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When it’s a zoo,what’s one more?

We’ve got cats.

We’ve got frogs.

Now, please welcome the latest addition to our zoo….

Red, the guinea pig

Red, the Guinea Pig!

Isn’t he CUTE?!

His name?

It’s after the fire truck from Cars.

So, can you guess who technically owns Red?

I’ll give you a hint…

Guinea Pig Love

Yeah. it’s one more in our zoo of a house, but Isaac had been begging for a gerbil or a hamster…and we’re SO not doing that considering the hunters we have prowling our house. You know, the furry kind that eat mice or anything that looks like them.

So, we settled on a guinea pig.

Red moved in last week and lives in Isaac’s room. They are a great pair. I hear Isaac reading to Red at night from the latest book of choice. It is quite the experience.

Isaac loves Red and Red has gotten used to the chaos that is the Three Ring Circus.

So, welcome to the nuthouse, Red! Glad you moved in!


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Declaring his intentions already

The other day, Isaac and I went to Bombers Burrito Bar because he’d been asking for tacos. He wanted Toxic Bell, but I wanted real food-not 75-80% meat and the rest fillers. Plus, Bombers makes a killer pulled pork burrito/taco/what have you. AND it is a LOCAL joint.

But, back to the point.

So, this particular Bombers is covered in Union College material. It’s right by campus, so you would figure that it would be. The main piece of Union stuff is a jersey and a stick hanging on the left wall by the cash wrap.

Isaac started jumping up and down and pointing it out to me. Normally, I wouldn’t have minded this, but I was attempting to order tacos! COME ON! Pick-Chicken, pork, beef, tofu…COME ON!
So, after strongarming him into ordering we got to talking about the jersey.

It was then that Isaac did something that still tests my loyalties to this minute.

Sidekick and crew-avert your eyes.

He said:

“I’m going to play hockey for Union!!”

I said:
“Not RPI?”

He said:
“Nope. Union.”

Well, there you have it.

Coach Leaman, are you listening?

Well, I didn’t want him to play for Coach Appert anyhoo.

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Christmas Presents and the 6 year old ADHD response

My darling sister can’t make it into town for Christmas. Her husband’s mom is flying in from London, so she’s stuck at home. She mailed her gifts to us so that they would arrive on time to open for Christmas.

Here’s the thing. Isaac got to the mail before we did. The package containing his gift, addressed to him, was sitting on our porch when he ran up the stairs after coming off of the bus.

He grabbed the bag and we immediately took the insides out of it…and put it under the tree. We have talked about not touching presents…but what can you do?

So, over two days, I was constantly being “Candace” from Phineas and Ferb. I was busting him over and over and over again.  He would jump a few feet and wander away.

I figured we weren’t safe, so I had asked my darling other half to take the  present from my darling sister and hide it upstairs for a few days as soon as we got up in the morning.

Note the key word here. In the morning. It was 10:30 pm and we were both tired and I had been dealing with yet another server crash at work.  I couldn’t think and that’s why I asked the other half.

I climbed the stairs to bed, delusionally confident that the present would survive the night.

5:30 am.

Isaac is in the loft by my bedroom crashing around.

I say “what are you doing?!”

He says “playing hockey.”

Now, that’s not an uncommon response in my house. He does play Mini-Mite hockey.  He does have a floor hockey set that my sister gave him last year.  He wants to be a goalie. But his hockey aspirations have been talked about here ad nauseam, so I won’t go back into those.

It was the next thing that killed me.

He came flying into my dark bedroom yelling the following:


Now, picture this-the sun has yet to rise. Shrimper is in his glow in the dark footie spaceship pajamas. He has a Reebok Ryan Miller Jersey on over said pajamas. He is playing floor hockey.

I asked-

“you’re kidding, aren’t you? You opened that present?’

His response:

“Yep! But I didn’t open YOUR present from Aunt M.”

Yeah. I gave up at that point, because I had nothing. No response to that one.

