. Oh, like the one where as soon as the PE tubes in Isaac’s ears start to fall out, we get back into the routine of ear infections. We had our first one in 2 years (that was when the last set of tubes were placed) and it wasn’t pretty. It just sucked. BUT, we did have a good break in the routine. We didn’t have to play sick-kid detective to figure out that his ear was bugging him. He actually told us for once! Holy gazungas!

He registered some pain.


Even the team at school was flabbergasted.

So, we’re back trotting off to the ENT and seeing what can be done about all of this again.

Some routines I’d skip if I could.



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Happy 7th Birthday, Monkey!

My Dear Monkey,

Here we are again. April 19th. You’ve been reminding us for a good week that this was coming. Your Birthday.

I can’t believe that 7 years have passed since you decided to show up on your own terms.  Late at night and with a flair for the dramatic. It figures.

But I wouldn’t have you any other way.

This year, you have let us know in no uncertain terms that hockey is what you live and breathe.

From visiting with Devil Dawg (man, I miss Rowdy…)

to playing in your first jamboree

This has been the year of the hockey rink.

I must tell you that getting up early on Saturday and Sunday were not my most favorite moments of this year, but you know what?? It was fun. And seeing you play and improve and get better every single practice was the best thing that I’ve seen. Even the coaches noticed.

First grade has been a challenge, but you’ve done amazingly well.

Daddy and I have been so excited to join you for projects and as classroom helpers.

We’ve seen you grow and laugh and change into a Jedi loving, Superhero Squad playing, plan making, silly scheming hilarious kid.

I know I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. I am so excited about all of the new things yet to come, and know you’ll handle them with your usual excitement and love of life.

I love you.

Happy Birthday, my Small Monkey.


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Why I hate Hobby Lobby (Not really)

Isaac’s birthday is coming up in a few days. Since we’re on spring break here (yay!) when his birthday falls, we decided to send in his treats and things Friday.

I figured a pan of brownies, a bunch of cupcakes…


My child requested CAKE BALLS. Dipped in “superhero colors and with superhero sprinkles!”

Do they even MAKE superhero sprinkles? Seriously?!

So, I ended up having poor Doug bake the cake while I went to the IEP meeting (another post. trust me.) and had a small punch biopsy (just a precaution. No biggie. 2 stitches. Nothing to it).

While it was cooling to the perfection of room temperature, Isaac arrived home. I asked him if he would like to join me on my errands, and he of course, was thrilled to do just that.

So, instead of making the Michael’s run, I decided to head over to the newest craft store in town now that all of the hubub of it opening has died off a bit-Hobby Lobby. I’d heard of the chain, but never had an opportunity to go into one.

I was first floored by the fact that they were closed on Sunday for “worship and family time.” It was interesting to see the whole Worship thing being tossed out there. It seems that in this society, saying something akin to organized religion is a surefire way to get you lambasted and your store boycotted. It’s insanely refreshing to see that they just don’t care. Seriously.

Then, Isaac and I encountered the hugeness of this store and the sheer epic magnitude of everything. I had to get directions to find the candy making supplies to get the chocolate!

Since we decided to browse, Isaac and I ended up doing a full circle. It was then we ran into it.

No, not yarn.


My other craft nemesis.

So, my darling child makes a beeline and says:

“Mommy! Look! Fabric!”

Yes. I saw that.

So, begrudgingly, I aquiesced to making the small boy yet another blankie. He doesn’t need it. Seriously. Linus doesn’t need yet another blankie, but the fabric! The low cost! The nice stuff!

Yeah, I had a shiny attack.

So, I allowed him to pick out what will be the loudest, most obnoxious blanket in all of the stuff in this house. It’s really, really loud.

One side-Spider Man.
One side-planets and stars and galaxies.
Binding-blue swirly fabric.

This is one loud, loud blankie. I’m not shocked coming out of the shrimp.

I was pleased to discover that they didn’t just have a few things here and there and try to be everything to everyone. There were some really high quality items there, at awesome prices.

This was a horrible thing to find. Hardcore.

So, I will be back to Hobby Lobby. I just won’t take Shrimper with me until the “turn off your blankie” blanket is done. I can’t take another fabric run just so soon.

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Hockey games, disgustingness and the trade proposal of 2011.

Saturday night was my annual birthday soiree at the hockey game. I leave the guys at home and I go and hang with the girls who some days, I wonder if they’re a bit groupie. But I do it once a year, and its really just as fun as it is every year.

So, I went downtown and met up with Puddle at the local eatery. We had dinner, and chatted about the evening’s matchup. This is last year’s beloved team versus our current team. Who do you root for in this case? Do I root for the team who put me on the path to hockey mom status or do I root for our current team?

Oh, heck. I’m just going to not care who wins.

Especially when our team puts in the goalie who has been a serious sieve, even when they called up the rock solid one from Trenton. ARE YOU LISTENING? STOP PLAYING THE GOALIE WHO ALLOWED A CRAPLOAD OF GOALS! PLAY THE BRICK WALL!!!! I DON’T CARE IF WE’RE OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS! STOP SLACKING!!!

ok, rant to the management over.

So, I got my ticket and sat over with Puddle. We went to our usual spot for warm ups, and when we came back, our seats were taken over by a family, or at worst friends who had taken our jackets, bobbleheads (you know-the one of the traded player-LOL!) and dumped them on the arena floor. Not an auspicious start. Seriously.

Now, did we have the tickets to prove those were our seats? Dang straight we did! BUT, since there was a whole row empty, we figured we’d play nice and just bump up a row. Meh. We had a better view anyhoo.

AND we could hear the penalties and things. Turns out that was quite the evening for penalties, as at one point I even tweeted that I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

But I digress.

So, as the game went on, the crew in front of us made me glad I didn’t have Isaac with me. It was a display of how NOT to behave at a game. The kids of the group were shredding styrofoam from the bobbleheads and throwing it around-I was covered in small beads until I said something. I was polite, but I did state that I didn’t care for being covered in styrofoam. Then, there was the nacho fight-huge thing of nachos. Throwing at each other. Parents saying nothing.

They even allowed the kids to run around up to the glass and shout rude things at the players from the Albany team.

No, this is not RPI or Union. Yelling “You suck” at every turn isn’t really the thing to do.

Then, during the third period, the be all and end all of disgusting happened.

The older of the two boys had a large soda. He decided it would be a good idea to whip the straw out with his teeth, throw it on the arena floor and then spit an entire mouthful of soda on the floor as well.

Yes. Straw and mouthful of Sprite on the floor. Add that to the shredded foam and the torn up 50/50 tickets and the remnants of the nacho fight and oh, EWWWWWWW.

I was never, ever so happy to see a group leave. Ever.

So, after the game, I went with Puddle and crew out to the back to wait for the players to come out and chat with our old team.

The player that started Isaac playing hockey didn’t make the trip up from Charlotte because of a concussion (see? Goalies get head injuries too! Head injuries equal ick!), so we didn’t have an opportunity to see him.

However, there were some of our favorites who came out and spent a lot of time with the group of us. As we got to talking, one of the guys said how much he missed it here.

I don’t quite understand that, as I spent most of my years trying to run from this area, but I can respect it.

So, at that point, A, who is most times, Puddle’s sidekick, came up with a trade proposal. 3 of ours for him.

It would be a good trade. Bring some life back to this team that sorely needs a good shot in the arm instead of call ups to the big guns in Jersey.

Well, the offseason is coming. A lot quicker than we thought this year, and there is a lot of time for trades. Can we at least get some D here in Albany?

but again, I digress.

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