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No, I don’t find this funny. Seriously.

This evening, I was reading my regular twitter and FB stream and came across this article that was posted by a few friends and others.

Some are just Disney fans, others, like me, are current and former Cast Members (CMs).

The fans? They find it funny. It’s a cute anecdote to them as well as a cautionary tale.

For the CM crew (including me), we are less amused. We are more annoyed by this article. Especially those (like me), who work(ed) at Disneyland and know the “routes” (what the Fantasyland rides are called) and what it takes to cycle them up and down.

When guests lose something on a ride that flies off, or a child drops accidentally and must have back NOW-like happened to me while I was working once with a 5 year old’s favorite pair of ears-we’re totally ok with getting it, even when it means cycling down the ride and bringing it back up again. Most people understand.

But when an adult does something like tweet photos from inside dark rides (which are notorious for sharp turns and blind corners-especially the older ones) and lose their phone, and we have to retrieve it, we are less amused. We will cheerfully do it for you, because that’s the Disney way. It’s how we are as a batch of CMs. That’s why we were hired in.


What we dislike about this whole situation is that we have to deal with the aftermath. The cycling up, down and sideways and the ticked off people that the ride is down. Some rides take longer to cycle through than others. Some guests are, shall we say, less understanding than others.

One cell phone or other item can make for a good hour of downtime on some rides. Sometimes, we can’t stop the ride, and we have to listen to the stressed out complaints of the person who lost the item in the first place.

To us, you just made our day harder, not funnier.

And for those of you who say things like “that lap bar kept me from grabbing my stuff,” please remember-you are most likely the one who would get your foot caught or something like that and go after the park for an unsafe ride. That requires the ride going down for a longer period of time with an OSHA investigation and the like.

So, no. That’s not funny to me. It’s just plain annoying.

Moral of this story? Be smart with your stuff.


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Do the right thing, and no, it’s not the movie.

Let me start this off with yes, I do watch other things besides hockey. Frankly, from the time hockey ends, there’s that awful thing called Baseball, which I’m thrust into by the love of the Yankees and Cubs by my hubby and family. Sometimes, I don’t get it. Other days, I get it.

Like the other day.

Yes, everyone knows. Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th hit. It was a homer. It was amazing. He is now part of this exclusive club that few players get inducted into.

But that’s not what I’m all in a lather about. Honestly.

It is the way the court of public opinion has crucified the young man that caught the ball and didn’t ask for monetary compensation to return the ball to Jeter.

The young man wanted to do the right thing, and return it. Just to go and present it to Jeter was enough for him.

But not for the public.

They went gonzo, talking about how this kid gave up masses of money and the team can afford it.

But you see, this guy did the right thing. He just asked to present the ball to Jeter.  Derek Jeter worked for it, so he figured that he should have the ball.

Seems logical to me.


Think of it this way: You work hard all of your career, and whammo, your proof of everything you worked for goes into the crowd and then money is extorted from you and your organization for it? Yeah, no.


What kills me is that we’re telling our children and students and anyone around us to think before they act and to do the right thing.  We tell them to be “Godly” and in some circles to consider it a “mitzvot.”

Why then are we as a collective society decrying a guy who is embodying everything we constantly tell our children? Why are we slamming him for doing what is right, good and honest?

I don’t know. I don’t know why we do such things as a society.


For us here at Chez E. Nowhere, We made this a teachable moment. We talked to Isaac about how we do the right thing, and in this case, the right thing was to get that ball to its rightful owner.


That would be Derek Jeter.


So, to the young man who made that lesson in morals possible, Thank you. Thank you for doing the right thing and showing the world that there is more to being a good person than just saying it. Actions truly speak louder than words.

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I went to the movies and…

I sat in front of some of the most obnoxious people ever.