Isaac trotted off happily to play more floor hockey with the wall before having to get ready for school.

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How many Occupational Therapists does it take…

to try and rehab Isaac?

yeah, that’s the question,and I don’t have a really good answer. After the multiple fiascos last year, we went to a private OT so that we could try and bring Isaac up as close to speed as we could get.

So, at last check in with this whole mess, we were in a pretty good space with Miss A.

of course, that couldn’t last. Seriously. We had a good thing going, but it just CAN’T last. It’s the way our luck runs.

Miss A. left over the summer and we got Miss K.

Let’s start counting-this is OT #2. This is important. Trust me.

She lasted until about a month ago, when all heck broke loose and they tried to rearrange my schedule to meet theirs. Without asking me.

That went over well.

Yeah. And pigs are going to fly…

Enter Miss M. This is OT #3.

So, I figured we were settled. Then, Miss M. started showing up late. At first it was nothing huge, but then, when she started showing up 10-15 minutes late every session where we’d only get 15 minutes of good, solid OT with her, we had a problem. She also told us she was going to leave, because working in the clinic didn’t really work with her schedule and things, so she didn’t want to get too involved with Isaac and his treatment.

Okie dokie…..

Enter yesterday. I checked the phone messages and found that we had one from the place where Isaac does private OT, asking to change the time of the session to a time when we’ve stated on SEVERAL occasions that we are not available at.

Here’s where I hit the roof.

So, I got on the phone and called this morning and after a long conversation with the secretary, I got a hold of the head of the program. At this point, I think it was what was needed. I left a message for him to call me. The message he left on my cell phone showed that he really had no understanding of the situation. So, I returned the call and ran down the list of issues-

1. We’re sick of being jerked around time wise-it’s not about putting Isaac into the schedule. It’s about the fact that we’ve been through this one too many times…like all of August and September. I don’t think we had a week that we had our regular time at all.

2. We are tired of getting 30 minutes of OT a week instead of a full hour, not due to us being late,but the therapist being late.

3. This change of therapists makes 4 therapists in under 7 months.

Yes, 4 therapists in 7 months. How are we supposed to make progress with that kind of track record? Every therapist has their own ideas of what Isaac should be doing, and no two have agreed on exactly WHAT to do with him-is it writing? Is it sensory? What is it? So, please explain to me how we’re going to make progress switching therapists 4 times!

The director of the program was flabbergasted. Hardcore flabbergasted. He knew I had been to the coordinator over this, because our favorite intrepid secretary gave him a reader’s digest of the backstory.

I explained to the head of the program that the coordinator had told me that an intern that we really liked, and did well with Isaac would be coming on board as a full therapist. We just wanted to know WHEN this would happen, as we were told this would be happening a month ago!!

So, now, we’re in the hold mode. We’re waiting for #4, Mr. S, to come on board and put Isaac on his caseload,instead of dealing with late OT.

let’s see how long before we end up having to flip a gasket to get him back into OT.

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Doris the Alpaca and other hilarities

I’m now resigned that we’re into the swing of things. Seriously. I’m getting into the groove (I actually taught today…wow!) and so is Isaac.

This means that the sharing stuff got sent home.

(deeeeeeep inhale and exhale…)

If you’ve been here a while, you all remember the heights of stress sharing caused me last year-trying to fit into these insane categories and prep the kid as he ran out the door.

The first sharing thing was to bring a bear or other stuffed animal to class. Isaac is quite attached to his fuzzy buddies and immediately ruled out three. Patrick (big stuffed puppy), Zamboni (monkey in hockey gear) and Anakin (cheetah-note the geek in training name…).

So, I tell him to just go and grab one. He zips into his room and grabs his stuffed alpaca. Yes, he has a stuffed alpaca. I figured he should know where his yarn that I make him things out of comes from-I love me some alpaca yarn!

So, I ask him what his alpaca’s name is. He tells me the following:


Yes, Doris.

