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Another rainy night

How is this for 2 in one week?!

We went to a local baseball game, and whaddya know, it RAINED in the middle of the 6th inning.

Is this a pattern for this week? First downpours at Maroon 5 and Train and now this!

Isaac took it all in stride-like we all should…and this says it all.

standing outside with my  mouth open wide...


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It’s a Mario!

Last summer, we discovered, thanks to Sheblogs, the wonder that is K’nex. Isaac has been asking me for the longest time to get another set of K’nex and build with him.

Plus, now, since the Yoshi Halloween costume, Isaac’s very into Mario.

Then, the perfect thing shot through my email. K’nex MARIO KART BUILDING SETS!!

The day the big box arrived, we were just about to go to OT, and we couldn’t wait to see what was inside our box! Imagine our surprise to see BOTH a standard Mario Kart and a Luigi bike! We couldn’t wait to start building. So, I had the best idea possible. Seeing as Mr. S, our awesome OT, is a video game, Star Wars and sci-fi goober (and we love him for it), we figured he’d want to possibly build one for working on fine motor skills!

So, off we went with both boxes, deciding to let Mr. S decide what would work best during the OT session.

(and now, you’ll have to deal with my descriptions of this one, because my camera on my phone decided to go all wonky. The learning curve on an Android phone is insanely low for most people, but for me…in a rush…not so much.)

Mr. S decided to build the Luigi bike and also decorate the box for a jump ramp, because what’s a bike without a jump ramp?

So, the two of them hunkered down and got to work.

As they built the bike, Mr. S commented on how awesome and easy the kit was and he was expecting it to be insanely complicated.

The two of them finished the therapy/bike building in about 15-20 minutes. Then, they set to decorating the jump ramp. That took them another 10 minutes, because, hey-it’s therapy, and Mr. S had some goals to accomplish!

The laughing that ensued with the built bike was priceless. It was a good unconventional use of a therapy session.

Then, the next day, Doug and Isaac dug into the Mario set!

They started with the chassis…

and then got Mario on and the booster

and finished it off, in a matter of 45 minutes!

Isaac was beyond thrilled. He spent the better part of the next few days driving them around jumping them off the ramp and trying to figure out how he could combine the two into a hybrid of kart and bike. Yeah, that’s my kid.

So, the verdict on these in my house?

TOTALLY AWESOME! K’nex struck it out of the park again with these building kits. Fun, easy, and hours of fun in a small pack. My belief that K’nex is just awesome again for both therapy and fun purposes was cemented with these sets. If you’ve got a Mario Kart freak like we do here, these are the perfect building kits for them. Oh, and there’s even our favorite here, Yoshi!

Thank you to K’nex for supplying us with these awesome kits for review!

(as always, the opinions expressed here are totally my own and in no way are influenced by anyone or anything.)

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A tale of a boy and his bear.

Isaac went to a birthday party over the weekend. This in itself is NOT blogworthy. Seriously. It’s a birthday party. He has some friends who love him and accept him, twitches and, he got invited.

The party was at Build a Bear workshop. He got to join his friends in making bears and then partaking of pizza at Pizza Uno. Fun and yum. Can I go?

So, as he’s walking into pizza Uno, I see his Cub Condo (remember, I used to work there. I know all of the correct names…) with a bear with something pink on…hrm…

Not that I have an aversion to my child having something with pink…even though I can’t stand the color….but I digress…

When we finally got done with pizza, this is the bear that Isaac lovingly showed us:
Please meet Dragon!

This is Dragon. Yes, her name is Dragon. She is a princess that lives in her Cub Condo Castle. She has red ear bows (as is the color of the small boy…) and is well loved by him as well.

Please ignore the Jimmie Johnson pants. I tried, but he insisted on wearing them out with that shirt for dinner.

And our little prince asked for his princess to have pink rollerskates to match her dress. I think we can oblige.

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It’s just got to be hockey season because…

We not only had a pre-season River Rats game here…
A stoppage in play...prolly for something insane...
With lots of fights, because now, we’ve got a NORTHWAY SERIES BACK!

Isaac got his face painted at the game and some silly gear courtesy of Nana…
ok-not a wonderful shot, but it gets the point across...

and then we had opening night…

Can I begin this tale of hilarity by saying that I had a target on my chest? I was hanging down at the boards with Puddle (as she does) and Isaac, who seems to love all of the banging around of warm ups, and toward the end, a puck came flying over the boards. Normal occurance. Seriously normal. WELL, it came and hit me in the chest-bounced off me and went down on the ground. Isaac scrambled and got the puck…and I grabbed Puddle’s phone and put up the following status…

Just got hit in the hooters with a puck! must be hockey season!

