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When it’s a zoo,what’s one more?

We’ve got cats.

We’ve got frogs.

Now, please welcome the latest addition to our zoo….

Red, the guinea pig

Red, the Guinea Pig!

Isn’t he CUTE?!

His name?

It’s after the fire truck from Cars.

So, can you guess who technically owns Red?

I’ll give you a hint…

Guinea Pig Love

Yeah. it’s one more in our zoo of a house, but Isaac had been begging for a gerbil or a hamster…and we’re SO not doing that considering the hunters we have prowling our house. You know, the furry kind that eat mice or anything that looks like them.

So, we settled on a guinea pig.

Red moved in last week and lives in Isaac’s room. They are a great pair. I hear Isaac reading to Red at night from the latest book of choice. It is quite the experience.

Isaac loves Red and Red has gotten used to the chaos that is the Three Ring Circus.

So, welcome to the nuthouse, Red! Glad you moved in!


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Dude Ranches, Aquariums and exhaustion, OH MY!

Yes, I’m still alive.


I just went on vacation.
With Mom, Dad and Isaac.

It was quite the 4 days.

We went to the Dude Ranch.


See? A dude ranch!

We ran around at top speed and did things, like rode horses.
Small boy plus big horse equals the need for lessons!

Mom cheated at Memory and stole my drinks.

 See? Drink stealing.

We had fun. It was amazing to take Isaac to where I used to go growing up. It was a blast.

Then we were off to Boston!

Home of the Stanley Cup Champions!

We took a trip to the New England Aquarium!

It was there that we visited with Stingrays (and got to pet them too!)
They have a mucus coating. Yes, I learned that there!

Hung around with Myrtle the Turtle, who has been there for the longest time…and Doug and I used to visit her when we were just dating.

and we visited the penguins. Including the Little Blues.
See Mom? No, they're NOT babies!

And they look like this:
Cute, huh?

And we even learned so much about sharks, as well as made a dental dermicle with a shark fact on it to hang in the aquarium’s Blue Exploration Day poster! Yes, it was a big shark!


Now, we’re all exhausted.
Isaac and I for a whirlwind and Doug for the 6 hours of driving it took there and back to the aquarium.

I’m going to go take a nap.

and dream about all of the fun we had this past week.

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Happy July 4th!

Happy July 4th, and happy birthday to the best little sister in the world.

To celebrate, here are the annual Muppet clips…

Fozzie from my favorite movie-the Muppet Movie

And a classic-Sam the Eagle singing Stars and Stripes Forever. With a classic Sam freak out.

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A wet, wild day at the fun park

For eons, my family would spend at least one of our summer days at the fun park, no matter where we were. If we were in Maine, we’d find a place there. In California, it would be Disneyland, Knotts, or Magic Mountain.

This time around, we ended up at our local theme park, Six Flags Great Escape. This is a park that we used to go to years ago, when it was Storytown, then it was renamed to Great Escape. The park has changed significantly, but we figured with the deal we got today, it was worth trying with Isaac.

Truth be told, with Isaac’s ADHD and other issues, I hadn’t even thought to take him to a theme park because I never would have thought that he could handle it. Frankly, I was scared on my way out there.

One of my friends who also has a special needs kiddo let me in on the SNAP pass, the thing that is almost like a Disneyland SAP pass for guests with disabilities. Since Isaac gets overstimulated, waiting is a severe challenge and all of that good stuff that comes with severe ADHD, I grabbed one, stuck it in my backpack and hoped to heavens above I wouldn’t need it.

Did I mention it was raining in spurts, fits and downpours?

So, we marched into the park, ponchos (courtesy of mom..) and an umbrella (courtesy of me) and headed toward the roller coaster to start the day.

For you all to understand why we headed toward a roller coaster (with kiddie rides around it for Isaac), I need to tell this story:

When M and I were growing up, we took frequent trips to this fun park, and as we got older, we would head onto the newly built roller coasters. Dad would often join us and sit with one of us.  Usually at a critical point in the ride, Dad would scream:


and then make a puking sound.

(insert screaming people either in front or in back of us and us dying of laughter.)