Where in the heck did he get that name? I quickly asked a few people via IM, and no one could come up with any good answers as to where Doris came from. It’s like Fred the Pig. Dunno. It’s just Isaac. I’ve stopped asking.

So, Doris the alpaca went to school with the Shrimper this morning, and is living in room 106 for the duration of the week, with all of the other fuzzy buddies from the first grade.

Then, as I scanned the sheet further, I noticed the sharing for the last week of the month. Investigating my name.

Seems harmless, right?

In this house, NOT SO MUCH.

Isaac has to ask us some specific questions about how he got his name, ect.

Well, umm…yeah. About that…

Let’s roll this time machine back about 6 years to us naming this darling Shrimp.

Isaac was one of the few names we could agree on. We liked the meaning (Hebrew for Laughter) and it was a name no one in the family had. He wasn’t named after anyone, for anything or given a name with a family history to live up to. He could make his own history.

So, as we were visiting my darling parents for the holidays, we were chatting about names and we brought up that we were very close to naming the baby Isaac.

My dad went on and on and on and on about the Biblical significance and this and that, when we stopped him dead in his tracks and said :

“No, not the Biblical Isaac-it’s Isaac Hayes-you know, Chef, from South Park.”

The spitting of the soda through noses ensued.

So, now, family legend is the South Park story.

We don’t mind people thinking it was Isaac Hayes for a bunch of reasons-amazing musician, activist, ect. But come on-how am I going to explain this to a first grader?

Dying to know how I’m going to handle this interview…

Let’s watch the hilarity ensue.

It will totally go in the history books of our family as one of the oddest moments ever.

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Getting ready

Now that I’m back from Hotel Tarmac and the two day SMARTboard training, which kicked some serious butt by the way, life can get back to abnormal, as in getting ready for the new school year.

I’ve been spending lots of time both at home and at the new school trying to get everything set up. Not having my own classroom is both a blessing and a curse for me. First, all of the stuff I’d normally have in my own classroom has to get stashed here at the house. There’s just NOT the room for it in my office.  Second, I’m trying t go through the files and things that were left and figure out the organizational structure.

At least there’s one good thing about this-the office wasn’t left in disarray as were the previous classrooms I’ve inhabited. There’s lots of stuff for me to go through and lots of stuff to think about doing.

I’ve also been put in charge of the website as well as the email servers for the school. There’s so much to do to update and get things ready. I’ve been strapped to the laptop for hours over the past 3 days trying to get it all done.

It’s been such a different kind of getting ready than I’m used to. It’s really hard to not spend my time in the week or two leading up to school decorating and planning and checking and chatting and catching up, as well as finding out all of the summer scuttlebutt.

Oh, I am still finding out the scuttlebutt from the old school, and it’s always fun and choice. I think the way I left and the way that I chose my replacement was as good as it gets. I know who my kids (who I still adore deeply) have and I like that person very, very much.

I’ve already introduced a bunch of my students to the new teacher and we have BOTH promised them that I’ll be around. I”m only shooting 30 minutes in the other direction. It’s not a big huge dealio.

I’m also getting Isaac ready. This has been a bit more of a challenge. First, we had to get all of the school supplies. The list wasn’t bad this year, and there were no specific brands (like the crayola glue sticks of last year) to slow down the supply hunt. I actually outfitted Isaac with his supplies for under $30.00. Thank you huge school supply sales at large national chains. Yay!

We didn’t have the backpack fiasco of this year or anything go wrong with Isaac’s bed (thank the heavens above) but we did have a mild version of  Pencil box fiasco.

Here’s what happened, and this is all my fault. Seriously.

I was out school shopping and one of the items on Isaac’s list was a pencil box (plastic), and I didn’t have the list with me. Yeah, I know. Smart move there. I thought I grabbed it…but nope.  So, I figured as long as it wasn’t a pouch (that I remembered) a metal box would do JUST FINE. This is the most perfect Isaac pencil box in the WORLD. Seriously. Red car on it? All him.

Yeah, that was until I got home and noticed there was a specific request for a plastic one. Nice move there.

