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Puddlegate 2006

Yes, I’m in Holyoke. I borrowed Kate’s computer. I left mine at home for good reasons. Trust me, they’re good. BUT, I had to take posession and blog this.

This afternoon, as I was dropping off the paint for Isaac’s room at the new house, one of the neighbors was walking with her grandson, and stopped over to say hi. I took Isaac out of the car to let him run around, beacuse he needed to stretch those Loooooooonnnnggg legs of his after being cooped up in the car on and off today. We were chatting, and Isaac discovered the puddle on our neighbor’s lawn from all of the rain we’ve had. He, being in sandals, decided to explore said puddle. Well, he walks in, I call him and he gets out and comes over. I brush him off, and send him in the other direction.

Not the end….

Well, my weirdo child decides he wants back in the mud puddle. he walks into the MIDDLE of the puddle, and sits down. He then begins to splash around and around and around. At this point, his shorts are soaked and his shirt wasn’t far off. His diaper did the classic “ewwwwww” expansion thing. Gross. His sandals are disgusting, and we have NO soap or anthing at the new house. Soo, I dig into the bag of clothes I’ve brought for holyoke. I pull out a t-shirt and his jammie bottoms. He just looked…odd.

I toss said weirdo puddle splashing child into the car and we drive to Lee and go and purchase some clothes (it was in the plan…) and got me some new adidas slides. I think I got the looks for being hte parent with the worst matched child in the universe.

that’s what you get when your child spends about 20 minutes in the middle of a puddle.


June 30, 2006 at 10:40 pm 1 comment

Houses and Getting out of town

So, with all of the excitement, if you could call it that, the house is slated to close today. I finally got my first look at it yesterday. very nice. I can live with it. Now, all Doug is in deep dodo for is the location. Still VERY east boondock for me, but hey, what can I do. I was never asked…

BUT, I’m going to Kate’s tomorrow afternoon. I’m bringing Isaac. Doug’s working this weekend, so it’s the perfect time for me to get out of town. We’ve got plans for fireworks, Magic Wings (A butterfly sanctuary!) and a local yarn shop as well as an adult dinner OUT. Kate’s neighbors are babysitting!!I’m so glad!

This is exactly what I need right now. Just time to have fun, and forget about what’s going on with me. I know, the bruises from the blood draws are a constant reminder, but I can ignore those for a weekend.

See y’all on Sunday evening 🙂

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Elmo Anonymous

What is it with toddlers, preschoolers and Elmo? Isaac has developed, what I hear, is a normal addiction to the Little Red Furry Monster that Doug has dubbed “the little red Menace.”

Case and point. This evening, after we got home from my parents’ house (Yes, I ate dinner thank you very much. Not hungry, but ate anyhoo.) Isaac plopped himself on his little couch and said “Mommy, want Elmo.” He kept pointing at the TV, saing “PEASE!!! ELMO!!!”

So, in my exhausted state, I caved, and tossed in Elmo’s world, the street we live on, for the umpteenth million time. I still get a kick out of seeing him BOUNCE and yell “ELMO!!!” when the theme song comes on.

There’s AA. There’s NA. There’s OA. There needs to be EA. Elmo Anonymous. There needs to be a group for parents. Can you hear this?

“Hi. I’m Isaac. And I’m an Elmo Addict.”


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Well, that was…

whatever adjective you can use to describe a horrid weekend.

Until last night, at 9:45, I was pregnant with #2. Last night, I started bleeding, and lookie loo, a miscarage started. Bad enough, right? NOT.

I went to one ER. THey told me I was insane, and it was just a fact of “every pregnancy is different,” even though I TOLD them somthing was dreadfully wrong. They sent me home. They said I needed to drink fluids. Yeah, right.

This morning, I went to another ER. They did everything, including put an IV line where I had my original one from the first ER. That was not comfy. Ultrasound proved it. Not anything home. Not at all.

So, here I am. Crying, grumpy, grouchy, broken, hurt, feeling super defective. Even feeling numb…not knowing what to feel.

I’ll be ok. I will.

Just some time, space and people who know to let me talk when I’m ready.

I will be ok. I promise.

Send Matzoh ball soup with chicken…that will make it speed up.