Yep. it’s true. I did. Yes, it’s hilarious. I think I deserve one of those hot as all get out 3rd jerseys for my humiliation and pain. But I digress.

My little guy got a new hat…
Shock of all is...RED, and he's got a silly grin. Goober.

and we watched a very young team really try and pull it out.
The view from my seats in the arena

Isaac watched Mommy go slightly nutty yelling….

and exercise huge restraint in not throttling the old, grumpy geezer in front of them who thought children didn’t belong at a hockey game, and told a few parents so.

Then, we went down on the ice after the game for the Meet the Players session.

Isaac was beyond excited that we got to go onto the ice. He could NOT believe that we were actually walking on ice. He asked me a few times for ice skates. I told him he had to master the art of soccer cleats before he could even THINK of getting on skates.

Isaac got his hockey stick signed by the entire team, save for the coaches. They didn’t come out. I think the assistant coach was trying to find ways to tell them of the Curse of Meet the Players Night…but I digress.

Then, asked Isaac if I could do one thing. Take his picture in the goal…
playing hockey...oh, am I in for it with this kid..
The official goal shot

We’ll be back for more games. I know it. I just know it.

I’ve finally corrupted my son to the dark side…Hockey is the appropriate sport…

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How I stopped complaining and learned to sort of like suburbia.

The first soccer game of the rec season was today, and it was quite the sight. Isaac belongs to team Kiwi…Yeah…BRIGHT green. Seriously, bright green.


I think he almost blends in with the green of the turf...

We had the AFO’s that Rob had so awesomely rigged to hold the shin guards…

See? extra long top straps!

And yet I was totally afraid.

Of what?

Well, remember last time we tried to play soccer? Isaac ended up getting beaned in the face intentionally by another kid. He was tripped, made fun of and asked to do things that with AFOs, are impossible. It went so poorly, I didn’t know what to think. Those parents were out for blood, guts and total other team annihilation. NOT my idea of how beginning sports should be!

Plus, I remember when I played sports, it was the parents again who were horrid.

So, it was with huge trepidation that I stepped on to the soccer field in the E. Nowhere suburbia that I live in.

Turns out, my worries were for nothing.

The coach explained to the kids on team Kiwi that their objective was to play a bit and have fun, take turns and possibly get the ball into the net. Kindergarten-3rd grade teams don’t keep score or win-loss records. It’s all about coming out and having a good time in the fall air.

Coach Greg explaining soccer rules to the kids! HAVE FUN!

Coach Greg swapped the players out as much as he could, so everyone could play in their team dresses shirts.

Note-whoever ordered the shirts for the kindergarten division-YOUTH LARGE  (size 12-14) is a dress on 100% of kindergarteners!  Just sayin.

Isaac got to run and chase the ball

Running the RIGHT way down the field with 2 more members of the kiwi cleat patrol!

Play goalie

Trying to figure out where the ball went!

Hear the other parents cheer for him, tell him he did an awesome job, even though he missed the ball, and learn the basics of good sportsmanship.

Coach Greg got them all lined up at the end of the game (by this time it was drizzling rain. My camera went back to the car..) for the post game handshake.

He had them play follow the leader with their right hand out (and they had to switch to their other right!) and high five and tell the other team good game.

Ok, so suburban fall soccer at least for now isn’t so bad. I at least got to stop complaining and sort of like the E. Nowhere I live in. It’s got some decent things going for it!

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It’s so quiet in the house-or how I got my Mom to eat eel.

This week has been unremarkable in many ways here in Chez E. Nowhere. The guys have been in Arizona visiting the outlaws. As always, I’m not invited. I’m not sad about that at all. Nope. Not at all. So, my life has gone on as always, working and dong what I normally do.

Since cooking for one is kind of insane, my parents have had me over for dinner the majority of the time that the guys have been gone.

Last night, we went out for Asian food at this awesome Pan Asian place by one of the local malls. They serve pretty much all sorts of stuff, including a favorite of mine, sushi. Mom and Dad (ok, just Dad) didn’t really flinch when I ordered up sushi for us to share. Mom-well, she looked at me like I had 20 heads. That’s par for the course around here, so I took it in stride as always.