So, while Isaac and Mom and Doug (he doesn’t do roller coasters since the HUGE surgery) went over to the train and the old time cars, Dad and I ran over to the Boomerang.  Dad decided he wanted to start the day right with a thrill ride.

(I had pictures, but the cell phone photos, which kinda suck, didn’t want to work here. OY!)

So, Dad and I rode the Boomerang for the first time in I don’t know how many years.

It was fun. It was hilarious.

Dad held his puke comment until later in the day.


Since it was wet and grey, it was nice to not have to use the SNAP pass for the Shrimper. He didn’t have to do a lot of waiting, but was insanely overstimulated by the entire day. It was a good thing that the first time was a rainy day!

It makes me think about how to make the day go easier the next time we do this.

Yes, there will be a next time.  Isaac had an absolute blast of a time. He ran from ride to ride loving every second of it.

He rode his first roller coaster-this bodes well for us later on down the road, because this means he’ll be in line with me and Dad for the big gun coasters in a year or two.

He was able to get on all sorts of rides and laugh and smile and generally be a goof. AND he got his picture taken with Scooby Doo.

How do you beat that?


So, it was a wet, wild day at the fun park. We ALMOST got Mom on a ride, but that’ll happen next time we go.

I’ll have photos to prove it!



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I went to the movies and…

I sat in front of some of the most obnoxious people ever.


I have this track record at movie theaters of getting in front of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. I swear. I must have a “IDIOTS SIT HERE!!” sign over my head pointing either in front of or behind me at almost every movie I go to. I don’t know what it is.  My knack for sitting in front of the idiots dates back long before movies were extremely expensive to go to. Doug and I still joke about the one time that we went to a movie and we sat in front of this group of ADULTS and they yakked through the previews (not a problem) and then continued their yakking into the first 10 minutes of the movie, where the final straw was when the one woman blurted out, extremely loudly, “I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THOSE LAMPS!!!’

That was when I lost my snot. I turned around and let her have it.


so, this trend has never stopped.


Saturday, Doug and I went to the theater to see Super 8. I needed to have a bit of a day off from a lot of things that have been swirling around here. From work to summer plans for Isaac to my conference plans for the summer, it’s been a whirlwind of intense activity. I was already on low tolerance, and I figured that Super 8 in all of its retro-ness, would be a fairly easy going audience.

Therefore, I was not in any way worried about the two teens and their adult guardian plunking down behind me.

Yeah, I should have been.


Now, the teens were teens. I was expecting their adult guardian to keep them in line. Yeah. No such luck. She was just as bad as the two of them. She spent time having conversations with both boys and then when she was asked nicely by the gentleman sitting one seat over from me to please pipe down, she got nasty, but got quiet.

10 minutes later, she decided it was high time to hand out the snacks she had brought with her to the theater.

Now, I’m all for bringing your own snacks, because theater snacks are massively overpriced. BUT, please do so in a quiet, non intrusive manner! SERIOUSLY!!

What I heard behind me was the sound of a TRIPLE BAGGED load of snacks from Hannaford being unleashed on the two teens. The sound of crinkling plastic in my ear almost overshadowed one of the key moments of the film.

It was then I lost my snot on this woman. I whipped around in my chair (and since you couldn’t see my glare in the darkened theater) I said to her:


“I didn’t pay to hear crinkling plastic bags. Stop it now.”

She stopped dead in her tracks, and got all snotty and put the bags down. One of the teens had the nerve to start talking to her and I whipped around again and shushed them.

Not even 3 minutes later, the gentleman one seat down whips around and says, loudly to one of the teens,




So, after that, we didn’t hear a peep or a movement out of any of them. I think they were afraid that we’d get the theater personnel to kick them out.  One more thing, and I honestly would have gone and gotten someone.


See? My bright arrow shines down again. I hope it doesn’t do it the next time I’m at the movies.


But seriously-Super 8 -all I can say is  OH MY. Very well done, awesome film! Go see it!

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Routine, routine, routine

Thank the good heavens above spring break is over! I need to get back into the groove of things. With the way my schedule works and working for a Catholic school, I had today off. This amounted into (with having Good Friday off as well) a 10 day vacation.

