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A Rainy Maroon Train Night

The need for an adult night out has been rehashed in our house for a long, long time. With all of the wackiness going on, we needed to have a killer night out.

So, when I unexpectedly won tickets to Maroon 5 and Train through a fluke that only I could get into, it was the perfect chance to send the Shrimp to Mom and Dad’s for the night and we went!

So, let’s discuss the fact that we had great weather forecasted until Monday night. We then heard the dreaded word-RAIN.

Now, normally, rain for a concert wouldn’t be a huge bother. But, we had LAWN SEATS at SPAC, and those have NO cover whatsoever.

Hey-the tickets were free. I wasn’t complaining. Girl Scout training kicked in and we packed ponchos, umbrellas and chairs so we wouldn’t have to sit on the lawn when the rain came down.

So, Doug brought a poncho
The return of the jolly green giant!

and Dawn (who came with us-because her other half wouldn’t join her on the lawn…) brought her umbrella and did her best impression of a turtle!
Turtle! Peek a boo!

and we were ready for the rain.
(yes, I had my umbrella, but hey-I’m the one behind the camera.)

Let’s just get this part out of the way-it wouldn’t be an event with me if something insane or “you HAVE to be kidding me” happened.

and it did.

The show started out looking like this:


The calm before the storm

Then, the heavens opened up and we got the downpour of downpours!
But, the irony of the song Maroon 5 was playing was not lost on us.

This was the song:

Now, this was turned into a sing along. Please imagine a full lawn standing in the rain singing the lines about the rain.

Yes. This was not lost on us. We found it quite fitting.

As the rain poured down, Doug, Dawn and I laughed and watched the fastest set change possible over to the Train set. While this was going on, the rain stopped.

I even took the gutsy step of closing my umbrella.

And then Train did this:

(no, that wasn’t last night’s. But you get the idea)

I prayed that this would not tempt the irony fairy and ring another downpour to cap off our adult night out!

Thankfully, it stayed dry till the end of the show!

So, what an amazing night. It was so nice to just go to the lawn at SPAC and see a show. To give you some perspective in how long it has been since we did this, the last time Doug and I did SPAC was in 1999, right before we made the big move west. We sat on the lawn for the HORDE festival with Barenaked Ladies and a bunch of other acts. It was quite the day.

It was so nice to just be adults again.

Thank you to Maroon 5 and Train for putting on a great show and to the awesome radio station that gave us a night out by allowing me to win the tickets!


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The Chipotle Incident

Today was a big day, to say the least. We had park day for incoming first graders, which was awesome. I met Isaac’s new teacher, Mrs. J, and the other two first grade teachers (Mr. M and Miss A.) I promised Isaac a possible (if they were open) stop at the Chipotle on the way to see Wacky Neuro if he could follow directions and keep it together.

I’m so not above bribery.

So, we left park day and began the drive over to Wacky Neuro’s office and made a turn into where the new Chipotle is. I saw the sign that said “grand opening 8/31, but I saw people going in and out. Hrm. Open, or not?

Then, I saw people coming out with bags…presumably filled with burrit0-y goodness.

So, I took Isaac and brought him in, or started to. It was then that we were informed that the store didn’t open until tomorrow. You had to have the proper family and friends invite to go in today. I told Isaac that we would go back tomorrow…but he broke into tears.

That’s when the manager went above and beyond. He signaled to the door people to let us in, and warned us that it was a training day and to go gently. Then, he told us our money was no good today. What? really?

I’m always gentle! Especially to people making my food!

So, Isaac got a chicken burrito (with the works) and I got my usual steak and black bean burrito with half of the works. Toss on drinks and chips and it was LUNCH!

Even for a training day, this crew was sharp, well oiled and wonderful. I can’t say enough about how awesome this was today. They didn’t have to let us in. We saw them turn away other people without the required invites.

Thank you to Chipotle for making our afternoon, and having the compassion and family sense that is sorely lacking in a lot of businesses today.

We’ll be back in the next week or so for more. You can count on it.

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Build A Bear Birthday!

On Friday, we took The_angel_forever, NHL and JSL to Build A Bear to celebrate Isaac’s birthday a day early. We were originally going to do it yesteray, but big holidays (read: Passover!) got in the way of the plans…so we just went one day early!

(a big thank you to The_angel_Forever for the use of some of these photos-it’s hard to take pictures and wrangle a birthday boy at the same time!!)

So, we arrived at the Mecca of Stuffed Animals known as Build A Bear Workshop and let both crazy boys in…and they were greeted by this sight:

ooh..lots of choices....

We gave both boys a few choices, but really…if you’re a 4 year old boy…and one of the choices is a Dinosaur…specifically a Triceratops…do you really want to look at ANYTHING else?

