A wet, wild day at the fun park

July 3, 2011 at 9:47 pm Leave a comment

For eons, my family would spend at least one of our summer days at the fun park, no matter where we were. If we were in Maine, we’d find a place there. In California, it would be Disneyland, Knotts, or Magic Mountain.

This time around, we ended up at our local theme park, Six Flags Great Escape. This is a park that we used to go to years ago, when it was Storytown, then it was renamed to Great Escape. The park has changed significantly, but we figured with the deal we got today, it was worth trying with Isaac.

Truth be told, with Isaac’s ADHD and other issues, I hadn’t even thought to take him to a theme park because I never would have thought that he could handle it. Frankly, I was scared on my way out there.

One of my friends who also has a special needs kiddo let me in on the SNAP pass, the thing that is almost like a Disneyland SAP pass for guests with disabilities. Since Isaac gets overstimulated, waiting is a severe challenge and all of that good stuff that comes with severe ADHD, I grabbed one, stuck it in my backpack and hoped to heavens above I wouldn’t need it.

Did I mention it was raining in spurts, fits and downpours?

So, we marched into the park, ponchos (courtesy of mom..) and an umbrella (courtesy of me) and headed toward the roller coaster to start the day.

For you all to understand why we headed toward a roller coaster (with kiddie rides around it for Isaac), I need to tell this story:

When M and I were growing up, we took frequent trips to this fun park, and as we got older, we would head onto the newly built roller coasters. Dad would often join us and sit with one of us.  Usually at a critical point in the ride, Dad would scream:


and then make a puking sound.

(insert screaming people either in front or in back of us and us dying of laughter.)

So, while Isaac and Mom and Doug (he doesn’t do roller coasters since the HUGE surgery) went over to the train and the old time cars, Dad and I ran over to the Boomerang.  Dad decided he wanted to start the day right with a thrill ride.

(I had pictures, but the cell phone photos, which kinda suck, didn’t want to work here. OY!)

So, Dad and I rode the Boomerang for the first time in I don’t know how many years.

It was fun. It was hilarious.

Dad held his puke comment until later in the day.


Since it was wet and grey, it was nice to not have to use the SNAP pass for the Shrimper. He didn’t have to do a lot of waiting, but was insanely overstimulated by the entire day. It was a good thing that the first time was a rainy day!

It makes me think about how to make the day go easier the next time we do this.

Yes, there will be a next time.  Isaac had an absolute blast of a time. He ran from ride to ride loving every second of it.

He rode his first roller coaster-this bodes well for us later on down the road, because this means he’ll be in line with me and Dad for the big gun coasters in a year or two.

He was able to get on all sorts of rides and laugh and smile and generally be a goof. AND he got his picture taken with Scooby Doo.

How do you beat that?


So, it was a wet, wild day at the fun park. We ALMOST got Mom on a ride, but that’ll happen next time we go.

I’ll have photos to prove it!




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