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Running out of room!

I know I haven’t talked about crafting for quite some time.  I had to take a break for a while, but now with a few gifts to be made and them being for special people and all, I figured it was high time to get back into gear. So, here’s the problem that has arisen again. The question of space for my junk. My yarn, fabric, needles and notions. Blah.

So here’s the deal:

When I took up knitting a few years ago, the largest challenge for me was to find storage for my growing arsenal of yarn, books, needles and notions.  Doug was sick of finding my yarn and sock needles all over my house.  The first storage option that came to both of our heads when we moved into our current place was to take one of the tv stands in our house and instead of put a TV on it, make it into yarn/sewing storage and things.  Sewing machine on top, yarn and things on the bottom and on the shelves. Books on the side where DVDs/Videos are supposed to go. It worked well…until…

a cat came along and trashed the door on it and got into my yarn stash. It was then that I got rubbermaid drawers and moved the stuff into my craft room.

Now, I’m up to running out of room. AGAIN.

So, here’s my question…what would you do to help out with supply storage space? I’ve already pared everything down, but I’m still running out of room for it all!



January 12, 2011 at 3:31 pm 1 comment

So, I went to Rhinebeck….

And brought my mom…

Laura! Can you please take a picture of me that's not me eating??

(sorry Mom-this is the only shot I have of you from Rhinebeck…at least there’s not food in your mouth…)

I bought some stuff from Blue Moon Fiber arts, and oogled the sock monkeys at their booth….

Sock Monkeys...and lots of Socks that Rock!

I got 2 skeins of Christmas Balls and a few fun patterns, including the Sock Monkey pattern. Doug wants me to make Ooh and Aah of Playhouse Disney fame. I think I can oblidge.

and then I enabled Kim…

Seriously..Do I really need 2 skeins?

There she is, holding 2 skeins of Socks that Rock Dreidl. Chanukkah socks and handwarmers anyone??

Kinneared the Yarn Harlot

Signing her wonderful Canadian-ness to lots of books


Ok, I used my zoom to Kinnear her. Does it still count?

Met some new friends…

she knitted Ravelry's mascot, BOB! How stinkin cool is that??


Met the wonderfulness that is Jess and Casey from Ravelry

We even took our pic with Jess and Casey! Such celebrities!

I even did something so me, and wore a silly hat for a few minutes.
It's a FROG HAT! How cool is that?
Naah, I didn’t buy it…I couldn’t think of anyplace to wear it! It’s just too nice to wear when shoveling snow in E. Nowhere.

I also picked up a spindle kit and some fiber so I could start to do a bit of spinning. Let’s see how many new words I invent while I’m learning how to do this…

then, I did something that I wish I had gotten pictures of…I met Ann and Kay from Mason-Dixon knitting and got their new book…and got it SIGNED!

Even Mom got some yarn and things for her less exciting yarn-y pursuits. She does straight knitting. None shall be in the round..none shall be on DPN’s. That’s just mom.

But she does make the best dang mittens this side of the Mississippi!

So, Rhinebeck is over for another year, and I’ve got enough projects to keep me busy.

It was a blast-fun, wonderful and it was great having Mom along.

Doug was trying to make fun of me and said “So, what, next year you’re coming home with a spinning wheel?”

I said ‘Yep. But just a small one.”

He hung his head. He knew he never should have asked that question.

October 30, 2008 at 7:53 am 3 comments

Meshugina. Totally Meshugina.

So, last night, we went to Wal Mart to get some groceries and things, and as always, we wandered into the fabric section (and Doug into the electronics section). Doug found some fabric he couldn’t live without for a pillowcase…and Isaac, well, he found some he couldn’t live without either. Does it go without saying that both of these fabrics were NASCAR? Isaac can spot Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson about 5 miles away.

So, I got a yard of each.

Isaac was so taken with his fabric that he decided he wanted to hold it in the car. Fine. No problem!
WELL, we got home,a nd he decided to take his fabric…unwashed, unsewn and all of that mess…to bed with him.

So, after a 4 am wake up call with “hi mommy! I’ve got Jeff Gordon!” I decided the kid needed a quilt.

Right now, I’m at the stage where I’m pulling my hair out…because I want this sucker done. I promse I’ll edit and take photos later…but right now, I’m back to working on this sucker…this is now a moral imperitive!!

March 8, 2008 at 7:55 pm 1 comment

Spoiled Rotten in a scavenger hunt!