I have this track record at movie theaters of getting in front of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. I swear. I must have a “IDIOTS SIT HERE!!” sign over my head pointing either in front of or behind me at almost every movie I go to. I don’t know what it is.  My knack for sitting in front of the idiots dates back long before movies were extremely expensive to go to. Doug and I still joke about the one time that we went to a movie and we sat in front of this group of ADULTS and they yakked through the previews (not a problem) and then continued their yakking into the first 10 minutes of the movie, where the final straw was when the one woman blurted out, extremely loudly, “I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THOSE LAMPS!!!’

That was when I lost my snot. I turned around and let her have it.


so, this trend has never stopped.


Saturday, Doug and I went to the theater to see Super 8. I needed to have a bit of a day off from a lot of things that have been swirling around here. From work to summer plans for Isaac to my conference plans for the summer, it’s been a whirlwind of intense activity. I was already on low tolerance, and I figured that Super 8 in all of its retro-ness, would be a fairly easy going audience.

Therefore, I was not in any way worried about the two teens and their adult guardian plunking down behind me.

Yeah, I should have been.


Now, the teens were teens. I was expecting their adult guardian to keep them in line. Yeah. No such luck. She was just as bad as the two of them. She spent time having conversations with both boys and then when she was asked nicely by the gentleman sitting one seat over from me to please pipe down, she got nasty, but got quiet.

10 minutes later, she decided it was high time to hand out the snacks she had brought with her to the theater.

Now, I’m all for bringing your own snacks, because theater snacks are massively overpriced. BUT, please do so in a quiet, non intrusive manner! SERIOUSLY!!

What I heard behind me was the sound of a TRIPLE BAGGED load of snacks from Hannaford being unleashed on the two teens. The sound of crinkling plastic in my ear almost overshadowed one of the key moments of the film.

It was then I lost my snot on this woman. I whipped around in my chair (and since you couldn’t see my glare in the darkened theater) I said to her:


“I didn’t pay to hear crinkling plastic bags. Stop it now.”

She stopped dead in her tracks, and got all snotty and put the bags down. One of the teens had the nerve to start talking to her and I whipped around again and shushed them.

Not even 3 minutes later, the gentleman one seat down whips around and says, loudly to one of the teens,




So, after that, we didn’t hear a peep or a movement out of any of them. I think they were afraid that we’d get the theater personnel to kick them out.  One more thing, and I honestly would have gone and gotten someone.


See? My bright arrow shines down again. I hope it doesn’t do it the next time I’m at the movies.


But seriously-Super 8 -all I can say is  OH MY. Very well done, awesome film! Go see it!

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From the “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” Files

Isaac’s school is awesome. The teachers, the principal and the support staff are phenomenal, even with the issues that I have with the OT and PT staff. It’s why I signed on to be a room mom for Isaac this year-I figured that it wouldn’t be too bad, and my co-room mom, Amy is a joy to work with. She coordinates the parties, I do the rest-like gifts, sending out all of the emails, ect. It’s an awesome team.

Last week, the first grade team sent home an “end of year” picnic form, and I got to emailing the parents to bring things in. Normally, Amy would handle this, but hey-she’s in the middle of a move (and I can totally empathize) and has a million boxes all over God’s green Earth in her house and she can’t find her way out! So, I took over on this one. No biggie!

The items on the picnic list:


ice pops

juice boxes

ice and coolers

(and the usual clean up items-they’re heading to a park!!)

No biggie! I got most the items signed up for in one shot. I ❤ the parents in my room this year!!