Not that I didn’t need it…but now, I’m starting to get itchy and bored and (believe it or not) wanting to get back into my small space and get things done. There’s so much to be done from now until the end of the school year, not just for me, but for Isaac as well, but that’s normal. Thank goodness some of it can be accomplished from my couch. With a laptop.

This year’s IEP came and went.

It sucked as it always does.

It’s the same routine every year. I get the draft, I hate things, I kick them back, I get questioned as to WHY I’m not just blindly accepting the goals (some of which are just of the you’ve got to be kidding me variety-remember the coloring goal of last year? Yeah…a similar one resurfaced.) and then me asking the core team why the itinerant staff is using the ADHD as an excuse.

This time, I was so fed up, I circumvented the usual routine of asking our poor, sainted resource teacher and went straight for the top. Ok, so, I skipped a step. I think it’s warranted at this point. Second year, same questions, same non answers. Let’s see what the head hancho at the district has to say about this.

But I digress.

Then, there’s the routines that I so would rather not see return. Oh, like the one where as soon as the PE tubes in Isaac’s ears start to fall out, we get back into the routine of ear infections. We had our first one in 2 years (that was when the last set of tubes were placed) and it wasn’t pretty. It just sucked. BUT, we did have a good break in the routine. We didn’t have to play sick-kid detective to figure out that his ear was bugging him. He actually told us for once! Holy gazungas!

He registered some pain.


Even the team at school was flabbergasted.

So, we’re back trotting off to the ENT and seeing what can be done about all of this again.

Some routines I’d skip if I could.


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Why I hate Hobby Lobby (Not really)

Isaac’s birthday is coming up in a few days. Since we’re on spring break here (yay!) when his birthday falls, we decided to send in his treats and things Friday.

I figured a pan of brownies, a bunch of cupcakes…


My child requested CAKE BALLS. Dipped in “superhero colors and with superhero sprinkles!”

Do they even MAKE superhero sprinkles? Seriously?!

So, I ended up having poor Doug bake the cake while I went to the IEP meeting (another post. trust me.) and had a small punch biopsy (just a precaution. No biggie. 2 stitches. Nothing to it).

While it was cooling to the perfection of room temperature, Isaac arrived home. I asked him if he would like to join me on my errands, and he of course, was thrilled to do just that.

So, instead of making the Michael’s run, I decided to head over to the newest craft store in town now that all of the hubub of it opening has died off a bit-Hobby Lobby. I’d heard of the chain, but never had an opportunity to go into one.

I was first floored by the fact that they were closed on Sunday for “worship and family time.” It was interesting to see the whole Worship thing being tossed out there. It seems that in this society, saying something akin to organized religion is a surefire way to get you lambasted and your store boycotted. It’s insanely refreshing to see that they just don’t care. Seriously.

Then, Isaac and I encountered the hugeness of this store and the sheer epic magnitude of everything. I had to get directions to find the candy making supplies to get the chocolate!

Since we decided to browse, Isaac and I ended up doing a full circle. It was then we ran into it.

No, not yarn.


My other craft nemesis.

So, my darling child makes a beeline and says:

“Mommy! Look! Fabric!”

Yes. I saw that.

So, begrudgingly, I aquiesced to making the small boy yet another blankie. He doesn’t need it. Seriously. Linus doesn’t need yet another blankie, but the fabric! The low cost! The nice stuff!

Yeah, I had a shiny attack.

So, I allowed him to pick out what will be the loudest, most obnoxious blanket in all of the stuff in this house. It’s really, really loud.

One side-Spider Man.
One side-planets and stars and galaxies.
Binding-blue swirly fabric.

This is one loud, loud blankie. I’m not shocked coming out of the shrimp.

I was pleased to discover that they didn’t just have a few things here and there and try to be everything to everyone. There were some really high quality items there, at awesome prices.

This was a horrible thing to find. Hardcore.

So, I will be back to Hobby Lobby. I just won’t take Shrimper with me until the “turn off your blankie” blanket is done. I can’t take another fabric run just so soon.

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