The latest in my swap addiction (which is now limited to 3 swaps a year…and a few Random acts of kindness thrown in for good measure…) was the Knitter’s Scavenger Hunt swap!

My spoiler, Michelle is also the hostess of the hot cocoa swap! How neato-bandito!

So, she had me completely in the dark. Just absolutely completely in the dark…she sent me the most random questionnaire…in addition to the one I had posted here for the longest time.

and the pack came yesterday..

Before I get to the contents, let me explain a smidge-the swap was one where you were given categories and you had to find items to match. The pack was so WHOAH MAMA that I had to take pics in category groupings…as well as take the pictures when Monkey was asleep…because I wanted to get everything in the pictures!!!

so, without further they are!

The first category is Local


Michelle lives in PA, and found yarn that is spun locally that will make a terrific felted bag (note that cool pattern!), a visitor’s guide to a great area of PA (I’ve been there to see the Wilkes Barre-Scranton hockey team way back in the day!), and several things for Isaac from the Crayola Factory! Neato! He got some stuff that we’ve never seen before…and he tried to walk off with the second he saw them. Especially the “recolorz Cars” sheets!

The next category was Round

Round! A chocolate chip cookie tape measure!

The cookie? that’s a tape measure! She also sent soaps and shampoo from Disney! Woohoo! Mickey soaps! Mickey Shampoo!!

The next category… GREEN!!Green...frogs,

Neat green yarn…mmm, Froggie stitch markers! A froggie coin purse/holder for all things neato bandito! A recycled tink card! Ooh! Tink! Makes me think of the nights I used to extend my shift into fireworks, and just watch Tink!

Next up is the T category!

T..for treats...and tattoos!

mmmm…treats….chocolate…reeses….mints…GUMMI SAVERS!!!!!! and a new treat…chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Must try…must try…

and a treat for the Monkey…Cars Tattoos! He didn’t spy those last night…so we’ll see what he does with them..especially the one of Guido and Luigi (otherwise known in our house as “pit stop and tires”)

Next category…Hard

oooh...all so hard! Super hard!

The first hard thing was a Pattern for socks! I’d been peeking at these socks, and was kind of like…hrm…do I? Don’t I? Well, Michelle answered that for me. She picked a complicated pattern that didn’t seem TOO terrible, but that would still be a challenge. And this WILL Be a challenge! But, it’s so neato looking…it’s got kitty whiskers all over it! That may be my next sock…

she also sent a Dumbo tin with the two memo pads in it…as well as needle point protectors that she made herself! They’re SOCKS!!! COOL BEANS!!!

Next up is Funny

Book! Funny! Reading time!!

This book looks absolutely hilarious. You can’t see the tag line…which is “things yhou’d only ask a doctor after your 3rd martini” I so need this giggle! Woohoo!!

And the final category was Spoiler’s Choice…and after the many emails, Michelle chose…



So, the items here are all of our love for random…

Spongebob mac and cheese (Isaac loves this stuff..) a kitty magnet for my fridge, a box of funfetti cake mix to make with the boy (he also loves this stuff!!), mitten shaped playing cards and the most random thing of all…


Yes, you read that right. Knitted Broccoli! This thing is the most random thing I’ve seen in a long time…and it’s hilarious…and wonderful all at the same time.

I showed it to Maeve last night and she was all weirded out. She said between the blade of grass and this, knitted vegitation was weirding her out.

Hey. I like it. It’s so random, it’s fun!

But I really need to say a HUGE thank you to Michelle! This pack was amazing and really made my day!

March 4, 2008 at 4:30 pm 8 comments

“So, is this the package you’ve been waiting for?”

So, yesterday, I was stalking the mailman as per usual. The mailman has come to laugh at my stalking, because he only knows I stalk him when I have things arriving…like my pack from Belarus!

Yes, I said Belarus.

My Hot Cocoa-beat the winter Blahs swap buddy lives in Minsk, Belarus, working for the Embassy! WOW!

Jen sent the neatest pack…

Neato pack from Belarus!!!

I had issues taking photos of this, because Darling Monkey Child had delusions of taking things from the pack before I took a pic.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in Champlaign Sunset-because it matched my personality…WILD! I can’t wait to play with it!!