I figured we were all smooth sailing until….

this email came flying through from the “School Spirit Committee”

Hello Homeroom Parents!
Thank you for all that you have done to support our school this year.  On Monday, 6/20, in our A-Z countdown, the students will receive an “x-tra special treat.”  As we have in the past, we are hoping to serve sliced watermelon to the entire school.
If you are unable to purchase, and/or deliver SLICED watermelon to the school on this date,  please feel free to “recruit”  another parent in your child’s classroom to do so.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and support of the Rosendale School’s A-Z countdown.  Have a great summer!
Excuse me?
Provide and deliver sliced watermelon? Recruit parents?
I began to SEETHE.
Here was my carefully controlled response:
That is the day the first graders are having their picnic with watermelon. I don’t know that the first grade is 1) going to want more watermelon and 2) we can ask parents to deliver a second, sliced watermelon. Do you have any alternatives to watermelon?
It took them 11 hours to get back to me with garbage.
Ice pops?
fruit snacks?
Really? That’s not a treat! They’re having ice pops in the morning!
And fruit snacks? No. Not happening.
So, why am I seething here?
First off, I don’t understand WHY we, as room parents are being required to provide something we had no hand in planning nor did we budget/bargain for at the beginning of the year.
Second, being asked to “recruit” parents (their words, not mine…see above!) at this time of the year is just not cool. All of us are tapped out. We’re done. We’ve given (especially this group who has done a baby gift for Mrs. J, and a SIGNIFICANT donation to the local food pantry in honor of Mrs. V (the TA)’s son who passed away unexpectedly during the school year.) generously to each of the causes that was tossed our way. I don’t see why a “school spirit” activity needs to be foisted back on the parents. I’m not comfortable with that.
I’ve emailed Mrs. M for her suggestions as well as sent an email back to the “committee”-it is 2 people-that’s hardly a committee-telling them exactly what I think of this whole thing, in a very controlled way. Considering one is a teacher I might end up with for Isaac in 3rd grade…I don’t want to be too mean here.
At this time of the year, when all of us are going insane in one way or another getting ready for summer, with under 2 weeks left in the year to ask for this, is just mind blowing.
School Spirit Committee- You’ve GOT to be kidding me here!

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It’s not a disability, and you are a moron.

Today, I was doing my usual troll of my favorite blogs-and I stopped as I always do at Consumerist. There were a few things that caught my eye-a guy railing at B of A, a guy who was foreclosing on a Wells Fargo office (awesome…), but one thing really stood out. It was so blatant that I had to delve deeper.

So, here’s the story. You can read it here, but I’ll give you the Cliff Notes.

Guy goes to one of those AWESOME all you can eat Sushi joints that are prevalent in SoCal.  Guy is diabetic. Guy starts peeling the fish off of the sushi and eating the fish and leaving the rice. Owner goes to guy and says that he needs to eat the rice as well, as that is part of the sushi. Guy says he can’t eat rice. Owner offers him solution by offering to charge him 3.00 less for 2 orders of sashimi. Guy declines.

THEN, here’s the best part…




Umm. Yeah. Right.

Let’s just break down how moronic this guy is in a few easy steps.

1) He was eating sashimi anyway. Just pay the guy. You’re getting a deal.

2a) Diabetes is NOT a disability. It is a medical condtion. You do have to take pains to control it, but come the heck on!

2b) There’s nothing in the “diabetic code” that says you can’t eat rice. Limit, yes. Not eat? Nope.  Even when you are (as this guy is) on oral meds, you can still eat rice.

3) He violated the rules. There was no  discrimination.

4) Just because you didn’t eat the rice doesn’t mean you are entitled to 4,000.00  for “humiliation and undue duress.” Seriously.

It’s no secret I’m a sushi fiend. I just cover my meal for the additional carbs in the rice. I don’t do a lot of rolls…I’d rather do the nigri sushi. Mmm. Yummy.

There is no way I’d even think of 1) leaving the rice. It helps make the meal. There’s so much flavor in ONE BITE of rice… and 2) demanding that the rules of an establishment don’t apply to me.

Diabetes isn’t a disability.

This guy? he’s a moron. Plain and simple.  I hope the judge laughs him out of court and the sushi joint gets triple the business that they have currently.

(disclosure: I know this place, I’ve eaten there. Yum. I’ve got no ties other than I saw the name of the place and said “yo! I know that place!!)

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Come on, Time Magazine!

This year has had no shortage of big personalities that would have been awesome for their annual Person of the Year. The list included people like the  Chilean Miners , Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart as well as Julian Assange.

