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Well,doesn’t this suck…

I’m sick. I hate being sick, because things in the house grind to a screeching halt when I’m sick. I don’t think I’m going to hockey practice tomrrow-I’ll send Doug.

So, I’m going to go back to my bad movies (Lifetime ones, Push , Zombieland) and my ginger ale and crystal light popsicles. I’ll be on the couch if anyone needs me. I’m lump with the green frog blanket, box of tissues and stuffed Panda (That’s Peabody.)

I’ll be back when I feel better.


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Itch, itch, wheeze, wheeze

I am a huge walking medical nightmare. I swear. I spent a lot of time explaining to doctors that since I was adopted, I have NONE of my medical history, so asking me if my parents are healthy is kind of a moot point. So, since I have no knowledge, we’ve been extra careful with Isaac and even waited until he was 2 to introduce peanuts/peanut butter.

So, it’s almost no surprise to me that my body has begun to do the “revolt” thing. But what has happened over the last 3 days totally takes the cake in that department. Now, my body and I are officially at war.

Sunday night, I was laying on the couch, watching the Olympics (most likely hockey) and I was eating peanuts in the shell. Isaac and I were cracking them and eating them. Hey-we both like them and it’s good fine motor work.

I started to get a smidge itchy, wheezy and tingly lips. I didn’t really pay much attention to it all because I thought it was just my asthma kicking up. No biggie. Grab 2 benadryl and head to bed. Totally not a big deal.

I wrote the entire experience off until Tuesday.

Isaac had one of his classic pre-dawn wake up calls and we were laying on the couch. I figure if he’s going to wake me up, we’re going to do some work. He had asked for some peanuts and I made him work for them. I set him to cracking them and putting them in a bowl, where we both began eating them. Quickly, I began to feel tingly, wheezy and then whammo-the hives and itchies started.

I finally put two and two together and grabbed a few benadryl and my inhailer and set out to call the doc’s office when they opened in an hour or so. In that time, I was thinking more and more and more that this was the peanuts. I hadn’t eaten anything else, I hadn’t done anything else…no wrong detergent or anything…so, what else could it be?

SOOO, we all narrowed it down to peanuts. YIKES.

The sad thing is that when I talked to the doc and nurse, they’re all positive that allergies can develop later in life and this is nothing out of hte ordinary.

crap. I figured I’d at least get “well, we think it may be something else…” But NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Sunflower butter, here I come.

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Doctors and patients and medical stuff, oh my!

Does everyone remember a year and a half ago when I had the whole medical device fiasco? Well, the short version of the past year and a half is that this sucker is now malfunctioning. So, it has to come out. With this being me and my rotten luck (I swear-Eeyore mode is in full force!) I’ve got to go into the OR and have them pull it out. I was NOT going to let the doc go in and get it blindly. Not a chance.

So, they scheduled a surgery time for me. I got the phone call for the pre-op appointment and after scheduling it around some other things, I finally made it there on Friday. As per the way my life runs, nothing can be normal or smooth…

So, in walks this couple. They’re loud and the male of the two is kvetching about how he’s going to have to wait, and that there are all of these appointments ahead of him.

The female of the two is trying to calm the guy down. At this point, I figured they were father and daughter or uncle and niece. She begs him to eat the other half of his sandwich. Did I mention it’s 9:25 am?

So, he finally agrees and she hands him a half of a BLT with cheese and mayo. He sits there, eating it, slobbering all over the place. There was mayo everywhere! Then, he started loudly complaining how he waited 2 1/2 hours the day before and never got seen. Then he asked about vending machines in the building we were all in. Unfortunately, there’s really none of those, and we all told him so. Girlie offered him water, and he kvetched about the temperature of said water.

So, I get called back to do all sorts of things, like insurance verification and all of that, and when I came out, the entire room of people had moved away from this couple. Hrm…so, I settled with the rest of the waiting room.
One by one we all get called back for bloodwork and EKG stuff. In between each one, we were put into a seperate waiting room. In that secondary waiting room, I ran into two of the people from the waiting room who had moved away from the couple. This is what they told me…

“you missed it.”

I asked what, and the one proceeded to tell me that after I was called back, the couple started to make out. He started SLURPING ON HER EAR!!! Oh, for yuck, yuck yuck!