Yeah. When we were planning this, we didn’t think so either, but we wanted to give choices just in case they surprised us…

So, off to the stuffer we went…

getting ready to go on the stuffer...

stuff that dino!!

and then grabbed hearts…

NHL picking a heart

And the dinos got stitched up…and then…

it was…


Then it was off to attempt to take photos of the two goofballs with their dinos…

With two cameras going, you’d think we’d get a straight shot of the two of them…

Isaac stays...sorta...

ummm...hey-stand still for a second!

Oh, forget it. We give up!

JSL was quite confusled by the goofy 4 year olds at this point…

What? You mean they always act like that?

Then, we got the dinos T-shirts and blue dino slippers (wearing sunglasses!!) and went to name them on the computers. Of course, the one computer that we could NEVER, EVER get to work properly when I was working there was the one that NHL sat down at. Argh. So, after I got Isaac’s done, I did NHL’s on the computer I was sitting at.

We wrangled our way up to the cash wrap (or Take me Home, as it’s called in BABW…) and as we were paying the boys decided to…well…be goofy 4 year olds again…

ooh! What's that?

Wow! It's a HAT!

so, what other mischeif can we get into?

So, after wrangling them away from the Bear Wall…we got houses for the dinos (named Trike and Dino respectively..) and attempted like crazy people like good mommies to attempt to take a picture OUTSIDE the store.

Remember the last set inside the store?

Yeah. It went that well. Behold.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Forget it. We give up.

So, then, we went around the corner to Pizzeria Uno for lunch. YUMMMMMMY!

Lunch...with Dinos behind them!

But even with a silly lunch (Dino nuggets for NHL and pepperoni pizza for Isaac…), it was a great day for both kids! Isaac was thrilled to spend a few hours with NHL, and have birthday fun. This is the first year he’s verbalized that he “gets” it…so, it was a blast.

Now…if I could only keep the roaring in his bedroom at night to a minimum…

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Spoiled Rotten in a scavenger hunt!

The latest in my swap addiction (which is now limited to 3 swaps a year…and a few Random acts of kindness thrown in for good measure…) was the Knitter’s Scavenger Hunt swap!

My spoiler, Michelle is also the hostess of the hot cocoa swap! How neato-bandito!

So, she had me completely in the dark. Just absolutely completely in the dark…she sent me the most random questionnaire…in addition to the one I had posted here for the longest time.

and the pack came yesterday..

Before I get to the contents, let me explain a smidge-the swap was one where you were given categories and you had to find items to match. The pack was so WHOAH MAMA that I had to take pics in category groupings…as well as take the pictures when Monkey was asleep…because I wanted to get everything in the pictures!!!

so, without further they are!

The first category is Local


Michelle lives in PA, and found yarn that is spun locally that will make a terrific felted bag (note that cool pattern!), a visitor’s guide to a great area of PA (I’ve been there to see the Wilkes Barre-Scranton hockey team way back in the day!), and several things for Isaac from the Crayola Factory! Neato! He got some stuff that we’ve never seen before…and he tried to walk off with the second he saw them. Especially the “recolorz Cars” sheets!

The next category was Round

Round! A chocolate chip cookie tape measure!

The cookie? that’s a tape measure! She also sent soaps and shampoo from Disney! Woohoo! Mickey soaps! Mickey Shampoo!!

The next category… GREEN!!Green...frogs,

Neat green yarn…mmm, Froggie stitch markers! A froggie coin purse/holder for all things neato bandito! A recycled tink card! Ooh! Tink! Makes me think of the nights I used to extend my shift into fireworks, and just watch Tink!

Next up is the T category!

T..for treats...and tattoos!

mmmm…treats….chocolate…reeses….mints…GUMMI SAVERS!!!!!! and a new treat…chocolate covered sunflower seeds! Must try…must try…

and a treat for the Monkey…Cars Tattoos! He didn’t spy those last night…so we’ll see what he does with them..especially the one of Guido and Luigi (otherwise known in our house as “pit stop and tires”)

Next category…Hard

oooh...all so hard! Super hard!

The first hard thing was a Pattern for socks! I’d been peeking at these socks, and was kind of like…hrm…do I? Don’t I? Well, Michelle answered that for me. She picked a complicated pattern that didn’t seem TOO terrible, but that would still be a challenge. And this WILL Be a challenge! But, it’s so neato looking…it’s got kitty whiskers all over it! That may be my next sock…

she also sent a Dumbo tin with the two memo pads in it…as well as needle point protectors that she made herself! They’re SOCKS!!! COOL BEANS!!!

Next up is Funny

Book! Funny! Reading time!!

This book looks absolutely hilarious. You can’t see the tag line…which is “things yhou’d only ask a doctor after your 3rd martini” I so need this giggle! Woohoo!!