I ordered two rolls for everyone to share as they saw fit-a tropical roll (crab, cucumber and whitefish and shrimp on the outside topped with black roe, and a mango sauce…oh, yum!) and an eel roll.

With ordering those, and the miso soup that had just shown up, I was in Asiorican heaven.

The sushi shows up,and I offer the eel around. Dad takes some, declares it yummy. Mom sits there and stares at it…and me. Then she proceeds to roll her eyes at me as I’m just having this blissed out moment eating eel.

I offer Mom part of the tropical roll, and she refuses, because of the fish roe on top..even though it’s just a little pinch! It’s awesome, but she declines…then, I offered her the eel.

I got the “Mom look.”

I expected that.

I kept remiding her that the eel was COOKED and it was yummy and she should SO try it. Dad kept telling her the eel was yummy…and she should try it.

So, after me telling her to just dip it in her soy sauce and go for it, Mom picked up a piece of eel roll.

and proceded to commit sushi blasphemy. She started to DISMANTLE THE ROLL and cut it with a knife in an attempt to be dainty.

Yeah, sushi’s not about being dainty. It’s about the FLAVOR! You can’t dismantle a roll because if you do, you lose what makes the entire thing special. Each piece is bite sized and all of the flavors are carefully constructed! Yesh!

But Mom liked eel. Even though she may tell you otherwise…she liked the eel. She had 2 chunks.

So, wonder if the next time the boys are out of town I can get her to try sea urchin. One never knows.

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Time to go build!

In my quest to find fun, freebie things to do with Isaac, I stumbled upon two things that looked insanely interesting. What did we find? We found Home Depot’s Kids Workshop and Lowe’s Build and Grow!

This held appeal in two ways for us. First, Isaac would get to play with tools, under supervision in somewhere that wasn’t our house. Second, for some reason, both of these places have some sort of magical pull for Isaac. Beats the dickens out of me why, but they do. Could it be that each one of these places has their own NASCAR team?  I just don’t know.  Plus, this got us out of the house in what has been one wash out of a summer.

The Home Depot clinic was on July 4. I called, confirmed that it was actually the proper date and signed the shrimp up.

We got there and Isaac got his apron, goggles and kit…and we set to work. Since it was a beautiful day (at the time) the clinic was set up outside.

Isaac got to sanding and then had Doug join in…

and in the end, came out with a picnic caddy!

Isaac asked for some red paint (how shocked are we all at this color choice? I for one am so not shocked at all) to paint it with, and I oblidged and got one of the sample sizes of red. We haven’t painted it yet, but that will come, when the weather dries out some!

Isaac was really happy about this workshop-he was excited about the apron, where he had me write his name on it, just like the employees, and while we were buying the paint, he kept trying to assist people in the departments. “How many I help you.”

Kid, you’ve got a future in retail.

He also loved that he got to play with the hammer…and we allowed it. Hey-you’ve got to get those nails in somehow!

Just after the Home Depot thing, I went home and was puttering around online, and found that Lowe’s had kids’ clinics as well! So, I quickly messaged TheAngelForever so she could see if it would work for her NHL, and signed Isaac up for both of this month’s clinics.

The difference between Home Depot and Lowe’s is that Home Depot only offers their clinics on the first Saturday of the month. Lowe’s offers them on the second and fourth Saturday. So, a crafty parent could actually bring their child to 3 build-it events a month, if they so choose.

So, yesterday, we skipped off to Lowe’s. It was Treasure chest day! Isaac really wanted to make the helicopter, but that’s next time we head over there…and we told him that his would be a practice session for the helicopter. Upon entering, we saw the clinics for next month-Isaac already wants to sign up for those-a rowboat and a school bus!

Isaac was handed his apron and some safety goggles…

And it looks just like the big ones, even with the pocket for the name tag! He was more than excited…

and since I was the adult helper this time, the photos got pushed to the wayside.

We hammered and nailed and built a neato pirate chest-complete with skull decals and a inset with gold coins and jewels.  We sat down in the training room and joined the choir of hammers whacking away. Isaac got my thumb a few times, but that’s par for the course.

At the end, Isaac got a certificate and a patch for his apron! The patches at Lowe’s are like the pins at Home Depot-a status symbol of how many workshops you’ve been to.

At Lowe’s, the safety goggles are yours to keep, as well as the apron-you bring it back each time to add to your collection of patches.

We’re totally going back to each one of the stores for the workshops. Too much fun, too awesome not to do, especially for free!

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