So, I did what all panicked parents do. Email the teacher. I wasn’t expecting to hear back quickly, and I wasn’t worried, as a pencil box is the easiest thing to come by. I even picked  a plastic one up so I could have it in case. Hey-it was a dollar. Not a big deal.

She mailed back that the metal box was fine. (phew!) I got myself out of that small fiasco. Yesh.

Lesson? Next time-BRING THE LIST!

Then, to add to our getting ready, we have a trip to Shriner’s scheduled on Tuesday to get Isaac’s new AFOs.  Who knows how long we’ll be there for, who knows what kind of adjustments we’ll need to make on them. I just know that we won’t be able to miss Isaac in these suckers. Same pattern as last time-Fly and Drive (but with a yellow background) and red velcro. I can’t wait to see the way they do these at Shriner’s. They told me they were a bit different, but I’m not sure.

Soo, here we go. A new year for all of us involved and a few more “getting ready” things to do before 2 of us get out the door on September 7th for our first day of school!

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No, I’m NOT a nervous Mom.

When you have a medically messy kid, you learn very quickly what you have to call the doc for and what can wait and ride itself out. Docs you deal with on a regular basis also get to know if you’re one of those “rush to the office on every stinkin occasion” or not.

Me, I fall into the “not” category.

This is why what happened at Shriner’s last week kind of bugged me. I mean, really. Why would I have called and switched an appointment if we weren’t having issues?

So, here’s how it all went down…

During the first week of park camp, Isaac took his AFOs off and I noticed deep red marks, bruising and some cuts. Not a good sign. I had the PT check his legs in the pool and she noticed pressure marks on his feet that were starting to get some skin breakdown.

Yep, that’s even worse.

I knew from the last time Rob saved our rears at the prosthetics office that we were going to need a new pair. He thought we could eek through summer with these, but well, that didn’t happen.

Since Isaac’s a patient at Shriner’s in Massachusetts, we figured we’d call there and have them see him and make his new AFOs if needed. Just get everything done in one place. Makes life easier. Yes, for us it’s a bit of a hike (an hour and a half drive one way!), but they do this all of the time and since he IS a patient there, let’s just go with one stop shopping.

So, I called and got an appointment two weeks from the day I called. NOT bad. I proceeded not to allow Isaac to wear his AFOs until we could get seen,because a bit more falling and toe walking isn’t as bad as ulcerated skin. Seriously.

We got there and were taken back pretty quickly and saw the PA.

This kind of bugs me. We drove an hour and a half (and this is the 2nd time) and we’ve only seen PAs. We haven’t seen a doc yet. It’s quite interesting, but I digress.

The PA obviously didn’t read the file (a pet peeve of mine!) and asked a lot of the same questions that we’d answered with the last PA just over 2 months ago. Nothing’s changed in those areas. Nothing at all.

I explained the AFO concerns and the PA took them and basically told me I was out of my mind.  He told me that some redness was normal upon removal of these things.

WELL DUH. I knew that. This was so not redness. My child had skin starting to break down and bruises. No, that’s not NORMAL.

I explained (again) that I was concerned as we’d just had these things adjusted under 2 months ago and we’re back to deep bruising and skin breakdown and that the last time we’d had them adjusted, the prosthetician told us that we’d need new ones before the snow flew.

He kept insisting that we were fine, but he sent us off to the prosthetics and orthotics department anyway. Begrudgingly.

We got over to the SHOP (orthotics and prosthetics) and the prosthetician took one look at Isaac’s AFOs and the way they fit on his feet and said the following:

“Hey Buddy-you’re getting a new pair! You’ve totally outgrown these!”

and then he looked at us and said:

“man-these are so close to being toast size wise! Were you getting pressure sores and marks?”

Oh, my good heavens above! Someone with a set of eyes!!!

He said he’d report his findings to the clinic and docs.

See? NOT a nervous mom.

Why do docs have to infer that I am when I clearly know what I’m doing?


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