Sears Auto Can Bite Me.

May 31, 2011 at 5:10 pm 1 comment

Over the past month, my Adventuremobile needed a few fixes. AND, it figures, both fixes needed to happen on the weekend.  I had to take my Adventuremobile to the only open repair shop, because this wasn’t a fix that could wait. Especially the first one.

That repair shop?


The first time I went there, I called ahead to see if they did the work that I thought was going to be required. I had a nice gentleman pick up and assure me that they did the work that we thought my Adventuremobile required.

Well, upon having Doug open the hood, he noticed that the serpentine belt was completely shot. It as a miracle we had made it home from the hockey game the night before. There was no belt to be had, and the car was running directly off of battery-no alternator to drive said battery.  I made Doug promise I’d make it from home to the repair shop to get the belt put on my car. We turned off the radio, any sort of fans or things that would drain the battery.

The car electric cut out about 4 miles from the repair shop. I prayed and coasted my car the final 4 miles to the shop. Navigating through some of the worst traffic areas that the Capital Region of NY has to offer. I pulled into the Sears parking lot, shaking from head to foot, ready to cry, because I had made it without getting hit or causing some sort of a pileup with my car.

I went in and explained to the gruff guy (who was NOT the one I spoke to on the phone) who began to treat me like I was stupid (and his name is Larry. Yes, I’ll call him out. You’ll understand why later.), and then demand that I drive the car around the other side of the building to get it fixed. STILL SHAKING, I explained to him that I could not drive the car to the other side of the building. His response?

ready for this one?

“if you can’t drove it over, We can’t fix it.”

Yeah. Seriously.

I was not impressed already at this point.

So, I told him he would have to push the car in, as there was no electric in the car as the drive belt had gone.

He then proceeded to argue with me about the type of belt.

So, finally, Larry stopped aruging with me when I demanded to speak with his manager and got a tech to help push my poor Adventuremobile in.

Larry continued to be rude to me from the word go. He even called me the dreaded “Honey,” which drives me crazy.

(I had this conversation with Mom earlier-She didn’t think it was a big deal. Being called “honey,” or “sweetie” by someone who is not related to me by blood or marriage is not a way to endear yourself to me. I chalk it up to generation gap. But that’s another post.)

So, the car got fixed. I figured Larry was having a bad day and he was just a jerk because he was having a bad day. All of the other employees were nice, so meh.

I’m all for second chances. I’ve had enough of them given to me in my life for me to give someone else a second chance.

So, when Doug and I decided that my Adventuremobile’s AC needed more repairs than we could do on our own, we took it to Sears auto, thinking that this would be a positive experience.

(please stop laughing now. Again, remember I was going with benefit of the doubt.)

I got there and was immediately met by…guess who…


And he was in Jerk mode from the word go. He was as rude as the day was long as I questioned his assessment of what needed to be done with my car. He even called me the dreaded “sweetie” again. Yeah. He did have a death wish.

I got so sick of dealing with him, I asked to speak to someone else. It was then that Paul (and I’m calling him out for another reason. Trust me.) intervened.

Larry tried to jump in and argue with me again,a nd when I stated calmly that I was talking to Paul, he threw the paperwork at me and Paul and stormed off.

Now, my car needed a part ordered. That’s the truth. I’m not cheesed about that. It happens.

But when you are told 3-5 days to get the part and on day 7 you call to see where the heck your part is, the following should not happen:

LARRY – “Sweetie, 3-5 days are business days.”

Me- “Yes, I know. This has been business days.”

Larry- “Umm..what’s the last name?”

Me- (I gave him my last name)

Larry- (yelling at someone in the shop) HEY! Where’s the ticket! I can’t find this ticket! She’s paid for the part, but where’s the ticket! (then coming back to me) “Umm, what’s the phone number that it would be under?”

Me- (astonished) “You’ve got to be kidding me-you can’t find my ticket or my part?!”

Larry- “DON’T YELL AT ME!!”

Me- “I’m not yelling at you. I’d just like to know where the stuff is! I’m giving you the information you’ve requested…”

then, the phone went to hold music…and 5 minutes later, Paul picked up.


I explained everything to him again, and he said he was sending someone to get the part.

I also explained to Paul about how I never wanted to deal with Larry again, and how he was extremely nasty to me every time I dealt with him.

So, that was 9 am.


at 11:30, I had heard nothing. So, I had Doug call, because at this point, I wasn’t going to risk getting Larry or even Paul, because if there was no part, there would have been some serious screaming going on.

Doug was put on hold by Larry for (not kidding) 20 minutes and then hung up on.


I grabbed the phone and called.


Larry (and his infinite jerkness) picked up the phone.  I immediately asked for Paul and was told again that the part was en route. I told him I’d be there after lunch.


I got to Sears after I had lunch and watched a few things on the DVR.

When I got there, I was intercepted by Paul.

The part was NOT there, and it wouldn’t be there until Monday.


Because the dipsticks got the wrong line. I guess my car needed a bottom line and they got handed a TOP line.

I about lost it. I almost lost my snot because by this point, I had called several times, dealt with Larry and then this?


Yeah, no.

At this point, I think the word “Unacceptable” came out of my mouth at least 7-8 times in a 5 minute conversation.

They placed blame on the parts place which I called right in front of them, and my part magically appeared!


Paul is a gem,  and fixed everything to the best of his ability, but I don’t think I’ll ever deal with Sears auto again.  It’s just too much to ask when there’s someone who is condescending to women, treats people like trash when they disagree or even express shock and outrage.

So, Sears auto, except for Paul and the one guy who is really sweet and awesome, but I never got his name…BITE ME.


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  • 1. J  |  May 31, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    This sounds like Colonie, the Sears off Wolf Road….I can only imagine the traffic you were coasting through!


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