And the final category was Spoiler’s Choice…and after the many emails, Michelle chose…



So, the items here are all of our love for random…

Spongebob mac and cheese (Isaac loves this stuff..) a kitty magnet for my fridge, a box of funfetti cake mix to make with the boy (he also loves this stuff!!), mitten shaped playing cards and the most random thing of all…


Yes, you read that right. Knitted Broccoli! This thing is the most random thing I’ve seen in a long time…and it’s hilarious…and wonderful all at the same time.

I showed it to Maeve last night and she was all weirded out. She said between the blade of grass and this, knitted vegitation was weirding her out.

Hey. I like it. It’s so random, it’s fun!

But I really need to say a HUGE thank you to Michelle! This pack was amazing and really made my day!

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So, today, went to the doc to get the medical device that was the fiasco of the century… checked to make sure it has stayed in place and not migrated out of place. This equals ultrasound and exam. Ok. Fine. I can live with that….

The sucker is just where it’s supposed to be and me? I’m so happy. I’m not having any of the symptoms that sent me into a tizzy fit and made me want to just dissapear!

So, as Jan said…”We’ve got a WINNER!!”

and you know, I wasn’t expecting this to work, because everything else had failed miserably.

and on top of it….to make my day better…I picked up the stuff from TheAngelForever that she had picked up for me at Trader Joe’s (lord we need one of those here…And a Jamba Juice…And a Chick-fil-A…but I digress) and I hung there with her crazy brood.

So, good day all around. It’s so nice to feel HUMAN again.

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The Summer in Review Part 2

After Philadelphia, we survived a visit from Vapid and Colostomy.  They provided Isaac with their ususal extravagant gift in a sad attempt to trump my parents. This year’s gift was this:

the playhouse

The evil playhouse that had NO screw holes and we had to break out the power screwdriver to even get the stuff in. I wanted to die. Doug kept telling me I was stripping the screws, until he tried it all on his own, and found out what a PITA this really was.

 oh, and that doorbell? ANNOYING. It’s got 7 different sounds, and each one is more annoying than the last. Oh, save me. Why oh, why couldn’t they get him a sand and water table? Why?

Isaac also figured out how to play his own brand of basketball…

basketball Isaac style

more Isaac basketball

I don’t know if I just don’t notice it until summer break, or if it really all just comes together during this break time, but Isaac seems to have made even bigger strides. We’re still NOWHERE near potty training, but that will come (we hope…please??). But, what I’m seeing is another verbal explosion as well as other things. Isaac now finds things funny..and will tell us. He also does a lot of things he wasn’t doing even before the break to go to Philadelphia and school getting out. He’s got this wild vocabulary now, and even though we’re not getting gramatically correct in a lot of situations, we’re getting the words. We’re getting less resistance from forks and open top cups…we’re now able to walk into a store and not have to get a cart for Isaac because he’ll hold our hand and just hang with us, unless he’s tired.

Last year, we had a similar thing around this time. One never knows.

It’s been one ride of a summer. We’ve had a great time…School starts Wednesday! No, I won’t be driving him day one. I’ll let him take the bus. He loves that dang bus! Tuesday, we get to load his cubby up with his stuff, and he can show Mary Jo his pirate tissues and his buzz and woody pull ups.

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The summer in review, part one.

Wow- we’re 1 week away from Back to School. The summer has flown by, and we’ve had some awesome times and a visit from the outlaws. Yeah, that gets a whoooolllleeee category to itself. 

So, here’s a fast photo review of our summer here. No pictures of the outlaws. That would most likely break my camera.

There were classes wtih Gary at My Gym

There was Vacation Bible School…with Miss Leslie, who Isaac tried to steal away from her DH Noel. 

and new friend, Maddie

and the picnic, with the sprinklers and kiddie pools…that’s what you get for having a VBS with a water theme..

Then, of course, we did the Harry Potter thing. That was heavily chronicled, so I’ll spare more photos…
After a few weeks of downtime, we took off for Philadelphia and the Wiggles!
Isaac downing Cotton candy

Is this me at the Wiggles show with a SMILE???

naah. figment of your imagination.

We had some great times at Maeve and Nathan’s…
Here’s Rowan with Mike the T-Rex.

The three stooges in their natural state…We CANNOT get a straight picture of these 3 together period. Nathan swears we’ll be able to do this ina  few years. I doubt it. Not with these 3.

Slumber parties with Kieran..

A rare find…Isaac taking a NAP. Yes, NAP. Thank goodness Maeve got photo evidence of this.

The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D

Playing train around the living room, dining room and playroom…


And Maeve in her…hat…that is still atrocious.
More to come….

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