I couldn’t believe it. So, after I left that office, I figured I’d never hear or see that couple again. Until this morning. I arrived for my procedure on time (that’s a whole other ball of wax..but I’m not going there.) and as I’m getting settled into preop, I hear a voice. One I recognize…

OH MY FREAKIN HECK! It’s that couple! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Thank goodness I was settled into my bed and was not visible to them. I was beyond OMG-ing. I quickly signaled to Doug that this was the BLT, ear slurping couple and he craned his neck to look. Hell, I would ahve too if I hadn’t seen this group. Haven’t seen them since. Thank goodness.

So, as I sat in my room, it became people watching central. The woman in the pre-op bed next to me was quite the entertainment factor. She spent the entire time she and her daughter were there talking about FOOD. OH, my god. Food. I then immersed myself in the laptop. Tossed on a DVD-and then got bored of that and went on the wifi.

During this time, they tried to insert an IV. I promise, there will be  no pictures of the aftermath of the IV debacle. The one nurse tries, misses. Second nurse tries, misses. They declare me a hard stick-Duh. They call the IV team who tried two more times and gave up. THEN, the anestesiologist came in and I told her she had one hit to get it, and if she didn’t I didn’t know what I was going to do.  She made 2 hits, so we’re up to 6 sticks, but  I had an IV, and I also had all sorts of bruises all over my hands and arms.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the wifi, playing with the Pandora internet radio and basically wondering when the heck I’d be going down for the whole surgery thing.

Surgery was scheduled for 2:10, so about 2:45, I finally asked when I was going to be taken down…and they found out for me that it was going to be another 45 minutes to an hour before I got down there. Ick. Fine, blah. yuck. So, 3:30, I finally got down to the area before the operating room, and was there for about 30 minutes before everyone came and talked to me about it all. I met in quick succession, the resident, anestesiologist and an OR nurse. Oh, brother. How to really confuse me about who was going to be in there! eekers!

The anestesiologist dropped something down my IV, and wow! That sucker really knocked me on my ass. I remember being wheeled down to the OR, saying hi to Dr. C, and shifting to the surgical table. Then, it’s all black. Nothing. Nothing at all.

I woke up to the PACU (post anestesia care unit) nurse telling me to take deep breaths.  The first question out of my mouth was-Where am I?

Second question-Can you make the room stop spinning?

Did I mention that I don’t get along well with pretty much all types of sedation? I’ve got a really hard time waking up and I end up crying and all sorts of icky things. I let them know this, so they were ready with pain meds and phenegrin for the nausea that I always have.

But I finally got home late last night. Out of it as all get out, but home. So, I’m without said medical device and still kinda feeling gross. Not wanting to eat, and every once in a while, if I push myself a bit further than I should (that’s normal for me-I want to be back to myself NOW.) I feel woozy…


but at least I’m done and don’t have to worry about having something in me that’s not working like it should.

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It’s why I do what I do

Tuesday morning, I sat down at my computer to find an email that was sent to me from a friend… Not the kind of email that I wanted to get at oh, 8 am. 

It gave me the news that one of my favorite professors had passed suddenly. It shocked me to the core, as I had just seen him not too long ago, and he was just fine. We’d even had a few conversations about things, and he really wanted me back in the classroom, even though I’d given that up at that point. 


So, to Dr. Bogan-

Let me say this-

I do a lot of what I do in my classroom because of you. I make pig books-tell kids to get them going-be creative. I put stickers on papers. I hang perfect score awards on my walls. I spell pilgrim correctly. I color in one direction. I see the spark of curiosity in my students’ eyes and try to nurture that. I read stories to my classes, because you’re just never too old for that, or the stickers for that matter. I laugh at myself. I challenge myself to do better than I did the day before. I try to be fair. I challenge my students to do their best at all times and learn something new. I try to make my classroom a safe place for them to do that. I remember that some kids just do things at their own pace, and as long as that spark of curiosity is there, they’ll be JUST FINE. 

Most of all, when I need to really make sure I’ve made the right choice, I often think WWBD. What would Bogan do? That usually makes more sense in my brain than most of my other hair-brained choices. 

I’m sad that more students won’t get to know you. Know your laugh, know your jokes, hear your stories and marvel at the amount they learn because you make it so much FUN. You apply everything to the real world, not the perfect world. 

And just so you don’t get to thinking that the students you teach are the ONLY ones you make an impact on-my husband came across one of my accordion books the other day, and said to me: “Hey-what are you going to do with this Bogan project?  I can’t believe you kept it all these years! I remember the week you made this!” 



Dr. Bogan, it was an honor, and a blessing to be counted as one of your students. I’ll miss you.