The mug-now this is cool…comes with a spoon…the handle is slotted so that you can put the spoon IN the handle and not lose it. Isaac thinks that this is the neatest thing, and is trying to USE the spoon. The big line when it comes to the mug is “GET AWAY FROM MY MUG, MONKEY!!”

In the baggie all the way to the right (which didn’t get in the photo too well because of the Monkey…) is some soak and some Euclan wool wash. Mmmmmm…..Niiiiicccceeee!

In the heart bag is the biggest thing Isaac tried to steal…Chocolate covered spoons with MARSHMELLOWS!! Mmmmm. yummmmyyy! He kept saying “Look! There are marshmellows!!” I had to keep telling him to keep his cotton pickin hands off of my pack! Maybe I’ll share later, but geez louise!

Check out that round box…I can’t get a photograph to do it justice-it’s a hand carved box from Belarus. WAAAAY cool! Just absolutely amazing!

There’s juice blends from Ukraine…which I can’t wait to try…because Jen says they’re SUPER yummy, as well as a set of sock needles that look really neat to try. They are this odd kind of coated metal..and they really warm up nicely in your hands. I was playing with them last night…

And there’s the hot cocoa…mmmmmmmmmmmmm….can’t wait to try this…maybe tonight during Top Model…then, I’ll weigh in with a review…yum…

Then, there’s the 3 packs of fun, funky popcorn! Chocolate and carmel, barbecue and original! I’ve never, ever seen barbecue popcorn before! Looks like something fun to try!

The other thing up there is a sunflower brittle. Jen says that they love their seeds and nuts as snacks, and this is one of the yummiest ones you can get! I can’t wait to dig in!

Neato stitch markers!

Check out this stitch marker! I had to do a close up, because you can’t see it in the big pack…it’s a hot cocoa mug! How neato! The kicker? She got it from the same store I ordered MY pal’s stuff through and a set of sushi stitch markers for myself! I highly reccomend her…she’s over on Etsy….Sunneshine ! She does great work, and she’s awesome. Go visit her for all of your stitch marking needs!

This is what Isaac stole the fastest…and I had to talk fast to get him to bring it back for the photo…

RUSSIAN Sesame Street!!!

This is so cool…Russian Sesame Street…otherwise known as “Ulitsa Sezam

Oh, come on. Y’all know I had to go look it up. Don’t look so shocked.

The character on the cover is Kubik-One of 3 that is specific to Russia!

Isaac turned the book over and found a very, very familiar face…and one of his favorites…


That was all it took…he was off with the book and looking through the pages, wondering where he left his colored pencils.

This should be a lesson…How to cement international relations…One Muppet at a time!

Now, onto the blah buster buddy…

It's GRASS!!!

The grass pattern is from Mochimochi Land in her free patterns! It’s so neat!

Jen made it out of chenille and made it big enough that it’s huggable! Oh, it is so choice! I’ve been running around the house to Doug’s dismay going “Look! I got a blade of grass! Look! It’s GRASS!!!” His response? “yes, dear. Blade of grass.”

I asked Isaac what it was, and he said “It’s a W!!!”

Kinda, sorta…not really. Maybe we’ve been watching  “here come the ABC’s” too much around here?

But thank you so much, Jen! Everything is completely awesome, and beyond what I’d ever hoped for!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

February 20, 2008 at 11:39 am 3 comments

From the “It seemed like a good idea at the time” files

I joined another Death By knitting event-Hat Attack.

I knit hats quickly, so I figured not a big deal, right?

The pattern for Hat attack is kicking my rear. The hat has been ripped oh, 5x…and is now in time out.

Well, I thought I’d actually be alive this time for longer than one round. I swear…when will I learn?

I’m going to cast on some fingerless mitts. I’ll go back to the hat later. I’m stubborn that way. Plus, the pattern? It’s binary code cables. How can geeks go wrong?

February 10, 2008 at 11:28 am 3 comments

Cocoa swap question of the week #3

What is the most ‘random’ memory you have from your childhood?

I think the most random memory is one where we were getting a Christmas tree with a few of my uncles, and we almost got lost in the back woods. I was really young..and I think my one uncle who we were with was on his first wife…but my then-aunt and I were so lost in the backwoods, because we had stopped to look at a tree (and I think she was pulling me on a sled) and the rest of the group trapsed off without us. We ended up sitting under the tree drinking some of a thermos of hot chocolate until the rest of the group came back, treeless. We ended up buying our tree off of the lot that year…

yeah, see? random.

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