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And they wonder why Disney lawyers are so edgy…

went surfing over at Mouseplanet…and found this.

if you can’t click it…cut and paste it. It’s worth the “YOU FOOL” that you’ll get after viewing it

I’ve been IN the Rivers of America…the water comes up to just above my waist…almost to my chest…and ther eare tracks, and gas lines, ect under there. (I was in waders…i was deconstructing from Fantasmic. Don’t ask.) I would NOT jump from any height into this “river!”

Please, kids…don’t try this at home.

and btw….Good luck, beavis…kick tush and take names…or else.


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What would my anniversary be without a little drama?

I won’t even get into work. I’m beginning to wonder why I even took the job in the first place, but that’s another ballgame. I want a LONG vacation. When my CLT kicks in, I’m takinga ton of time off. I need a damn vacation.

But that’s not the point. the point is that because of some circumstances, I got some very, very upsetting news.

We lost the house on Inman that I was in love with, because Doug’s father sat with his thumb up his colostomy and didn’t listen to us when we said THIS IS GOING TO GO FAST. HELP US. MAKE AN OFFER. Now, we’re down to the house I wasn’t crazy about…the one in Niskyuna, that is in Schenectady county, out in east freakin boondock, where I’ll have to change all of Isaac’s therapists, because they don’t cross county lines.

Why am I not so keen on this house…easy. First, it’s not so far off this HUGELY busy street. The way Isaac is, I’m totally frightened that he’ll dive into traffic. yeah, I can teach him that it’s TRAFFIC, but this kid is as stubborn as I am when it comes to listening to some people. I just DON’T. Nor do I care to. Second, I wasn’t crazy about the fact that they left the one closet unfinished. theyt were turning it into a 2nd bathroom. They left it totally raw…undone. Great. that’s major construction. Lovely.

Last, I hate it. I’m not too thrilled about the school district. I think I may still need to do private school. great. Lovely. Fine.

AND I get no love from the otherh alf. I call him SOBBING about this, and he started screaming at me that he wasn’t going to rent. FINE. Whatever. I don’t care. Just get your father’s thumb out of his colostomy and get him moving. If we don’t hve a lock soon, I’m looking for rentals. I can’t handle this. Plus, he can’t even be nice to me on our anniversary. I don’t need this.

I got pay per view tonight. I got Rent. Bad idea. I spent half of the movie sobbing. I knew I should have gotten something less heavy. I swear….King Kong was looking reallllllllyyyyy good. Do I listen to my gut? Nope. I go and grab Rent. 1/2 way through, sobbing. Good film…not for a “grumpy” night. It’s good for wallowing in pity.

I think I’m going to go watch a rerun of House. It’s the Carmen Electra episode. Always fun.

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Another overheard while on the phone

K- “whatcha doin?”
Me: “Watching X2 on FX.”
K- “Ok. ”
me: “not an x-men fan?”
K-” eh.”
Me: “well, look at it this way…any time I get to see Hugh Jackman’s nekkid ass run across my screen…that’s good TV.”
K-” Ok. Can’t argue that one.”

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Some days

This opposite shifts thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Right now, Doug has decided he “needs his rest” and refuses to get Isaac ready for me. Lovely. Fun. Fine. But gee…come on. I ask VERY little. Considering I’vebeen dealing with the terrible 2’s at night…screaming, howling for an HOUR before he finally settles ina nd decides he’s tired, and having to fight with day care over about 20 million things. What 20 million things? here goes…

First, I forgot Diapers for Isaac about a week ago. The parent who gaveme the diapers said “Don’t worry about replacing them. it’s 4 diapers.” THE DIRECTOR AND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR monitiored my return of 4, yes 4 diapers, and the parent freaked when she saw her child in a different diaper. I told her what happened, and she had an eye rolling experience. She couldnt’ believe I was forced to return 4 diapers.

Second, Please tell me why I wrote out a schedule of Isaac’s therapists, only to have it ignored for the upteenth time? I went to warm up my lunch, and lo and behold, there is Isaac, with Patti, blankie in hand and Poohbear in hand. When I questioned it, I was told that HE WAS ASLEEP and they WOKE HIM UP!!! Ok. First andforemost, this wasn’t a change in time. Second, I have specifically asked that he NOT BE AWAKENED if he is asleep. Soo, it was a screw up on all counts. THEN, when I brought him back in, I had to re settle him. the teacher in there was LOUNGING…and didn’t welcome him back into the room. I’m beyond irritated.