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Stupid Aetna.

With the ‘bux, we had Aetna insurance. When I was let go, my insurance stopped. Normal procedure here. Not complaining about that. The one item we needed to jump on Doug’s insurance was what’s called a “certificate of coverage,” proving that we were all covered under my insurance and then lost it. 

Since my insurance ended 3/31, you’d figure that we’d have that doccument in our hands, oh, by the end of the first full week in April. Yeah, right. No such luck. So, since we’ve all got appointments coming up, and we know we can get the insurance, I made a phone call on Wednesday to Aetna to see where this stupid certificate was. 

Here is where my horrid luck kicks in. 


I get on the phone with Aetna, and they still have me active! What? Really? So, since they still have me as active, they can’t generate what I need. Ok, I can see that. So, they have me call partner services. I get on the phone with them and explain the situation. They tell me it can take up to 3 weeks to get this letter. So, since I’m not happy with this, I buck it to a supervisor who does a manual edit and tells me that she’ll call me when it gets updated at the Aetna level, and that’s all she can do, because from there, it’s Aetna’s issue. 

Ok. Fine. I can see that. She’s at least doing something….

Well, yesterday, I get the call from Partner Services that Aetna has updated their system and she conferences me in with Aetna. I could tell this was NOT going to be pretty by the tone of the CSR’s voice. His name was Melvin. Yes, I’m calling him out here, because he’s a jerk, and refused to do his job. So there. 


I explain the situation to Melvin, and how I need this certificate post haste, and the first thing he does is get snotty with me! He says “Well, since you have access to the secure server, and it was done on the 31st, it should BE there.” I politely explain that it hadn’t gone through, and I had checked the server,and since it was a manual update, it wasn’t there yet. He asks me, snippily, if I can hold. I told him not too long, as I had to go get my son. (I had Isaac at day care for the morning, and had to get him before the 5 hour mark was up…or I’d get charged extra….don’t want extra charges!!) So, he comes back and says, attitude intact, that it can take 10-14 days to get up on the site, because it hasn’t been generated yet, and HOPEFULLY, they can get it sooner.


This is where I started to lose it. Just for the record, I kept my cool as long as I possibly could.


I told Melvin that this was unacceptable and that something needed to be done now, as we were attempting to get coverage under another health plan. We had done what WE needed to do, and that Aetna was holding up the works.


Melvin continued to stall and when I told him that something HAD to be done and I had to have this in my hand by Monday, he said this: “You best watch your tone with me.”


Then, I fully lost it. I told him that I wanted his supervisor now, and that he was not to talk to me any further, except to say yes, I’ll get my supervisor.

So, the jerk puts me on hold. He comes back 5 minutes later, saying that his supervisor is busy and that I could have their voicemail if I wanted.

No, I want the human. So, I told him that voicemail was unacceptable, and that I wanted a human now. This is not an option, as this matter needed some attention, and he was refusing to do anything to help me. The jerk put me on hold for 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes, than disconnected me.

So, I went and got Isaac.

Then, I came back and while Doug took the small fry outside, I called Aetna back. I get on the phone with another CSR, Jill, and explain the situation, and Melvin’s appaling behavior.  In the span of the 5 minutes I was on the phone with Jill, she was able to generate the paperwork I needed from her computer, EMAIL IT TO ME and wait while I checked my email and printed it to make sure it worked. She was also able to lodge a complaint about Melvin and his lack of service, and the supervisor that he didn’t get/wouldn’t come to the phone. 

Needless to say, even with the huge headache I had after dealing with Aetna, I have what I need and we can have all of the paperwork into Doug’s HR by Monday morning. 


This should NOT have been this big of a debacle. Seriously. But then again…

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AFO-oh no!

About 7 months ago, we took a chance on taking Isaac’s AFOs (otherwise known as “fire trucks” because of the fire truck we had on the back of them for him) off because he had outgrown them, and we wanted to see if he could maintain a normal gait pattern on his own. Plus they were giving him all sorts of rotten proprioceptive input that he didn’t need and his body was misinterpreting.  He was doing ok for a bit, but was back up on his toes pretty quick.

So, a few weeks ago, I got a note from the PT, asking if we could think about AFO’s again, and I immediately went to the phone to call the insurance to prevent a debacle like we’re still dealing with. I got the name of the places that our insurance covers, and the one that the school likes to deal with isn’t covered by my insurance. Go figure.