I’m sorry. I can’t get behind time’s choice this year.

Mark Zuckerberg?


The founder of Facebook?


In another year, a less politically charged and calmer world event year, this choice may have been a good one. This year, however, it wasn’t.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius. Seriously. He’s got the business acumen of a person twice his years and can program the snot out of things, but the network (that I admittedly use) is not worthy of making him Person of the Year.

His network is riddled with privacy concerns. Data mining and stalkers.  He does little to stop it or hire people that will make his network safer. The network changes constantly and the concern for privacy among its users deteriorates with every single upgrade.

There’s no safeguards for Facebook’s youngest members, and the ages of people using the service get younger and younger by the day. There are 3rd graders with Facebook pages, and even though this is a violation of the Terms of Service, no one seems to bother enforcing it.

There’s no real reason given as to why Time chose Zuckerberg. It doesn’t make sense to me. All Zuckerberg has done is  create an online environment where anyone can say anything and companies can mine for personal information. All of this adds up to making the world a less secure and private place than it ever was.


I can’t get behind this. COME ON TIME! Give me a break! Pick someone that actually has done something. Assange has made us look at network security and what transparency is versus what should he held in confidence. The miners made us realize how strong a human can be. Stewart and Colbert have turned the political world on its ear and the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a perfect example of that. They have mobilized the young voter base that was alienated once again after the last set of elections.

So, COME ON TIME! Get with the program and find someone more worthy than Zuckerberg!

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Yeah, I’m going to the circus. So what?

For eons, the debate around circuses has been hot and heavy. It’s not about the human acts, it’s about the animals. Around here, it’s even gotten so bad that PETA is putting on “educational protests” at local elementary schools at dismissal, using an elephant costume with a bandaged, bloody head. It’s even gotten to the point where local politicians have drafted resolutions/bills/whathave you so that in essence, the circus can’t come to town. Yes, they say it targets rodeos too, but for cripe’s sake, this is about the circus.

I’m all for not abusing animals or being cruel to them. It kills me to see any animal being abused at all. Both of my cats are rescue animals, and our darling Jasmine (who also answers to Furball..) was the target of abuse. She was tossed in a plastic bag to starve and freeze in a drainage ditch in SoCal in early March. It gets flippin’ cold there at night!

But what I can’t get behind is the fact that PETA and other animal rights activists go undercover, tape things and then edit the videos to make for a sensationalist, provocative video that lights up the internet. They take the absolute one bad apple type things and make them into “all people are awful” type videos.

Am I (as one blogger put it) “Perpetuating corporate greed at the expense of the animals”? I don’t think so. I feel like I’m enriching my child’s life. We know that circus elephants are NOT the elephants from the wild. We also know and discuss the realities of elephants, tigers and other things.

What slays me in all of this is that people who willingly and loudly boycott circuses often willingly and quickly take their children to zoos. They call the zoos “wonderful examples of the species.”

well, wait. Isn’t a captive animal a captive animal? Can’t you consider captivity abuse? Or, wait…are we using zoos to repopulate the species that are endangered and take care of those less fortunate animals who have been the victims of REAL abuse-such as the elephants San Diego rescued from a herd that was about to be culled!

Oh,a nd WAIT! What about aquariums?!  Are the touch tanks violating the rights of the starfish, rays and sharks and skates that live in them? Even when the rays and skates come and splash you for attention because they LIKE BEING TOUCHED?

The selective nature of the animal rights activists bothers me. Either you advocate for all or nothing. Don’t pick and choose your animals. And oh, don’t make a law that limits my personal freedom and the ability to use my mental capacities and outside resources to make an informed choice.

So, tomorrow, I’ll be at the circus. I’ll be watching my child laugh, smile and I’ll be in full on mommy mode taking photos.

Got a problem with that? So what.

I’ll do what I choose and you do what you choose, and we won’t judge each other? Ok?

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