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I’m so tired. so freakin tired.

If you can identify the movie that line came from, you get a prize.

So, I’ve been running around like a chicken without a head getting ready for Doug’s surgery. Meds here, special food there…I’m going rightly insane.

So, tonight, I’m sleeping. and sleeping I will.

I know, bad Blogger- no tidbit updates…I’ll do a slew tomorrow. Just got too busy with life and all of that. I’ll also do a proper update tomorrow.

For now, tis bedtime.


September 30, 2007 at 9:59 pm 1 comment


So, the outlaws fly in on Monday. Great, Lovely.

They’ve expressed an interest in babysitting Isaac for a day.

I have one response to this.


Ok..why? Most people think that grandparents are good babysitters…

these aren’t.

here’s why. I fear for Isaac’s safety and well being in all of this. Since they first met him, they have been callous and more interested in the “show” side of things. On the first time we left them alone with him, they ruined 2 pairs of socks because they were more interested in taking pictures than changing a diaper. They thougth it was hilarious that they washed them in the toilet. The second time, they woke him up to “see his eyes” to take a picture. Then, there was the train table incident. That was the end of my leaving him unsupervised. Doug let them take him to hoffman’s and take him on rides unsupervised. It was a HOT day. He came home, soaked through his pull up (he hadn’t been changed all day) and had not been offered a drink at a place with VERY LITTLE shade cover.

I would be worried sick with them in any sort of supervisory role with Isaac. So, it doesn’t happen. They can call me all of the racial slurs they want (Spic bitch is their favorite…I say they need to get a smidge more creative.)

So, while they are here, Isaac will be with me, one of my friends or my parents. If I can help it, they will have NO interaction with him whatsoever.

I hate having to be this way. Ir eally do, but when it boils down to my child’s safety and well being, I can’t leave him with people like this.

September 28, 2007 at 10:36 pm 1 comment

Does he realize that it’s seriously hot and humid?

We’ve been having a serious Indian Summer here. Today, it was 80-ish and humid. We’re having thunderstorms…and we have the air conditoners running, because it’s SO muggy.

WELL, it’s the perfect time to finish Isaac’s fall/winter hat! So, I did. I put the spikes on the dino top today, and finished the whip stitching while he was in the nice long tubby he took.

He saw the hat all finished and ready for a good wool wash (it’s Cascade 220.) and he insisted on wearing it.

Isaac: “Mommy- can I wear my hat? I want to go ROAR!!”

so, after he got out of the tubby, I let him try it on. Fits like a dream (this hat fits a smidge snug. if you make it, go up a size.)and he ran around half naked, roaring at me like a dinosaur.

WELL, then I went to grab jammies. Long robot pants and a short sleeve shirt. He said…

“No. I want all robots! I…am…a…robot…yeehah! ” (For those of you without preschoolers, Recently, Higglytown Heroes showed an episode with Higgly Jake, the robot. He was a cowboy robot, hence the Yeehah!)

The robot top is long sleeved.

He insisted, and this is a battle I didn’t want to fight. He’s got an AC unit in his room, so I figured I’d just make it cooler than ususal. WELL, then, he grabbed his feathersword.

Now, put this all together..a dinorobopirate.

I dragged him up into the loft and took photos. Sorry about some of the blur, but he was in FULL motion. It was quite hilarious.

Playing his feathersword like a guitar

running away from the camera after a 2 second

Ahoy there, Mommy! Tickle Tickle!

Playing his guitar

Giggles and roars on the floor

So, you get the basic idea of the hat…even if the spikes are a smidge off center. I’m NOT ripping them! They’re too cute and took too much work!

But this is my dinorobopirate, who went to bed with all of that on…and the AC set at 68.

September 27, 2007 at 8:14 pm 1 comment

Filed under the title : oh, holy hell. Duck and cover

Mom just called.

She had the distinct gall to tell me that when the Great Escape opens for the summer, that there will be a WIGGLES WORLD.

Oh, holy hell. That’s the LAST thing I need. To go to a fun park and have to deal with the Freaky Aussies.

She had the distinct gall to also say “How can we NOT go?”

I said “Easy. No. we’re not going.”

She said “we’re going and you know it.”

I asked if I could wear a shirt that says “the wiggles scare me. I got dragged.” She said no.

Mom takes all the fun out of things.

September 27, 2007 at 12:41 pm 3 comments

Overheard on the phone…

“What size Jamba juice did you used to get?”
“the 16…after they brought it out. There only used to be the 24 and the mochuckin one.”

“ok. What kind? Mango a go go…or when I’m like this, coldbuster. You know, we so need one of these around here. My complaining would drastically drop, not stop, just¬†drastically drop¬†if we got that, and trader joes…and a chick fil-a. We need one of those. We need a chick fil-a. And….”

“Ok..GO TO BED. Goodnight.”

Mom hangs up the phone with me still rambling about what we need in this Godforsaken area…

September 27, 2007 at 12:35 pm 2 comments

So I said to myself..


Make a mental note-

Miralax plus apple cider is a BAD combination. It produces diaper blowouts of the worst kind.

September 26, 2007 at 10:11 pm 2 comments

Wake up calls from a 3 year old

This morning, Isaac beat the alarm. What else is new there…but this morning, he was in an especially cuddly mood…

he barged in as always, and climbed up on the bed, threw his arms around me and said “Good morning, Mommy! It’s good to see you! I’m glad you’re here.”

then, he grabbed my face, moved it towards his,a nd planted a big smooch on my lips!

he then snuggled in next to me,a nd cuddled with me for about 15 minutes before we all decided we had to get up.

That just started my day in the best way. I wish every morning could start like that.

September 26, 2007 at 1:09 pm 2 comments

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