So, we went to the one that my insurance covered. I made the first phone call and got an appointment. I was told that it would be a long appointment…and that it would involve casting of Isaac’s legs to make the AFO’s.

Now, last time this happened, it was an ordeal. The people came to Isaac’s school and then they casted a screaming child (mine) and used a cast cutter to take off the molds. yeah. Those suckers are loud and scary. Not to mention that it was not a fun time for any of us involved. I was not looking forward to this time. Doesn’t matter that it was 2 years down the road…doesn’t matter with all of the other details. I just know it wasn’t on my list of  fun things to do wtih Isaac! It was something that I just never, ever wanted to repeat. Listenng to my child scream in terror as they started up the cast cutter was NOT fun at all.

So, we get to the local orthopedic lab, and the prosthetitician comes in, and he had a sort of odd gait to his walk…and of course, I noticed that he was walking wtih a prosthetic leg! Holy Cow! The reasons people do what they do for a living…but I digress.

So, he brought a sample AFO in for Isaac to see. He had no idea that Isaac had already had a pair of them before and outgrew them. So, as he was asking me the questions and I was answering, my small monkey decides he’s going to try and put the afo on and get his sneaker on. He had it about halfway on, when he realized it didn’t fit him at all and that he couldn’t fit the entire thing into his shoe. The prosthetician thought it was hilarious, and that was when I dropped the “he’s had these  before” bomb. It just never came up until that point. Seriously. I wasn’t hiding anything, but it just never came up…between asking about skin sensitivities, how long he’s been on his toes and all of his PT/OT history.

Then, the casting began. I was planning on taking photos, but with a wriggly almost 5 year old on my lap, it wasn’t really in the cards. The casting is just what you would find if you had broken a limb or needed a regular cast for any number of reasons. They broke out the sock, the fiberglass and did the whole wrap around thing.  Isaac sat and whimpered a smidge, but the carabeener full of designs kept him busy, as he decided what he wanted on his AFOs this time around. This prosthetic lab didn’t have single designs, they had an assortment of all over designs. We flipped through the ring as the first cast set. We saw rainbows (not interested), camo (mildly interested…) space aliens and rockets (oooh…want that!) and then, we flipped over to what would be the official choice for Isaac. A pattern called Fly n drive. This has cars, airplanes, traffic signs and checkered flags all over it, and to boot, he got the choice of a white or blue fly n drive. He picked blue. Blue and cars. Shocking? Not in the slightest coming out of my kid.

We then came to the time I dreaded…the take off of the first cast. I braced myself and took a deep breath. Then, out came a pair of bandage cutters and a carpet knife! Holy macaroons! No cast cutter! HOORAY! The prosthetician said that he never used cast cutters unless it was 100% unavoidable, as the cast cutter tends to scare the kids (no shock there) and can make the child pull back and ruin the casting.

So, one perfect cast down…and one to go. How’d we get the second one done? We did what we do in times of stress in this family-we talk NASCAR.

We began having a conversation about Isaac’s favorite, Jimmie Johnson, and then we went on to the entire Hendrick Motorsports stable, as well as a few other things. I know, odd line of conversation, but considering the prosthetitican was into it, and knew just as much as we did, it wasn’t bad. It helped us get the second cast on and off…and shoes and socks back on.


We go week after next to pick them up and get the tweaking done. Can I tell you I’m glad we have insurance, as we found out the same day as the casting what our portion would be…and it’s not pretty. Seriously not pretty. I don’t know what we’d do if the insurance didn’t cover 80% of these. I’m not going to list what our portion is, because it makes me sick just thinking about it all. I’ve had people’s jaws hit the floor when they realize that our portion is only 20% of what the total bill is. ARGH.


But next Tuesday-photos to follow of the new AFOs…and Isaac proudly displaying the pattern he picked.

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More Mousecapades

Yeah, remember that latest mouse incident with Booger?

Well, last night in some very cool excitement, Maeve was looking for a lost tooth that got flung somewhere in my craft room. She moved one of my rolling set of drawers and uttered these words:

“Umm…Hey Laura….can you come here for a second?”

Those words were uttered earier in the day for something not so good…so I said

“those are never good words…”

I walked in and she said

“well, I didn’t find the tooth, but I found the M-O-U-S-E.”


“you know, the one you blogged about?”


So, we page Doug. Explain the situation, ask him to do “mouse removal.”

He does, but not without saying:
“wow. I thought she at that…”




Score: Booger eating mice: 0. Leaving them around to find at the worst possible time? 3.

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