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I have the bestest SP in the world….

and she needs to know it!!!

I got my REVEAL package today! Oh, what a package, and oh, what a way to reveal….

First, I found out that I have TWO people to thank…

The first, being my darling SP….KATRINA! She has been through the mill and back in the past few months, and I don’t know how she did it…but she did…and I am so glad she was my pal.

Let me explain….Katrina had a life shattering event happen. She had to do something that I wish on no one..bury a loved one, and one that was VERY close to her. She sent me these amazing packages and I knew this had happened to someone in our group (we’re grouped into managable size groups and given a hostess..), but had absolutely NO CLUE it was her. She is amazingly strong, and I’m sending her HUGE WARM hugs and loads of love.

Katrina- you are amazing. I cannot believe that you continued with SP9 after all of this…You said it helped you feel “normal.” For me, your packs came on days that I really needed a lift and a smile. Just know that the love went both ways. I felt so warm and hugged….THANK YOU.

The second person I need to thank is Tomme.
Tomme- Thank you for that first package. Thank you for being so generous and helping Katrina make it through the first pack. The yarn, the needes and the case…wonderful. THANK YOU for your sweet, generous offer to Katrina…Thank you for the most awesomely fall-ish pair of socks that I’ve made in a long time…
You are another AMAZING woman. Thank you…

Second, the contents of the pack….
Katrina- you’ve outdone yourself YET again!!!!

For those who don’t have vision across the miles….here’s what was in it….

A TUBE SOCK KIT!!!!!!! (for the uninitiated….this is a Socks that Rock kit from Blue Moon Fiber arts…) the colors are the ones that I was absolutely jonesing for…The lavendar, granny apple and copper!! Neato bandito!!!

A tube of Bath and body works cucumber melon shimmer lotion! OOOH! NIIIICCEEEEE!!!

A jar of satsuma shower gel from Body shop…
mmmmm…yum…and I was just going out to buy some….

a tube of hemp lip protector from Body shop….again….that was on my list of things to buy….

Katrina- Do you have ESPN????

and the last thing…

a book called “Dragonology-tracking and taming dragons”
Volume 1- European dragons

Oh, this is so flippin cool!!! this has a book and model in…I am just so stoked!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Like the Holiday pack, this was the best thing! THANK YOU!! You are truly, truly the best pal in the world.

((HUGS)) and loads of love

from your most appreciative spoilee….

me 🙂


January 29, 2007 at 5:48 pm 1 comment


Why would you call me for the correct spelling of myson’s name when you’re only going to misspell it anyway on things?

And then tell me that you wrote his name on there WRONG 2 minutes after the phone call?

Explain this..please?

January 28, 2007 at 6:17 pm Leave a comment


I didn’t think this started until the teen years…

This morning, Isaac was playing in his room, and I peeked in on him. He had Doug’s wallet in the middle of his floor. I picked it up, and putit on the shelf for Doug.

2 hours later, he’s playing in his bed, and I see him with the following:

The bank card
Doug’s Social Security card
the price chopper club card
and Doug’s CA nursing licence.


I retrieved them, and told Doug, and Doug admitted fault in leaving his wallet in Isaac accesable territory…

but thought it was hilarious. He said…

“I thought that he wans’t supposed to do this until he was 12!”

me either.

classic, isn’t it?

January 27, 2007 at 10:04 am 2 comments

This is my new year’s resolution…

Ok, it’s late…
But it’s so worth it!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Slap stupid people in the head.

Get your resolution here.

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Another trip into the bowels of parenting hell.

This afternoon, I sat at my laptop, in search of another Doodlebops DVD so that I don’t have to hear “Cauliflower Power” for the 90 millionth time.

Guess who climbed up, and demanded Doodlebops videos??

My little shrimper!

THEN, on top of it all, I made the fatal error of accessing my youtube account. To this, I heard:
“Wanna roll down the sandhills! Want Murray! Want Guitar with Murray. Want Taba. Want Quack Quack.”

For the unitiated…


I sat twitching. I allowed him to click on the pictures of the songs, and he was happy as a clam, as I sat freaking out.

He sang along.

He did motions for things.

I think we watched like 10 wiggles videos.

he won’t say Greg, Jeff or Anthony.

Murray is it.


And decidedly scary.

I may resign myself to get a wiggles DVD so I can keep my sanity and make dinner on occasion…but I may make Doug actually make the purchase. I can’t do it. Just can’t.


Scary wiggles. Send me into parenting hell every time.

January 24, 2007 at 4:40 pm 3 comments

On the list of things you’d never thought you’d hear yourself say…

“HEY! Stop hogging all of the hommus! You know, Mommy gets a 3:00 snack too!!”

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Burning down the house

My first week at work was a smashing success. Except for ONE tiny thing. Jen (the owner) and Maureen (my boss) don’t think this is a HUGE deal,but I totally feel horrible about it.

So, here’s what happened….

I brought the whirley popper to work for group snack. Everyone LOVES popcorn. How can you go wrong with the stuff? Especially WHIRLEY POP? So, we brought out our burner/hot plate and we put it on the table at circle. I gave the rules for the popper,a nd we talked about it. Hey..I work at a Montessori. this is the way we do things.

So, we’re turning the crank and we’re making the popcorn, and I pull it off the burner, turn it off, and As Ruth and Maureen are removing it, I put the pot on the rug, not thinking anything of it…and lo and behold…


Maureen and I got the pot up and onto a carpet square. It was hilarious explaining to the kids what a “scorch mark” was.

So, I think I’m banned from cooking projects (at least in my mind) until I learn that hot pots scorch the rug.

Ruth wants to make geometric designs on the rug. SOO, I’m only as banned as I want to be.

But come on…Look at the time frame. 1 week of work….and one scorched carpet!

January 19, 2007 at 9:30 pm 1 comment

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