June 25, 2006 at 9:19 pm 7 comments

Why I love Isaac’s day care…especially his teacher

As you all know, the saga has been that with the language delay, Isaac has talked slower, understood slower and basically driven everyone to drink. With the therapy, he has improved greatly. Most of this serious improvement, I have to throw at Audra. She is AMAZING. Yesterday, she paged me in my room, and said “I can’t hold this back any longer…Isaac named his shapes! I asked him what this was, and he said “okagon.” I can’t belive it! I was in tears!!!” I nearly burst into tears. She’s been drilling these into him every day since october!!

More proof that this wasn’t routine. This morning, he found a heart from my days at Build a Bear. He came up to me and said “HEART! Boom-Boom!!” and I asked him what it was again, and he said “RED!” This is in addition to pulling one of our tub treads up and yelling “STAR!” and then telling me what color it is!

He has made so much progress since entering in October. I can’t believe what I’m hearing from my kid…my nightmares of a permanent special ed kid are fading away.

June 24, 2006 at 11:16 am 3 comments

It’s a house…

Ok, I haven’t updated in like forever…and I have friends who are telling me that what has happened is grounds for divorce. This is the first time I’ve been cool enough to list all of the items that happened without going into an explitive laden tirade. So, here goes…

First, as most people know, Doug and Ihave been house hunting. HIs parents have agreed to foot the bill for the house so we dont’ have to do the mortgage thing. Ok, cool. I can live with that. Well, last saturday, Doug’s father came out, and they went house hunting WITHOUT ME. Yep, you read that right. I wasn’t invited. Doug left at 8:00 am, and I didn’t even get a puny phone call until 1:25 that afternoon, saying that they had put an offer in on 3 houses. Here’s the kicker…because of Isaac’s Early Intervention, I asked that we stay in Albany county. Where was one of the houses? NISKAYUNA!!! For those not int he know, that’s SCHENECTADY county.

Doug gets home at 3:00. He hands me the paperwork for our new house…guess where? NISKAYUNA. I promply break into tears, and he gets angry at me for not being excited. For crying out loud, I ask for one,yes, one freaking thing, and he can’t even deliver on that. To make matters worse, I HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE HOUSE. Then, he tells me that the realtor said “Laura isn’t going to go for this..” and he said to her “Nope, but she’ll get over it.” Ok…how stupid was that? He wonders why I wasn’t talking to him for 2 days…

Ok, what’s the other problem, you ask? THIS HOUSE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Doug and his idiot father seem to disagree with me, but come on…when it’s so far off the main road that everything looks the same, it’s nowhere. It’s also a freakin suburban wasteland. I need concrete, cars, and city life…not suburban sprawl.

THEN, I was supposed to look at the house last night. Well, well, well, the roof flunks inspection and the other realtor is being a jerk, so I never got to go in. Great. Now, we’re fighting over a roof, in a house I’ve never seen so I can live in the middle of nowhere in a suburban wasteland. GREAT. JUST FREAKIN GREAT.

So, on top of this all….Isaac fell down the stairs on Wed. Yep, those stairs that my landlords haven’t fixed since the dawn of time…and on top of it, he was so woozy that he walked into a door. Kid has a CONCUSSION!!!! Worst part of all of this? The assistant director was second guessing Audra, and the big boss tried to give me a lecture and almost didn’t let me take him to the ER. I almost quit right on the spot. I cannot take holier than thou people who dont’ realize that my family comes first. Come on, they wereg etting ready to send people home because we were overstaffed. THEY COULD SPARE ME.

What po’d me the most about that situation…when I called to update them, the assistant director was not concerned at all about Isaac. She said “you’re not coming back?” Not one questiona bout Isaac…not one thing…

This just insn’t my week. Can someone stop the world or just simply take the idiots off my section and give them to someone else?

June 17, 2006 at 7:54 am 1 comment

You know you need a new Sesame Street DVD when…

Your 2 year old screams “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” when you try to push the forward button on the dvd through the commercial that thanks you for buying the Sesame Street DVD.

The saving grace of this DVD? The Boogie Woogie Sheep. If you do not know what they are….look up “Dance myself to sleep” and watch.

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