Now, I’m forced to deal with a cranky waking up 2 year old tha I had to fight to bed last night, and go to work and fight the crap that’s going on there. It’s not where I want to be rightnow. I want to sit home, knit and scrapbook for the day. I need a vacation…badly.

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It’s just not worth the effort any more

Yes, I just said that. I’m exhausted emotionally from everything. Last night, Doug came and dropped the bombshell that his father now wants to WALK THROUGH any house we pick. Great. Fine. BUT, he needs to get his rear in gear and get here, or we’re going to LOSE anything that we want. Plus, he’s throwing a snit fit because we hated his favorite house. IT WAS NASTY! There were SUMP PUMP PROBLEMS!!!! I’m so ready to say “screw it” and call for rentals again. I can’t take this anymore.

Then, Doug also tells me that he’s finally come to the conclusion that his parents don’t like me. DUH. Super DUH.

I’m tired of playing these games…the “oh, you n ever call us, you’re a bad mom, we only do things for Doug and Isaac,because you’re not worth it.” games. It’s not worth my effort any more to be nice to them. It’s not worth my effort to even do things that are nice for them.

I spent hours and hours of my time that I could have been doing other things with making a scrapbook for his mother. Thank you? this is really nice, Laura? NOT A CHANCE.

And I’m supposed to sit here and smooch THEIR rears? Forget it.

At work, it’s not worth the effort to say anything about anything. The bosses m ake a huge deal about delinating between me being a parent and me being a staff. Ok, fine. BUT, don’t ask me to cover someone’s bathroom break when I come in to pick up my child. At that point, I’m a PARENT. Yes, I covered the break. But, you better believe on Monday that something WILL be said. I want them to pick one. Don’t change the rules on me mid stream, and then yell at me when you switch them back without me knowing. I’m so through. If the insurance wasn’t great and Isaac wasn’t in what I consider one of the best classrooms in the place, I’d be GONE.

Damnit. I even missed PT again. Great. Lovely.

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And I’m behind AGAIN!

So, besides the crappy landlord crap and the fact that we’re HOUSE HUNTING!!!! and Moving in July, I’m as usual, behind on my projects.

SOO, my paper bag swap? Almost done. The deadline came and went and came and went and came and went again…and I’m still here, finishing off. My CJ? Pryia’s? DONE. Mine…well, let’s not talk about the fact that it’s going back out again on Friday. I’m finally ALMOSt happy with the sign in page. I’m back to the original idea of Mouse ears.

At least my paperwork at work is caught up. I made sure of that today. I don’t want any phone calls during my day that say “I need a ___ from ___. And I need it now.” Yeah, right.

Oh, and Margot’s socks? The ankle is almost done on sock 1. I think as soon as I’m done scrapping, I’m going to go straight into knit mode again. I’m having some issues withthe socks, and my sock savior at the sheep is dealingwith the death of her hubby. Any ideas on what to get her? What kind of card to send someone who saves your collective knitting rear on a weekly basis?

argh. I need a new project! LMAO!

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And I really wanted to live here another year?

This is the reason we’re moving in July.

I was awakened by my neighbors screaming at each other again. It started at 7:10 am. I heard the shrieks of “help me! Help me! LAURA!!!” Nice way to open up a Saturday morning, isn’t it? Now, the husband is out on the front porch, having a heated conversation with the police. I’m afraid to get in the shower or even do the laundry I need to do today, because I don’t know what’s going to happen. I can’t even relax anymore. I’m sitting here shaking, crying and just hating living under these people.

Thank goodness we’re looking at apartments today and looking at houses tomorrow. The faster we’re out of here, the better off we are. Between this and the landlords stating that our door in the front that is peeling apart is “normal wear and tear,” I have the uncontrolable urge to pack away. Ithink I’m going to start packing things we KNOW we’renot going to need for the next month and a half. *sigh* I hate moving…but I hate living like this, scared to go to sleep when Doug’s not here and is working, scared to do my laundry, ect more than even thinking of moving.

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