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The Circus is moving on to the next town!

I’ve been debating doing this for a while, but just never got around to it. Sooo, here’s the thing-

The 3 Ring Circus is moving off of wordpress hosting to its own space!

Thanks to Bloggity Blah, we’re all moved!

So, Like Jacob Jankowski in Water for Elephants, jump the circus train and move to the next town with me.

Come visit the Circus’ new location-

See you there!


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Remember how I said the circus is moving?

So, I know I said we were pulling up stakes and moving on to the next town. And we are. Just not yet. The transfer is in process, so keep checking back and I’ll let you know when the move is really complete!

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The last day of school

Here we are at the end of another year.

There hasn’t been much about my work, because all year, I’ve had to endure a social media blackout because  a few years back, a group of insane parents  decided to go on Facebook and slam the school, administration and pretty much everything about it.

I can say that it has been one of the hardest years I’ve spent teaching. Hey-this year, I didn’t do much teaching,because of the way the boss wanted to do the technology curriculum. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what people wanted and doing things that were originally not in my job description. Like making slideshows on short notice for the school board. Doing the web registration because the people that were supposed to do it flaked out.

It was a job that became harder as the school year went on and was thankless from the start.

I’m not saying this school is bad-on the contrary, it’s a VERY good school.  The academics are amazing.

But for me? Not the place for me to be, on a lot of levels. So, it was a mixed blessing when the enrollment dropped enough (the curse of the private school) for them to cut a position. Oh, that position?


I’m ok. Seriously.

I’m really feeling about 10 tons lighter and not worried about how I’m going to survive next year at this place.

On the job front, I have some irons in the fire, and I’m not going to chat about any of them right now. I don’t want to jinx anything that could be in the works.

As for my darling Shrimper, I now have a 2nd grader!

He survived first grade and he now is happily situated in Mrs. Gr’s class, with a few of his friends and a good mix of the other kids from the other classes. This whole group of kids is very nice and accepting, so it should be a really nice mix. As for the TA, Mrs. P is going to be his TA. From what I hear, she’s almost just like Mrs. V, who we were completely in love with this year, and were so unopposed to having her glued to Isaac for one more year, but we understand…another child needs her special brand of love and sea of calm.

From the conversations that I’ve had with Mrs. F, the nurse (she has the BESTEST intel..) Mrs. Gr is a really nice, natural transition from Mrs. J.

So, we’re up for a good year.

And now,


June 24, 2011 at 8:00 am 1 comment

10 years ago today..

On a beautiful Southern California weekend, in the middle of an orange grove, I married my best buddy in the whole wide world.

Happy Anniversary, Doug.

The one who not only drives me crazy, but I know I couldn’t be without.

Love you.

May 26, 2011 at 1:57 pm 4 comments

Dear Entity that Controls the Weather

This has been a civil conversation thus far. Now, the gloves are off.

I don’t think you understand our working agreement. As of 3/31, each year, there is to be no new snowfall. The forecast tomorrow better be your idea of a prank and the snow better not show.

If it does show, and you kill my awesome crocuses (crocii?), you and I will be having more than words. Seriously.

The threat of a foot of wet, heavy snow does not sit well with this snow hater.

Your Thoroughly Annoyed Fairweather Friend,

March 31, 2011 at 4:36 am 1 comment

Saving the Bobbies


So, when I was in college, I had the bestest Educational Psychology prof. I had heard good things, but come on. You never know. So, the class fit into my schedule and whammo, bammo, I was in.

I met Bob Malloch on the first day of class, where he asked us to call him Bob. His exact speech went something like this- “I’m Bob Malloch. You can call me Mr. Malloch, because I am a guy, and that would be appropriate. You can call me Dr. Malloch, because I have my PhD from Texas. But, what I really like to be called-is my handle- Bob. ”


um. Ok.


Bob was a kindred spirit from the word go. Monty Python loving, joke throwing and all around smart and awesome guy. One day in class, he went on this huge tirade (in the way only Bob could…which wasn’t really a tirade…but it was close enough) about how all the bad kids in examples are named Bobby. Why couldn’t they be named Jack, or something else?! So, we all promised him we’d “save the Bobbies of the world.”


He said a lot of things about family, trips with your kids and other things. It was quite the class. A lot of those things stick in my head. Like giving homework…but that’s another blog entry for another day.

He also told us that he had HAD cancer, and he was the only survivor of that particular kind of cancer. Great! He’s standing, he’s teaching! AWESOME!

Then, I never thought anything more of it.


Let’s fast forward to me moving into the area. I started knitting at Trumpet Hill yarn shop, and one of their instructors, Carolyn Malloch taught a class or two that I took. Last name sounded familiar, but I never got around to asking if she was related to Bob. Just kinda never thought to.


So, this week, the weekly email update from Trumpet Hill came through, and there was the date and time for a Celebration of Life for Carolyn’s husband, Bob. wait. Is this the same… no, can’t be. So, I dove to the paper and found the obituary. Yep. This is the same.

It’s yet another person in my life who helped shape my insane career. I’ve pretty much made a career out of “saving Bobbies.”

Think about it.

My first placement at “Ghetto Middle”

My love for the toughest kid in the room.

The Juvies who took care of me while I was pregnant with Isaac

They’re the Bobbies of the world.

And thanks to Bob, I remember that I need to try and save them every day.

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And, we’re back, the 2011 edition

So,  I took a slightly unscheduled break for the holidays. I needed it.



Doug and Isaac went off to visit the Outlaws in Arizona. I did what I always do. STAY HOME.

Now, we’ve had a week to get back into the groove of life and all of that. We’re all starting to normalize and process being back.

Right now, we’re waiting for the second storm in 3 weeks to hit us. I’m doing my “snow day” dance and waiting for the storm to hit us. My joints in my leg hurt, and that’s a sure sign of snow.

But as for us, we’re back to the usuals…

hockey, posting here and general havoc and mayhem that is our life.

Oh, and I promise this year not to get Isaac a haircut right before the BIG RED FREAKOUT, as to avoid an incident like last year.

That is my New Year’s Resolution.

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